Tomato tree: beautiful fairy tale or reality

The tomato tree is an actual and fashionable novelty, a unique hybrid of tomatoes, which appeared relatively recently. Bright advertising pictures make a stunning impression: the sprawling crown, entangling the entire greenhouse, is strewn with large red fruits. And all this splendor "keeps" only on one stem, which can reach a height of up to 4 meters! Beginners are willing to pay for the miracle seeds of any money, truck farmers with experience are less trusting and do not believe in the opportunity to grow an exotic tomato on a trivial six hundred square meters. Let's try to understand the features of agrotechnics and varietal features of the giant tomato.

Tomato tree Octopus is a special hybrid of carpal indeterminate tomato. Unlimited growth shoots, the possibility of long-term growth and fruiting in one place, excellent resistance to pests and diseases - these are the main characteristics of the variety Sprat. Impressive and yield: from a single plant with proper care and nutrition, you can get up to one and a half tons of fruit. But growing a tomato tree is not easy. You can not achieve an "advertising" result not only in the open ground, but also in a temporary film greenhouse. The only variant of cultivation is a capital greenhouse, heated all year round. The habitual greenhouse soil will not suit the whimsical Octopus: none, even the most balanced substrate, will be able to ensure the proper development and nutrition of the plant for several years.

Experts recommend the use of hydroponic technologies - hydroponics will not only ensure a uniform supply of the root system with oxygen, important nutrients, but also protect the tomato tree from diseases and pests.

If you decide to try to grow an exotic novelty, prepare a special spacious container, glass wool (hydroponic material), as well as a full range of mineral fertilizers. To supply the roots with oxygen, you will need a compressor (suitable for the usual, for the aquarium). In case of lack of natural illumination use lamps for additional illumination of tomatoes.

In the first year of cultivation, the tomato tree should not bear fruit; Only in this case you will properly form the plant and get an amazing crop (this usually occurs in the second year of life of the capricious giant). It is not necessary to patronize the Octopus: all shoots are left on the plant and they allow it to ripen to all the fruits, energy, the life force of the giant will suffice for it with interest.

As you can see, it is not easy to grow a tomato tree Sprat. The technology of growing exotic is not only difficult, but also costly. But it fructifies well and develops in a one-year culture, in an ordinary (not year-round) greenhouse. In this case, the technology of cultivation is similar to that of any tall variety. With proper care from a single plant, you can get 10-12 kg of fruit of excellent taste. Another advantage of the "sprat" is alignment; This makes them unusually convenient for home canning.

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