What technological wonders will be shown at CES-2017?

It seems that it is difficult to surprise anyone with some new technologies. To make in our time, almost everything is possible, the idea would be so successful that an unusual and unusual commodity would be in demand. Actually, basically this is the main problem of the modern economy. However, technologies are also important, they must ensure high reliability and availability of prices in mass production. January 5 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, solemn opening of the exhibition of consumer electronics CES-2017 will take place. What will surprise the developers and manufacturers of devices and all sorts of clever pieces, intended primarily for entertainment?

What kind of exhibition?

The exhibition CES (Consumer Electronics Show, in the translation "consumer electronics exhibition") has been held for half a century. Then, long ago, in 1967, it was rather modest. 17.5 thousand visitors came to the pavilion in New York, where it first took place, who wanted to look at the products of hundreds of manufacturers. However, in three years the exposition became a notable event. It was at CES that the world community learned about consumer market innovations, for example, about everyday cassette video (1970), laser optical discs (1974), hand-held camcorders (1981), compact disc format (1981) and sound cards for PC (1990) . Today, all this seems naive, but then these inventions meant a very real revolution. In the forthcoming exhibition, placed on an area of almost 2.5 million square meters, 3,600 companies will take part. The expected arrival of 180 thousand delegates from different countries interested in finding new promising technical solutions that can attract future buyers.


By consumer electronics is not only familiar to the modern consumer set of personal computers, tablets and smartphones, but also much more, also intended for personal use. In past years, the exhibition CES was reproached for the excessive amount of metal. Cars appeared on it six years ago. Of course, they should have been impressed not by their driving qualities or trim, but by built-in devices that provide comfort and safety of driving. Honda is going to demonstrate its concept of NeuV, which provides a new level of information system, communication and control complex. Delphi and Mobileye announced test runs of their products in the mode of automated driving, and in real conditions. A fundamentally new computing platform was used. What does this mean? It remains to wait for the feedback from visitors.


In our time, the opinion is increasingly expressed that the classical way of delivering video information via ether or cable broadcast has died. Nevertheless, with all the changes in the overall concept of signal-content delivery, there remains the problem of the most qualitative reflection on the screen. The same goes for the sound accompaniment, and in these areas, even if not revolutionary, but significant progress has been achieved in the past since the last exhibition. Consumers are already aware of innovations such as curved and flexible screens, and the technology battle is mainly in the field of creating large (more than 100 inches) display surfaces when applied to HDR (High Dynamic Range). As for the already "untwisted" OLED technology, which is characterized by the use of organic light-emitting diodes, it did not meet expectations. The TVs turned out to be expensive, the color rendition was not so impressive, and the dark shades are vaguely displayed.


The long-standing dream of mankind for imposing unpleasant duties on electromechanical assistants is becoming increasingly feasible. For example, the robot of the British firm Emotech, named Ollie, is able to recognize different household users and adapt to their characters, tastes and customs. The development of this clever assistant was attended by employees of Edinburgh University and London Royal College sponsored by a Chinese investor who invested $ 10 million in the project. The idea of a modular design principle for Unibot, which allows one to independently change the architecture of a device depending on technical requirements, is interesting. For example, the same robot after a simple adjustment can clean the apartment as an automatic vacuum cleaner, carry out video surveillance or air conditioning.

Smart clothes

The announced novelties are sometimes so amazing that one involuntarily sometimes raises the question of whether they complement the person, or already he himself gradually becomes an application to complex technical means. There will be presented gadgets that perform protective functions and protect their master from injury when falling, instantly inflating the airbags. The concept was called ActiveProtective. For skiers - an indispensable thing. Another novelty - special jeans associated with mobile navigation and suggesting to their owners the place and direction of rotation by vibration. And you do not need to look at the screen, you can feel it so. Is not it a miracle?

Careful Interfaces

It is characteristic that not only well-known consumer electronics manufacturers, but developers of startups will play an important role in the upcoming exhibition. The main goal of their participation is to interest potential investors in supporting promising projects. The general line in our time is to provide the most comfortable communication between a person and computers. Much attention is paid to the possibilities of voice commands, but there are also more progressive solutions. Computers will soon recognize not only words, but also gestures. People with disabilities will receive new touch-sensitive tablets with flexible screens that reproduce the Braille font by creating small bubbles lining up in text order. The blind will be able to read electronic texts.

Pocket Diagnostics

Electronic devices are increasingly taking on the functions previously trusted only by qualified physicians. It is possible that the reason for this phenomenon is partly that the human factor in diagnosis in modern Western clinics is minimized now, so it seems reasonable to receive the same information without leaving home. Women who dream of replenishing the family with the help of the Ava bracelet can find out what time is most favorable for pregnancy, and future fathers will receive detailed recommendations on what to do in order to increase the likelihood of this joyful event. Another wristband Milo Sensors will determine how abusive its owner is. Soon each person, if desired, will be able to fully control the state of his health. The sensor measures the heart rate, blood pressure and even the state of vital organs, while sending information to the computer of the attending physician, without which, however, still can not do. Now it remains to convince the doctors of the effectiveness of this idea.

Soon, expect

And the organizers of the exhibition CES-2017, and its future visitors, there is no doubt that not only good ideas and developments will be presented on it, but also many different nonsense that will never be needed by anyone else. Apart from really useful devices that make life easier for people, undoubtedly, a significant proportion of projects are designed to support computer games, entertainment and other means of driving consumers out of the real world into a space of illusions. Nevertheless, the finds are expected. It will take a very short time, and some of what visitors of CES-2017 will see for the first time, will appear on the shelves of stores. It remains only to wait a little.

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