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Tips for truck farmers: how is cabbage processed from pests

The processing of cabbage from pests is just a forced measure of its protection. After all, it happens quite often: a cabbage looks beautiful, large, clean. However, when it is cleaned, it is noticed that the leaves have become worthless. They are covered with a brown coating, similar to dried mud. Sometimes they get spoiled up to the stump itself! Who is to blame for this? Of course, pests! In this article, we describe how the cabbage is treated against pests.

Not at all a "lordly dress"

Yes, friends, pests know how to spoil the "garbled attire" of cabbage ... Now the following insects and shellfish are dangerous for it:

  • Cabbage aphids;
  • Cruciferous flea ;
  • Cabbage butterfly-whiting ;
  • Slug;
  • Cabbage scoop;
  • Larvae of cabbage moths and flies.

For example, larvae of cabbage scoop in July and September penetrate not so much in white cabbage as in the heads of color! The pests gnaw through them in their moves, they hammer the whole space with their excrement. What to do? How is white cabbage and color cabbage processed? About this - further.

Treatment of cabbage from pests by chemical means

  1. For treatment, take 4 ml of the solution of the drug "Bancol". Dissolve it in 5 liters of water. The received quantity is quite enough for spraying the whole weave. This tool will save your cabbage from the uninjured caterpillars of the Butterfly butterfly, as well as from the cabbage moths and scoops.
  2. The stores sell ready-made chemical preparations for processing cabbage. Among them are "Kemifos", "Fury", "Iskra-M" and others. Before use, be sure to read the instructions, especially with the proportions of the solution.

However, in addition to ready-made chemicals, cabbage can be treated with cooked home remedies! About this - further.

Treatment of cabbage from pests in folk ways

  1. Use decoctions of herbs growing next to your cabbage. For example, to destroy caterpillars butterflies-whites will help you decoction of tomato leaves, wormwood, as well as infusion of celandine and tansy.
  2. There is another folk way. It is necessary to chop the bitter wormwood in large pieces , scatter it over cabbage. Butterfly-wreckers will avoid this cabbage until wormwood on it dries. You can scatter the onion on the cabbage - the effect will not take long to wait. By the way, the infusion of such husk will be no less effective! In general, infusions from onions and green arrows of garlic are one of the most effective means of fighting against pests.
  3. In the fight against slugs, slaked lime will help you . Sprinkle it around the plants (two or three lines). You can use superphosphate or dolomite flour.
  4. Prepare a suspension of mustard for spraying cabbage. The ratio is as follows: 10 g of water must be diluted 100 g of this powder. You can pollinate the soil with the already mentioned superphosphate or hydrated lime. You can use a mixture of lime and tobacco dust (in equal parts).
  5. Naturally, do not forget about the timely care of cabbage! In time, weed it, loosen the soil, and plant the plants. Use special fertilizing for plants (cabbage). That's when the cabbage will say "Thank you" and will be able to fight back pests!

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