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Why is the impressive number of viewers so fond of watching thrillers? There are several theories on this account. One of them argues that while watching a thriller, the audience, frightened, feels a sense of excitement. The other says that people are watching a thriller and are afraid of it only so that in the end, freeing themselves from the nightmare spectacle, even regardless of the outcome, feel relief and euphoria. Personally it seems to me that most people who prefer to watch such films just like to be scared.

What is the most interesting thriller? The one in which the intricate stories, terrible crimes, a mass of suspects and a completely unpredictable outcome. So many thrills after watching it completely compensate for the measured course of everyday life of the average citizen. As a rule, in the thriller there are elements of horror and detective in equal parts, the narrator is often a killer or a victim, and not necessarily a survivor. A separate niche is occupied by mystical thrillers, which give vent to both fantasy and imagination. Their heroes, real or visitors from the other world, can shake any viewer. Today, the choice of films of this genre is quite large, but you can still try to identify the most interesting thriller films. Let's talk about this.

The best thriller films

It is almost impossible to single out the most interesting thriller. But the list of the best, according to different versions, includes: "Leon", "Fight Club", "Seven", "Devil's Advocate", "Unthinkable", "Law-abiding Citizen", "Game", "Areas of Darkness", "Silence of the Lambs ", "Crime novel". Often, the title "the most interesting thriller" from the grateful viewer receives: "Prestige", "Butterfly Effect", "Basic Instinct", "Cards, Money, Two Barrels", "The Hitcher". No less popular are the thrillers of 2013: "Daylight," "No Connection," "The One Shot," "Witnesses Must Be Silenced," and "The East."

Mystic thrillers - art house with a touch of mysticism

The founder and founder of the fashion for mystical thrillers is Roman Polanski, who blew up the public with his film "The Baby Rosemary". For a mystical thriller, there is usually a lack of unambiguous categorical interpretation, the possibility of rational explanation of what is happening. After the triumph of Polanski, the mainstream hits follow: "The Exorcist," "The Shining," "Omen," which also has a huge success both with film critics and with the ordinary spectator. The title "the most interesting thriller" among the mystical ones is shared by films: "Heart of an Angel", "The Ninth Gate", "The Sixth Sense", "Others", "The Key of All Doors." And, of course, "1408". Interesting thriller films, including mystical ones, are distinguished by the fact that the actions unfold according to a special psychological reception "defeated expectancy". Thanks to this, it is impossible to predict the further course of events, because a sudden plot turn is expected on every minute of the spectator. The most interesting thriller certainly forces the viewer's brain to work to the maximum, it will instill an unconscious fear, but not like in simple horror films, but an all-consuming tremulous horror and really exciting experiences.

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