What can I take antiviral drugs in ARVI?

Offensive cooling in the off-season - a fertile time for infectious and colds. It is during the autumn months that most cases of SARS and influenza occur. The cause of diseases are widespread in the environment viruses and bacteria.

As a rule, in such cases it is recommended to use antiviral drugs: in ARVI prescribe complexes of medicines. Their activity should have a wide spectrum of action on causative agents of respiratory diseases. Their range is diverse. When the flu is mild, it can be treated at home. In such cases, it is recommended to take interferon alpha preparations. They have low antiviral activity. The drug is buried in the nose (five to six times a day) or inhaled. If serious complications occur, you must contact the hospital.

If the disease causes the flu virus, the treatment is carried out with drugs designed to detoxify the body, increase its defenses and eliminate inflammation. When a disease caused by a virus type A, appoint "Remantadin." This drug should be taken on the first day of the onset of the disease, 3 times after eating. Viruses A and B cause flu, in which other drugs are prescribed. Assign "Oseltamir". This medicine is prescribed not only for adults, but also for children who have reached the age of twelve.

Antiviral drugs are also used to improve the separation of sputum and restore bronchial function. When ARVI advise To carry out inhalations with soda and bronchodilators (ephedrine, solutane, zufillin). The treatment should take place within fifteen minutes. Repeat it should be twice a day. This method is most effective in the first days of the disease. Adults with severe forms of the disease are prescribed injections with alpha-interferon.

Apply the following antiviral drugs in ARVI : Arbidol, Amiksin, Immunoflazid. They have beneficial effects for colds of a viral origin. The high efficiency of the drug "Ocillococcinum" is proved. It is taken in granules one dose twice a day. A significant improvement in the state of health after taking this drug is already observed on the second day.

There are immunomodulatory antiviral drugs: in ARVI, they are prescribed "Cycloferon". It also has anti-inflammatory and antiviral activity. If the flu is without complications, the drug is prescribed to take the following scheme. On the first day you should drink 4 tablets at once. On the second, fourth and sixth day - 2 tab. before meals.

Only specialists know the flu. Therefore, you should not delay with treatment and rely on your own knowledge of medicines and advice of traditional medicine. There may be complications that will affect the vital functions of the body. Therefore, it is necessary to recommend a doctor and prescribe them drugs to fight the disease.

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