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"Twilight", Rosalie Hale: description of the character and photo

Rosalie Lillian Hale (born 1915, Rochester) is a female vampire from the Cullen clan. She is the adopted daughter of Esme and Carlisle Cullen, the eternal lover of Emmett Cullen and sister Alice and Edward Cullen, and also Jasper Hale, who, according to legend, is her twin brother because of external resemblance. After admitting Bella Swan to the family, she also becomes Rosalie's sister, and her daughter Renesmee is a niece.

As a human, Rosalie Hyle grew up in Rochester at the beginning of the 20th century and was the bride of the most enviable guy in town, but after being beaten and sexually abused she was on the verge of death. Then she was turned into a vampire by Carlisle and after the act of revenge was performed she became a member of the Cullen family.


Rosalie Hale, whose photo you see in the article, was born in 1915 in Rochester, New York. Her father was a successful bank employee, and her mother was a housewife who devoted all her time to her husband and children: the eldest daughter of Rosalie and the two younger sons. Despite the difficult times of the Great Depression, Rosalie's father earned enough money to provide a decent social status for his family.

Rosalie Hale has always stood out for her beautiful angelic appearance and often heard compliments from enthusiastic men. Constant attention seriously increased the self-esteem of the girl, who was completely satisfied with life. However, the parents stubbornly desired her more, trying to find a suitable couple for her daughter. One day, Rosalie went to work for her father, where she was noticed by Royce King, a young and well-known in Rochester, who is the direct heir of a rich family owning a bank. The self-confident rich man began to take care of the young beauty, soon achieving its location thanks to expensive gifts and his own charm. Despite a strong attraction, King did not feel romantic feelings towards Rosalie, but he still proposed to her. The bride herself was happy, looking forward to a future family life with her beloved husband and children.

One day she went to visit her friend Vera, deciding to look at her little son. Rosalie was surprised by the warm relationship between Vera and her caring husband, who worked as an ordinary carpenter. Watching the bright manifestations of love happy husbands, Hale experienced sincere envy, realizing that her fiancé would never do that, given his complex nature. Returning home, she encountered a group of drunken men, among whom was Royce, her favorite. Noticing the approaching bride, King began to show off her beauty before drunken friends. After a brief dialogue, they decided to appreciate the beauty of Rosalie without clothes, which resulted in gang rape and heavy beatings.

Dying on the street, the girl found Carlisle Cullen, while working as a doctor. After examining her wounds, he decides to turn the unfortunate into a vampire, without finding ways to save her life as a person. After a painful rebirth, Rosalie meets her new family in the person of Carlisle, his wife Esme and the discontented Edward, who, according to the design of the adoptive father, was to approach the new convert. Affected by the indifference of the handsome Edward Rosalie mastering new abilities, amazed at his perfect beauty, seriously strengthened after the transformation.

Deciding not to waste time in vain, a converted vampire successively kills all the drunkards responsible for her violent death. The last was the main culprit of the incident - a frightened Royce King, surrounded himself with protection after the mysterious deaths of all participants in recent events. Dealing with the guards, Rosalie rushed into the room to the ex-groom, dressed in a snow-white wedding dress, a minute later, painted with fresh blood.

After this, the girl returns to the Cullens, continuing to be angry with indifferent Edward, finding him completely incapable of dealing with any woman. Two years later, she accidentally finds a dying young guy named Emmett, wounded after a fight with an angry bear. Outwardly, he looked like the little son of Vera, and the vampire decided to save him. Realizing that, after trying his blood, she could not stop in time, Rosalie suppressed her inner hunger and took the guy to Carlisle. After turning to a vampire between Emmett and Rosalie, a violent romance was fastened, reinforced by real feelings. In the middle of the twentieth century, the Cullens were joined by Jasper and Alice, cordially accepted into the family. Over the long years of vampire life, Rosalie acquired her favorite hobby: collecting and repairing expensive and rare cars, which she did very well, thanks to the extensive financial capabilities of her clan.

Events of the novel "Twilight"

Rosalie did not particularly welcome the move to the small and boring town of Forks, where she and her siblings again went to high school. Unexpected love for the eternally melancholic Edward shakes the vampire, still not forgetting a long-standing resentment, when the foster brother did not express proper admiration for her beauty after the transformation. When Edward reveals himself before his beloved Bella, Rosalie began to hate the strange human girl who suddenly captivated her brother's heart. However, despite the pronounced negative feelings, Rosalie helps to hide Bella from hunting for her vampire-huntsman James.

Events of the novel "New Moon"

After the next graduation from school, she, along with Emmett, goes on a romantic trip to Africa. Returning to Bella's birthday, they are witnessing the sudden fury of Jasper, who aggressively reacted to the small bleeding cut of the awkward birthday girl. After that, the Cullens leave Forks. A few months later, Rosalie finds out about the terrible vision of Alice, who saw the death of Bella. Rosalie immediately reports this to Edward, not knowing that he, in a fit of despair, will go on a suicidal trip to the vampire clan of the Volturi. After returning to Forks, Rosalie apologizes to Edward and his beloved, nonetheless protesting Bella's conversion to a vampire.

Events of the novel "Eclipse"

Watching the evolving relationship between Bella and Edward, Rosalie seizes the moment for a solitary conversation with her brother's girlfriend. She tells a belated Bella about her past life and tries to dissuade a vampire from life, urging her to stay human. When Victoria attacks the Cullens with an army of new vampires, Rosalie, along with the rest of the family and the Pack, fights on the battlefield, protecting those who care about her.

Events of the novel "Dawn"

During the wedding of Edward and his young bride Rosalie helps in applying Bella's wedding makeup and attends the next wedding ceremony. After learning about Bella's pregnancy, the shocked vampire decides to protect her, helping to bear the child. During childbirth almost loses self-control due to the abundance of blood, but quickly wakes up, taking care of the newborn Renesmee. The next few months, Rosalie tried not to leave the baby, even having learned to tolerate the presence of the image of Jacob with her. After Irina informs the Volturi about the presence in the Cullen clan of a vampire child, Rosalie and Emmett go to look for vampire witnesses. When the probability of a battle with the army of the Volturi becomes too large, the girl prepares to fight to death for her family. Nevertheless, the situation is resolved peacefully, and life returns to the usual course.

Personality and character

Rosalie Hale ("Twilight") is quite selfish, but very much devoted to the family and husband Emmett. Indifferently and arrogantly looks at ordinary people, wary of unfamiliar vampires. He dreams of having his own children and becoming a man again. With trembling warmth, she refers to her niece Renesmee, who sees the opportunity to manifest her maternal instinct.


It differs in incredible beauty, blinding almost all men (people and vampires) in sight. Rosalie is tall, with a model figure and long blond hair. As a person was also quite beautiful, and the color of her eyes was violet.

Rosalie Hale: make-up

Combining her natural beauty with the charming vampire magnetism, Rosalie prefers to use a minimum of cosmetics. Periodically, he tries to change the color of the skin from deathly pale to more lively, mainly because of his unrealizable fantasies about the charms of ordinary human life.

Skills and Special Abilities

She knows how to play well on musical instruments (more on the piano), is well versed in cars. She has no special vampire skills, except for the dazzlingly beautiful appearance. Like all Cullens, he has the skills of hand-to-hand combat.

Rosalie and Jasper Hale

Rosalie Hale and Jasper Hale - shapely beautiful blondes of high growth. Because of this external similarity, they are everywhere represented as twins with the name Hale, taken under the tutelage of the four Cullens.

Rosalie Hale: The Actress

The role of Rosalie Lilian Hale in all five films was performed by young American actress Nikki Reed. She was born on May 17, 1988 in the western part of Los Angeles, California. Her father worked for some time in McDonald's, but soon left his daughter and wife. Up to 13 years old, she was quite a quiet and calm girl, preferring to spend her free time, reading books and walking with her friends. However, after reaching adolescence, Nikki Reed (Rosalie Hale) began her acquaintance with drugs, sex and periodic hooligan antics. After quarreling with a troubled mother, she decided to live alone, taking off her own apartment.

At the same time, she visits her father and his girlfriend Catherine Hardwicke, with the help of which Nikki wrote a script for the film "Thirteen." The girl herself temporarily took the post of assistant casting, but soon received an offer to play the main role due to the lack of suitable candidates. Previously, not thinking about the career of the actress, young Nikki decides to continue filming, after a while receiving new proposals from different producers.

Rosalie Hale (real name Nikki Reed in the movie "Twilight") - pale-skinned cold blonde. Nikki herself is a tanned, cheerful brunette with glasses and piercings. For filming at dusk, she had to dye her hair and wear lenses matching the amber-colored eyes of vampire vampires.

The entire saga of "Twilight" is very popular. All her characters are interesting enough to deserve your attention. Enjoy watching!

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