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Watercolor drawings: reflection of the state of the soul

Watercolor for most people is associated with childhood. The first "paintings", which are so touched by parents, are painted by children with watercolors. School "masterpieces" are created by these colors too. Probably, therefore, this wonderful artistic material is perceived as childish and frivolous.

But when you look at watercolor drawings Famous artists, you are amazed at the splendor of the paintings. And all this is created by ordinary watercolor paints. Clear contours, natural colors, interesting subjects, all this is created by ordinary watercolor.


Its origin is watercolor paints taken from deep centuries. In 1437, Chechino Chechini in the "Treatise on painting" the process of dissolving the paint in water designated as "watercolor". Thanks to him, water-soluble paint was called watercolor.

Artists of Ancient Egypt, India, China were familiar with this material. Watercolor drawings created in the Middle Ages, have come down to our times. They destroyed the persistent opinion about the fragility of this paint.

Material that does not tolerate patching

Despite the external simplicity of watercolors, this is a complex material. The pictures he painted do not suffer correction. Drawings with watercolors It's impossible to repeat or Make Copy. Everything is in the style, mood and intentions of the artist. The main feature in watercolor painting is the smooth transitions of colors, the exact transfer of atmospheric effects, optical illusions. All that gives the uniqueness of the picture.

For the most part, watercolor drawings Are created by blurred color spots. Thanks to this, the transition of paints occurs smoothly, they imperceptibly penetrate each other. And the more blurred spots, the more mysterious the picture seems. The more the artist can invest in the drawing of his design and uniqueness.

What does watercolor like?

With the help of watercolors you can draw any story, portraits and various sketches. But most of all she succeeds in landscapes. This is a mutual love of nature and watercolor. Watercolor drawings Accurately convey a shaky and transparent state in nature.

It is a young spring greens, and sensations of the awakening of nature. This is the early autumn, when still nature breathes heat, but the approach of cold and rain is elusively felt. It's a winter day, with clear frosty air, it's a hot summer with a feeling of heat and stuffiness.

Only watercolor can convey such a fragile and delicate state of mind and nature. Watercolor is a mood and embodiment on a sheet of paper of any dreams and desires.

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