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What does the mole dream about? A dream book helps to answer this question!

About what the mole dreams about, it is told in many dream books. And each book of interpretations gives its own explanation of the vision, in the center of the plot of which was this animal. Well, it's worth turning to the most popular sources.

Sonnik Miller

If a person has a mole, it means that he has secret enemies. It is worth to look at the people around. Maybe among them there is a detractor.

Seeing yourself trying to catch a mole is a good sign. The dreamer will overcome any difficulties. The main thing is that this animal does not crawl into a person, because it is regarded as a precursor of illness or major quarrels with close people.

About what the mole is dreaming, Miller's dream book is quite accessible. What can the book of Medea's interpretations tell? She assures that the mole is a forerunner of the "undermining", which is prepared by an unknown person. Someone will suddenly invade the life of a dreamer, and he will have to defend his freedom and personal space. If a person sees how a mole climbs out of the earth, he should take care of safety. Perhaps she is in danger.

Сонник XXI века

If a person sees how a mole climbs out of the ground, then in real life he is too carefree. Did you manage to catch him or even kill him? Soon a person expects wealth - that's what a mole dreams about in this context. If he randomly found a mink of this animal, then one must be more cautious - perhaps, the dreamer is in danger of waking. True, if you managed to get rid of the mole, drive him away - all the troubles will go away.

This animal also often symbolizes obsessive thoughts, feelings and memories. But the French dream book assures that the mole is a warning about the appearance of a blind passion for someone who is actually a dreamer is not worthy. Or the person simply does not notice any obvious problems. Maybe even deliberately hiding from them. That's what the mole dreams about. And if this is really so, then it's time to stop hiding from unresolved cases, otherwise their shelving will turn into trouble.

Female dream book

This book of interpretations can also tell what the mole dreams about. If a girl saw this animal too close, it means that her worst enemies try to find out about her information that is closed to them. To catch a mole is good. All the obstacles that will arise in her path, she will overcome with ease. But if she sees a hiding mole, then it is desirable in the near future to be invisible. It is better not to attract attention for a while to work or study, otherwise it can lead to something unexpected.

By the way, a fast moving mole usually promises success and wealth. The main thing is to do what you like. And it will definitely bring profit. If there were once planned projects that seemed unsuccessful, it's time to start implementing them.

Other interpretations

This is not all that the mole dreams about. The New Era dream, for example, assures: if such an animal has appeared to a person, then he needs to work long and patiently if he wants to succeed in something. Only work will help him to achieve the result. And even if everything seems hopeless - you do not have to give up, success will come.

Denise Lynn assures that this animal symbolizes the closedness of the dreamer. Probably, he is too incredulous, and everything that concerns him, carefully hides from extraneous views. Perhaps because of the embarrassment. If this is really so, then it's time to get rid of this quality and become more open and trustful.

According to the dream book of Lofa, the mole is a symbol of the guardian of secrets. If a person sees how he tries to catch this animal, then in real life he is in pursuit of some secret. Surely he wants to reveal something that is not obvious. And if you manage to catch a mole - success will be achieved.

In general, there are many interpretations. And to give a correct explanation of his vision, it is important to take into account all the details that were in the dream.

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