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The social sphere of society and its structure

The social sphere of society is a collection of individuals who are united by historically established ties and relationships, and also possesses the characteristics that give it its own identity. This concept is directly related to the satisfaction of human needs. And the opportunities, thanks to which you can get the desired result, depend on:

  1. The social position of the subject and his belonging to a particular social group.
  2. The level of development of the state and its place in the world political arena.

Let us note that society is not just a quantity of people. There are certain social communities in it, the totality of which constitutes social being. Their classification can be based on class affiliation, national, age or professional characteristics. Separation can also be carried out on the basis of territorial affiliation. That is why the social sphere of society consists of classes, strata, professional and ethnic groups, territorial communities, as well as production collectives, families and institutions. Also in this area, a macro- and microstructure is singled out, which includes families, labor and training collectives, and so on.

It should be noted that all components here are in interaction, which is based on the realization of basic needs and interests. They enter into certain relations, the types of which can be several: economic, social, spiritual and political.

The social sphere of society includes the following structural components:

  1. Ethnic structure. Initially, the smallest group was considered to be the family from which the family was born. If they were united several, then the tribe was formed. Later, a nationality was formed, based on territorial ties between people. When feudalism begins to develop, the process of the nation's formation begins.
  2. Demographic structure. The general community of this structure is the population - the totality of people, which continuously reproduces their own kind.

The social sphere of society has a certain character of relations that are formed between its members. Their specificity depends on the position they occupy in the structure, as well as on the role that they are assigned in the framework of joint activities. As a rule, the positioning of individuals is not equivalent. This inequality is expressed in the social distance that exists between members of society.

The social sphere of society is characterized by the predominant role of relations, which unquestionably leads to the development of a new kind of consciousness of representatives of society, which is called social. Its structural feature is that the community of people thinks and acts in a completely different way, not like its individual members, if they were in a state of disunity.

Note that this sphere of people's lives is a structure that is in continuous development. Within its framework, there are always those processes that are able to change the nature of relations between individuals, as well as their content. They are able to influence the essence of social structure and social consciousness.

The social sphere of society is constantly being investigated, because together with this we comprehend the specificity of human relations, as well as the features of the activity and behavior of members of the society, social structures and their elements.

Note that the study of all these components is possible only in the framework of sociology. Of course, this field is studied by many sciences, but thanks to sociology we get a more complete picture of all aspects of its existence and functioning.

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