Who are traders? Definition, the essence of activity

In any sphere of human activity there are successful individuals. Their success and achievements inspire beginners, they are guided by professionals. Who are traders? These are successful people who trade on the exchange. They have a free schedule, high salary, creative and interesting work. Their profession is relevant in other countries of the world. If everything is so good, then why do not we all work on the exchange? What the work of the trader is, we will discuss further.

A businessman or a player?

Traders are conventionally divided into two main categories:

  1. Professional, working in banks, financial institutions and insurance companies. Such employees have a specialized education and a license for the relevant activities, they work exclusively for the benefit of their company.
  2. Independent, working for their money and in their own interests. Access to the trading systems they receive through brokers and dealers. Such work does not require licensing and specialized education.

Who are traders and what is their purpose? Whatever the exchange site, the main goal of smart speculators is to make money on the difference from buying and selling assets. Traders can buy an asset cheaper, and sell more expensive or first sell the borrowed loan from a broker, and then buy it at a lower price and give back, while taking profits to themselves. The two main and main exchange strategies are bulls and bears. There is an opinion that exchange trade is a game. In this there is a shred of truth. Many novice traders rely on luck for their work. However, if you ask a successful trader, he will say that trading for him is a business where you need to make efforts and use the mind to achieve goals.


A trader can work in the exchange hall, representing the interests of large funds, banks or the interests of a large number of clients, or a monitor, when trade is conducted through specialized trading terminals via the Internet.

Basics of work and the necessary personal qualities

Who are traders and what are they doing? As already mentioned above, stock speculators earn on the difference in purchase and sale prices. It's not as simple as it might seem. A professional trader performs a combination of consecutive actions every working day:

  • Analyzes the market and decides on the entry;
  • Opens a position to buy or sell;
  • Closely follows the movement of the market;
  • Verifies the correspondence of the real movement of the exchange rate and the forecasted;
  • Decides to close the position;
  • Analyzes the results.

Obviously, all these operations require some knowledge from the beginner. Knowing who such traders are, what needs to be done to become successful? To become the best and start to earn a decent job at the stock exchange, you need training, time and experience in making transactions. In addition, all exchange speculators have a number of personal qualities: the ability to respond quickly, make decisions, the ability to resist emotions, purposefulness and perseverance. Good luck!

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