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The most beautiful place in Moscow. Tour of Moscow

The largest metropolis is considered to be the most beautiful city in the world. And if someone comes up with the idea of describing all the scenic sights by writing down on paper, then a huge and unfinished novel will turn out, because the heart of our native land, famous for its cultural monuments, is also actively replenished with modern and delightful structures.

Moscow Kremlin

For every visitor to the capital, regardless of individual aesthetic preferences, there will be a beautiful place in Moscow and, of course, not one. The oldest architectural complex, located in the very center of the capital, is a large museum, on the territory of which are located amazingly beautiful monuments - real symbols of Russian history.

The huge temple of St. Basil the Blessed with colorful shiny dames, harmoniously blended in the architectural ensemble, is a magnificent and magnificent construction. Decorative decoration leads to a real delight of all those who first visited Moscow. The forms of the 9 temples, connected to each other in a single structure, are not repeated, as are their bright domes.

About the Kremlin you can talk for hours, glorifying its majestic beauty, but still no, even the most picturesque description will not give all the stunning uniqueness of the architectural monument.

Sparrow Hills

An amazing place in Moscow, where young people who are engaged in extreme sports, families with children, and lovers of couples are in a hurry - an observation deck on Vorobyovy Gory. Panorama, opening from a bird's eye view, captivates with true splendor. Everyone is offered viewing binoculars to better discern everything that is usually hidden behind the high-rise buildings of the golden-domed.

Here you can make a hike through ecological nature trails . More than 20 years ago, the slopes of Vorobyovy Gory were declared a historical monument of Moscow. In summer, it is simply magical: the bright green grass and murmuring spring waters will be a real rest for the soul in the noisy and ever-hurrying capital.

Autumn beauty in nature

If someone comes in white-gold sometimes, you will find amazing places. In Moscow in the autumn there is much to go, because the picturesque parks, lavishly covered with an amber coverlet of fallen leaves, ringing clean air, red-yellow sad trees reflected in the transparent surface of the water will touch any heart and stay in memory for a long time. It is worth hurrying to enjoy the last sunny days and go to nature.

Stroginskaya floodplain

In the west there is another beautiful place in Moscow, which is famous for its stunning views. This amazing protected area is the Strogino floodplain, located near the river. The ecologically clean place of the recreation zone in autumn attracts a special atmosphere and privacy, you can walk along the shore of the bay, breathing in the cool air and feeling how slipping away the last heat.

The picnic spots are a great chance to spend time in a fun company, besides, you can rent a boat there to fully experience the unity with nature and feel the breath of the approaching winter.


Another beautiful place in Moscow is a museum-reserve, which includes a picturesque park, a pond and a palace ensemble. This is a favorite place for parties in the warm Indian summer. The historical and cultural ensemble will make the hearts of all lovers of architectural sights quicken. The former residence of the Empress is staggering in its scale, here it seems as if you are moving centuries ago and you feel the royal greatness.

Buildings in the Gothic style, a cascade of ponds, burning gardens of the Crimson are not just stunning corners, they are also beautiful places in Moscow for photo sessions. They come here in the fall, because nature, dying before the onset of cold, is filled with new and unusual shades. It is not necessary to leave early the magic corner, after all, after waiting in the evening, you can admire the colorful show of a working and autumn musical fountain with more than 2500 underwater lights. Imprinted in the photographs, the bright spectacle will remain forever, recalling the enchantment of the high jets playing the most incredible palette at night.

Business Center - a stunningly beautiful place in Moscow

The skyscrapers of the business complex on Presnenskaya embankment are an area that many consider a real misunderstanding that has spoiled the appearance of the white stone. However, fans of modern architecture consider the complex Moscow-City a new attraction. The grandiose project of business centers attracts great attention even those who saw many foreigners who believe that the towers are organically inscribed in the capital's landscape.

If you want to find the most beautiful places in Moscow at night, feel free to go to the heights of futuristic forms, streaming with colorful lights, ascending to the sky. The architectural ensemble of all the towers, surprising in its novelty, is especially good in the dark. A stunning spectacle surprises all without exception.

Beautiful places in Moscow: where to take a walk?

Pushkin (the former Andreevsky) bridge, from which magnificent views of the Kremlin complex are opened, is extremely popular with young people and wedding processions. A favorite place for festivities is beautiful both at night and in the daytime. The ancient bridge, which became pedestrian, has long been a unique construction, interesting in terms of art and engineering. The new look he acquired relatively recently: along its entire length, glass-covered galleries were installed, visually dividing the old architectural content and modern form.

From the bridge you can go down to the Pushkinskaya and Frunzenskaya embankments, which are considered to be the most environmentally friendly, where you can make a promenade along the promenades lined with greenery. From the Pushkin Bridge and the most beautiful places in Moscow begin for photo sessions. Amazing design and natural landscapes are simply created to make great pictures.

Sights of Moscow region

Truly wonderful are the surroundings of the beautiful Moscow. Amazing sights and stunning natural views will not leave anyone indifferent. Sergiev Posad - a great monument of Russian history, filled with spiritual meaning, the Arkhangelskoye estate with an unusual appearance and park zone, the Abramtsevo museum-reserve, which is remembered by wooden log cabins - all these places enjoy well-deserved fame.

It is impossible to consider in one article all the most beautiful places in Moscow and the Moscow region. The greatness of each corner can be praised for a long time, unique attractions attract tourists from all over the vast Russia and attract foreigners who admit that they did not see anything more beautiful than the capital of our homeland.

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