Vulcan Runtime Libraries: what is it?

For a large number of computer users, after installing new drivers for the video card from Nvidia, the Start menu displays an incomprehensible shortcut called Vulcan Runtime Libraries. What it is? What is it for? These questions arise at all. Therefore, this review of this software will be useful.

Vulcan Runtime Libraries: what is it?

This software is a new interface for low-level application programming that gives the developer full control over the performance of the graphics card processor. Its main features are:

  • Simplified and lightweight drivers in comparison with others.
  • Less resources are consumed when processing graphics commands. At the same time, the delay is minimized.
  • Effective multithreading support.
  • Multi-core CPUs provide efficient loading of the graphics pipeline.

Vulcan Runtime Libraries - what is this program? In other words, this is a cross-platform interface, which is a more advanced model of the new generation, which leads to a higher level of performance of the equipment used. It is clear that this application makes it possible to control the execution on various devices of graphic commands.

Developers, using this free and open standard, can create programs for both personal computers, and for mobile and embedded devices. They will work on all operating systems. The interface is an alternative to the well-known Direct3D and OpenGL engines, which are actively supported by manufacturers of graphics accelerators and video cards.


So, we continue to consider Vulcan Runtime Libraries. What is it - we found out. But for what it is necessary? The priority task of the software is to fully control the graphic processor of the video card in order to ensure its maximum performance and efficiency.

The company Nvidia were released drivers that support the API Vulkan. And they were developed for all popular operating systems. It is promised that in the course of working with drivers the user in games will see increased detail of the image, although the hardware part will remain the same. In other words, a user with a weak computer after the upgrade can see in games a more realistic image, thanks to Vulcan Runtime Libraries. How do I run this software? Like any other driver, it works automatically.

Projects and potential

The first Vulkan version of the game was the project The Talos Principle. If you look at the video, then you can note that the graphics will look impressive. There are prerequisites to the fact that in a large number of games that will be released in the near future, this technology will be used.

But on the other hand, the company that owns the interface intended for AMD video cards, says that for the time being this is not a fully updated version. In general, while users can not promise absolutely trouble-free and high-quality work. But the developers are busy optimizing, because the project carries a huge potential.

Is it possible to delete?

After all the advantages of using Vulcan software, you need to make a choice: do you keep the software in the sense that in the near future it will be needed, or will it be deleted?

If the second option is chosen, then most likely, the user is not very interested in computer games. To uninstall the driver, you must go to the folder where the application was installed and find the uninstaller program in it. Running it, you can completely remove Vulcan Runtime Libraries. But it's better to leave the driver on the computer. After all, he does not interfere with his work. And as soon as the games, ground for him, come out, the graphics rises to a qualitatively different level.

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