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Opportunities for earning on the Internet appear every day. This, as a rule, some kind of commercial schemes for buying and selling traffic, goods and services, attracting users and, of course, showing ads.

The service, which will be discussed in this article, is positioned as a platform, which offers earnings on the distribution of media content. It's about video posted on Youtube. Yes, yes, today we are talking about a resource like Reviews about the site, as well as possible earnings schemes with it, we will describe in this article.

What is Uvioo?

So, if you go to, you will see a lot of videos on a variety of subjects. They can be searched here using keywords, using a special search form.

What is remarkable is the fact that all the videos are posted on the well-known Youtube portal. You can judge this by the way the video is inserted on the portal page of The feedback of those who are already earning with this project confirm this. All the content here is "YouTube", there is nothing of its own.

Meanwhile, the resource gives everyone an opportunity to earn money. You can do this in many ways, but the essence of all of them boils down to one thing: to spread the information about the portal and to attract as many people as possible to it.

What do they pay for?

As indicated on the site itself, (reviews confirm this) pays for the reposts of the videos, their distribution among friends, and also commenting. The rate at which each of these actions is paid for is constantly changing, so it's impossible to say for sure how much this video will bring to you. The amounts that you "earned" appear in your user panel.

The material here is distributed with reference to the main site - So to share with friends the video that was originally posted on YouTube, you must send them a Uvioo link. For this you will receive a certain amount of money.

Obviously, the organizers of the project benefit from the fact that they are popularizing their resources. More and more users learn about the service, and so it gets some kind of quoting. This is what the administration earns. However, as noted by user reviews, the project pays each employee after he buys a VIP status. Thus, it was not possible to find the responses of those who actually received payments from the project. We can not say that the resource works honestly.

How to earn money?

Theoretically, in order to receive income from the project, it is enough to share interesting video materials. However, as it was already noted (and as confirmed by the feedback left by users of about the site), the project does not make real payments. Thus, you can distribute videos, bring your friends to the project, disseminate information about the portal as an honest and stable way of earning money, but in fact you will not get any money. The maximum is the numbers in the user panel.

As the project participants write, all their "work" ends with the fact that after dialing 100 (the amount that can be withdrawn) the site asks to activate your account by purchasing a VIP status. And this is, as you can guess, a clean water scam.

Why is it impossible to withdraw money?

Theoretically, if the administration of the project really organized the withdrawal of money for users after the initial payment, the question arises: "Why can not you deduct the amount of the fee from those" earned "virtual $ 100?" Let, say, from a hundred people get $ 50 - and everyone will be satisfied. But no, the administration asks to make money forward. It's easy to guess that the user will not see any payment after making them.

Overall summary of the project

The site (how to "withdraw money" here, you already understood - it's impossible to do it) looks like an interesting form of earning for beginners. Yes, it would be great to really get money for every video viewing by your friends, for further reposts and comments left under the video. However, apparently, in practice such a model does not take root because of its unprofitable nature. The site Uvioo earns on the fact that it is popular among those who want to start working, and not because of the presence of interesting content on it, for example. Simply in practice, people know little about this resource, and therefore they try to attract new users, thinking that they can earn. Nothing, of course, they do not come out.


Is there an alternative to such a way of earning that Uvioo promotes? Certainly. You can, for example, cite the payment model by the Youtube service of advertising on popular channels. The scheme is extremely simple - you have to create your own video, upload it to video hosting and make it popular. After that, you will be able to place ads in each video, receiving money from it from Youtube partners. The most beautiful thing is that the probability of getting a payout here is 100%, while there are no limits to this kind of earnings at all. Who is stopping you from creating the most popular video and promoting it to millions of shows? That's it. If you want, you can earn even so. Only on their videos - this is an important nuance.

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