Tariff of MTS "3D Zero": reviews

Those who do not want to pay for communication services while communicating, can subscribe to the tariff plan of MTS "3D Zero". This offer is available to users of Ukraine. When you use it, the number will be debited only on the days of calls. A similar condition is when using the Internet.


Super MTS "3D Nol" was developed by the mobile operator for Ukraine. With it, customers can not pay for calls to other MTS mobile numbers. In addition, the cost of calls to other mobile operators is quite acceptable, uniform and amounts to UAH 1.5. Text message will be paid for 1 hryvnia per piece.

If the subscriber wants to use the Internet, then the balance will be charged off at UAH 5. Every day, and for this cost 200 Mb of traffic per day is provided. The fee is charged only during the use of the Network. Standard services are connected to the tariff automatically.


The "Super MTS 3D Zero" tariff has extremely simple rates for communication, if the client does not use the services, there will not be a monthly fee, it will not be withdrawn, even if calling MTS numbers. If other mobile numbers are called, the subscription fee Will be 1.5 UAH / day In case of additional use of the Internet, the daily mandatory payment will be increased to UAH 5.

To switch to the offer, customers will not pay anything, but there is a condition. To be able to use unlimited, each subscriber must replenish the balance once a month for more than 40 UAH. If there are no replenishments, it will be possible to call MTS numbers not for 0 kopecks, but for UAH 1 per minute.

Calls to other countries will look like this:

  1. SMS - 3 UAH.
  2. MMS - 10 UAH.
  3. MMS to Russia - 1 UAH.
  4. Calls to other countries of the world - 1 UAH / min.

the Internet

As it was mentioned above, MTS tariff plan "3D Zero" does not include Internet traffic, but if the client wants to use the Network, 5 UAH for 200 MB will be debited from the balance for surfing. Next day will be paid for 15 hryvnia, but the client will be credited with 500 Mb of traffic, and to activate such a package it will be necessary to enter the service code * 101 * 500 #. Such a package of MTS "3D Zero" is limited.

Features of the offer

The "Super MTS 3D Zero" tariff is provided according to the following rules:

  1. If you do not make a single call from your mobile number, the subscription fee is not debited.
  2. If the client does not go online, the subscription fee for traffic is not written off.
  3. To check the balance of package services, use the combination * 101 * 4 #.
  4. Unlimited on MTS will work if the user replenishes the balance every month for more than 40 hryvnia.
  5. Tariffication - per minute.

Advantages and disadvantages

The merits of MTS "3D Zero" include full unlimited for MTS numbers, as well as providing traffic at a low cost. In addition, for many users it is convenient not to pay for communication and the Internet, if they do not use it, because not all people need to constantly be online or call. The undoubted advantage is the very low cost of communicating with other countries.

The shortcomings of the tariff for MTS "3D Nil" include the need to constantly replenish your balance to get an unlimited package. The high cost of text and multimedia messages to other countries also does not belong to the attractive parties of the tariff plan of the mobile provider MTS.

"3d zero 35"

This proposal was developed for certain regions of the country, but in the offer of MTS "3D Zero 35" slightly different conditions than in the above. It does not provide a connection fee, and all calls are charged the same. Thus, the minute of communication with subscribers of city and mobile operators will cost customers 35 kopecks.

Such a proposal does not include a monthly fee, but what is most attractive is that there is no need to make obligatory payments. Perhaps, on this advantage of the offer of MTS "3D Zero" ends.

Many people are cautious about the fact that there are no monthly fees in tariffs, because this means that there may be pitfalls in the offer, so it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the prices for communication services before connection:

  1. Communication with other MTS customers will be paid at 75 kop / min.
  2. Communication with customers of other mobile operators in the country, as well as calls via city phones will cost 1.2 UAH / min.
  3. The text message sent within the network will be 66 kopecks, and beyond its cost also will not change.
  4. Internet payment is very high and is 10 UAH / 1 MB. In this case, it will be more advantageous to use additional options.

Why is such a divergence of prices in fact and in the information provided by the operator? The fact is that when you replenish the balance for the amount of 40 hryvnia, the prices change and are:

  1. A packet with 30 minutes per day is provided inside the network. If the limit is exceeded, the payment will be 35 kopecks.
  2. Communication with subscribers of other mobile operators, as well as calls to city numbers will be 35 kopecks / min.
  3. On the day, you can send 30 free SMS, and if the limit is exceeded, then for each sent text message you have to pay 35 kopecks.
  4. For 1 hryvnia users will receive 30 Mb of traffic per day.

For the transfer it is required to pay 9 hryvnia at the first connection, and the transfer is made by phone 7722. Before connecting, it is better to check whether the region is included in the number of serviced.


To activate such a proposal, it will not be possible to use any method, since the tariff of MTS "3D Zero" was closed and transferred to the archive in 2015. To date, its connection is impossible, but do not be upset: you can go to other, more profitable offers. To activate them, you can use one of the following methods:

  1. Use a computer and an online assistant, which is on the company's official website. If the client has not previously used the "Personal Cabinet", it is recommended that you pass a short registration to gain access to managing your SIM card, number and balance. With the help of this service, you can control the number, connect or disconnect any options and tariff plans. To enter you will need to specify your mobile number and come up with a password that you can always use. After that, the device will send SMS for authorization. Then you can use your personal cabinet, and if necessary, connect tariffs from MTS company you need to go to the appropriate section. There are possible options.
  2. Also, you can switch to other tariffs from MTS by dialing 7722 from your mobile device. All calls are free, and after dialing a combination, the user simply needs to listen to the robot's tips and follow them.
  3. Another method of tariff selection is the use of the MTS website, where only current offers with connection options will be indicated. To do this, the subscriber needs to click on the "How to connect" button, and then click on the connection key again. In the new menu, the possible methods for switching to the selected offer are opened.
  4. You can go to MTS communication services in the company salon. To do this, you need to go to the office, where you can buy a starter package with the right tariff. Even in the communication salon, employees will be able to tell which offer will be most beneficial for specific needs and will help make the transition if the MTS SIM-card already exists.


You can not disable the "Super MTS 3D Zero", because without any tariff the SIM-card will not be able to function, each user can simply change the plan, after which the deactivation will happen automatically. For yourself a more profitable package.


Studying user feedback, we can say that while the tariff was available, it was in great demand. Many customers were satisfied with the terms and prices, but the quality and range of mobile communication services are constantly being improved, other tariffs are replacing one tariff. This proposal ousted other, more profitable plans, which are available for subscribers today, and you can see them on the official page.


The MTS tariff plan "3D Zero" can not be connected, but this should not upset the subscribers, because there are more profitable offers from the operator that will not allow you to spend a lot of money on mobile services and do not limit yourself in conversations or using the Internet.

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