Tribes Tuareg - the blue people of the desert

Pride is a great sin in Christianity. But Tuareg ignorant of this postulate, as well as submission and humility. This people has not known borders or bans for 2 thousand years. Tribes Tuareg, like many centuries ago, wander through the desert. They have practically no property - a camel and a tent. However, the world of the nomad will collapse if one is taken away. This people is known for being the only one in the world whose tradition says to cover the face of men, not women.

Free people

Tuareg tribes call themselves "imoshagami", which means "free people". For them, the only master is the desert. The proud tribe did not submit to any invader. Even the colonialists from Europe, who subdued almost the whole of Africa, could not pacify the small nomadic people. They could not even agree with him. Europeans were afraid of representatives of this people. Tuareg tribes appeared "out of nowhere", suddenly attacked travelers, killed and robbed them. Under their control were all the trade routes leading through the desert.

Attitude towards gold

Once tribes Tuareg led caravans with expensive goods - salt and gold. Traders only trusted such value, because only a madman decided to attack a nomad. Touaregs were famous for their warlike and agility, as well as their weapons. There was one more reason why traders trusted them. The fact is that this people did not touch gold. According to the Tuareg beliefs, it bears only sickness and evil, and therefore they made all the ornaments (and to this day) only from silver.

"Blue People"

Representatives of this people from time immemorial painted clothes in blue. To do this, they drove into the fabric dye, powdered, with stones. Therefore, Tuareg began to be called "blue people". By the way, representatives of this people are not so little. According to the last census, there are more than two million people.

It is believed that the Tuareg are the descendants of the Berber Zenaga (a Europoid race that partially mingled with the Arab and African populations of Africa). Many representatives of the people of interest to us - light-skinned, blue-eyed, tall, with slightly hairy hair. These are the features of appearance, typical for the inhabitants of the Mediterranean.

Class division

And today the Tuareg society is divided into estates. To the highest nomads today include soldiers and marabout priests. To the lower - Bell artisans, servants, as well as half-breeds, who lost the right to the name "imoshag" and are called "daga". Among the Tuareg, as early as 1.5 centuries ago, it was possible to find both impatient coppers and camel-frogs-ahhagars. These "professions" only seem peaceful. In fact, the goats and camels were desperate thugs, as well as the most respected members of society. The blacksmiths took a lower step. The tribesmen considered them almost wizards. Also at a lower level were simple farmers. The most despicable class of this people is the black iklan slaves. Both the lower and the higher nomads overruled them.

Each tribe had an amgar - a leader. The tribal union was tejhehe - federation, which was headed by amenukal (supreme ruler). Today, Tuareg is united only in extreme cases. They try not to depend on anyone.

Living conditions in the desert

Only nomads and navigational instruments know how to navigate in the boundless sands. Barkhans change their outlines with unprecedented speed, and the eye simply has nothing to catch on.

For a long time, Tuareg tribes have been forced to survive in the desert, the history of which is 2,000 years old. This people calls the desert "Assachar". For him it is a living being, an integral mechanism with which one must be able to get along and agree. The Sahara desert actually consists of sand only on 1/5 part. All the rest is an amazing form of hollows and hills, stone plateaus, rare oases and dried up riverbeds. In the Sahara, summer air warms up to 60 degrees, and at night can be cooled to zero. Sometimes at dawn, even frosts happen - the temperature drops to -20 degrees, and the dunes at this time are covered with ice crust.

Only camels and nomads, tempered by the desert, can exist in such a climate. Only they are able to survive the monstrous samemy, arising suddenly and comparable in strength with the ocean tsunami. Only they can notice a horned viper and not step on it. This is very important, because her poison instantly kills a person. Only Tuareg survive without water under the scorching sun, contrary to all the laws of biology. Attacks of thirst they take off, sucking a pebble.

Dwelling place

As in the old days, a roof made of camel skins and a wooden frame every 3 months turns into a fortress that appears every time in a new place. Only the nomad knows where he will put his tent next time. The main thing is that the well is nearby, and around - the desert. And next to it - scorpions, snakes and sandy wind, which sweeps everything in its path.

Holy Tuareg place

Under the Sahara, it is believed that there is a whole fresh ocean, where water reserves are estimated at 1 billion liters. However, it rarely leaves the surface. And to make boreholes in the sand is not an easy task, even with the use of modern technology. Hundred centuries ago, Tuareg had to rely only on the mercy of fate. They guarded every well, as the apple of their eye, which is a holy place for them. And in our time all the wells are carefully covered and very well-groomed. The one who deliberately or ignorantly treated them without due respect, the nomads were executed on the spot. Nowadays their morals are not much softer - just like many years ago, Tuaregs live according to their ancient customs and laws. Not only here, but also among the representatives of the Arab world cause a surprise for the tradition followed by the Tuareg tribes.

Language and script

Tuareg very much roamed in Africa, but they saved the purity of blood. So far, they do not meet a black face. For centuries, the Tuareg language has remained unchanged. These people speak Berber, however, so that this language barely understands the other peoples of Arab Africa. And their writing - typhinang - have Tuareg tribes. Their culture, however, involves teaching women only to writing. By the way, these people treat them with great respect.

Attitude towards women

The weaker sex, contrary to all the laws of Islam, is assigned to the atypical role by the Tuareg tribe. Women are the main ones in the family. Tuareg lead a pedigree on the maternal line. Despite the fact that they are orthodox Muslims, they do not have polygamy. The Tuareg house belongs to a woman, by whose name he is called. However, a man must keep it, like other household members.

The woman chooses the husband herself, and if he did not arrange it for some reason, then she can become the initiator of the divorce. A former husband in this case unquestioningly leaves the house. By the way, women and men have friendly friends among the nomads, without fear of gossip.

Division of labor

Tuareg do not have a division of labor according to gender. A woman, for example, can take a sword, if the situation requires it. Even the democratic countries of Europe do not know such equality, let alone the Arab states located in the neighborhood. However, the laws of the desert in the cities no longer work, since there is a strong influence of Islam. But this did not diminish respect for the woman.

The veil of Tuareg

As we have already said, wearing a burqa by men is a custom that has only the Tuareg tribe. Photos of men in her look unusual, is not it? You might think that they want to protect their temptresses from their beauty. However, it is not. The fact is that Tuareg fears evil spirits. They believe that through the eyes, ears or nose evil spirits can get into a person, so they cover these places. The veil worn by the Tuareg is called "tahelma". He is put on the boy the day he reaches the age of 18. It is from this age that he becomes a real warrior. To appear without a bandage on people is considered by this people to be improper. This is equivalent to appearing naked. Tuareg do not remove the bandage even at home, during sleep or eating.

Tuareg's militancy

This people is very militant. More precisely, this applies to those who consider themselves to be true. They live in the desert and take the gun in their hands before the spoon. Warriors Tuareg, as it is believed, not very much (about 10-20 thousand). However, if they do not break up, then it's good to scare even the best modern army.

That's how the Tuareg tribes live. Their customs remain unchanged, causing surprise and interest among representatives of modern civilization.

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