The medicine 'Traumeel'. Reviews. Description. Application

The drug "Traumeel" refers to homeopathic remedies. The medication has a venotonic, analgesic, antihemorrhagic effect. In addition, the drug "Traumeel" (reviews of doctors confirm these data) has anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating, antiexudative activity.

The drug is made in tablet form, as well as in the form of gel, solution for injection, drops for oral administration.

The mechanism of action of the drug is related to the properties of the components present in its composition.

Active substances of the preparation "Traumeel" (reviews of many experts confirm this) have the ability to increase vascular tone, tighten blood vessels, eliminate venous stagnation. The drug prevents the formation of blood clots. The use of "Traumeel" helps to improve and maintain normal cellular respiration, as well as oxidation-reduction processes. In addition, plant components accelerate the regeneration of tissues, the healing of wounds.

The drug "Traumeel" (patients' reviews prove this) effectively eliminates pain with bruises, sprains, dislocations. The medicine helps to stop bleeding.

Medication "Traumeel" (the doctors' reviews are unanimous in this) should be used for swelling after trauma and surgery, inflammatory processes in the tissues. Effective drug and periarthritis, epicondylitis, bursitis, tendovaginitis, styloiditis.

The drug "Traumeel" (reviews of experts confirm this) is not prescribed for hypersensitivity to components. Injections of the drug are contraindicated in multiple sclerosis, leukemia, tuberculosis, HIV infections, and other autoimmune pathologies.

The drug "Traumeel" (pills), experts' reviews confirm this, it is enough to apply three times a day one tablet under the tongue.

The solution is administered intramuscularly (with cicatrices) and periarticularly. Dosage at the same time - 2,2-4,4 milliliters one to three times a week. In acute conditions, injections are done every day.

The drug "Traumeel" (gel), doctors' reviews indicate this, it is allowed to use under bandages. The agent is applied two to five times a day.

Inside appoint three times a day for ten drops.

With the use of the drug, it is possible to develop arthralgia (with intra-articular injection), allergic reactions, hypersalivation. If these manifestations occur, the medication should be discontinued.

Do not apply the cream on large surfaces.

To increase the effectiveness of the doctor can recommend the integrated use of various forms of medicine "Traumeel".

It should be noted that many patients prefer this particular drug. The "Traumeel" medication can be used by both adults and children. In some cases, the drug as an additional remedy is used for genyantritis and inflammation of the tonsils. The gel is applied externally to the bridge of the nose and throat area. The drug is also effective for accelerating the healing of postoperative sutures.

Some patients note that the drug "Traumeel" quickly removes irritation after shaving.

The undoubted advantage of the drug is its composition, which primarily uses plant components. However, there is a possibility of developing side effects associated with the individual intolerance of some herbs. Meanwhile, as practice shows, the medicine is well tolerated by patients. Side effects are extremely rare.

In addition to efficiency, speed and good tolerability, patients note that a tube of gel is sufficient for a sufficiently long period.

Despite the fact that the drug is available without a prescription, before buying it, experts advise to consult a doctor.

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