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The game "Zombie Farm": where to dig a paper knife

Today we will try to solve one of the important tasks in the game "Zombie Farm" - where to dig a knife for paper. This item can be purchased or sold in a virtual store. The purchase price is 5 Zombax. Sold for 5000 coins.

Knife for paper ("Zombie-farm"): where to dig and how to find

The object we need is found in secret treasures. Turning to the immediate solution of the question about the game "Zombie Farm" (where to dig a paper knife), it should be noted that the desired object can be found in discarded suitcases of tourists. This element is used to perform the tasks "Marathon 39" and "Opening", as well as construction of buildings.


If our current question about the game Zombie Farm - where to dig a paper knife, will be solved successfully, we will be able to create various objects, among which are several types of baskets, knowledge houses, dirigibles, the Alpine house, the flag of Metalist and Italy.


In order to easily cope with the task, you should learn more about the game itself. So, "Zombie-farm" - is a multi-user browser project, focused primarily on members of social networks. A game has been developed in Belarus. Remember that the name of the application may vary depending on the social network. The name used in this material is relevant for Mail and VK. In "Classmates" the game is known as "Zombie Mania", and in Facebook, as Zombie Island. The development is distinguished by a qualitative, relatively bright graphics, which is not equipped with special details, but at the same time attracts attention due to the harmony of shapes and colors. For all its gloom, the characters are very kind. The main idea is to help monsters become people again. Not for a moment these creatures do not stop working. So we figured out another important issue about the game "Zombie Farm". Where to dig a paper knife? Look for discarded suitcases and secret treasures - and luck will surely smile at you.

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