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The game "League of Legends". Hyde: Blitzkrunk

"League of Legends" offers its players a choice of champions for every taste. A truly universal hero in this regard is Blitzkrunk. Hyde (season 6) could contain information on the magical or "dd-shnomu" direction of the game, but we will focus exclusively on the role of support, since it is in this aspect that the champion can bring the greatest benefit.


One of the most interesting moments is that most skills do not require AP or AD. So you do not need to increase these characteristics to increase the damage. And the remaining skills have a big increase to the damage along with the level.

  • Passive ability "Mana Shield" is activated when the champion has less than 20% health, and it lasts 10 seconds. The shield absorbs damage equal to half the hero's current mana.
  • "Rocket capture" allows you to attract the first enemy on the road and stun him. Not only that the skill has a high base damage, so also the gain is 1 * AP.
  • "Acceleration". The name speaks for itself. The champion gets a good boost to the speed of movement and attack.
  • Using the "Power Fist" , you will intensify your next physical attack. The skill works well with artifacts, which increase the damage after applying the skill.
  • Ulta "Static field" passively damages an accidental creature (champion or minion) within a radius of action every 2.5 seconds. When activated, it triggers a wave that damages all around and silences opponents for 0.5 seconds. While the skill is in rollback, passive damage does not work.

Runes and spells

So, what is our guide directed at? Blitzkrank is a support, and that says it all. Accordingly, and additional bonuses must be chosen, based on this.

With the help of the runes, we increase the protection to the maximum, and as the last we put the gain of gold every 10 seconds.

Despite the fact that Blitzkrank has a high mobility, he still can not do without the spell "Jump". The second magic is well suited to "exhaustion". It will reduce the speed of movement of the enemy, which along with its own acceleration will allow to overtake the enemy in a matter of seconds.


The building of talents can be very different, depending on the style of the game. The old guide on Blitzkrank (season 5) advised us to use the layout of 18-12-0, but we collect a support, so in this situation it will be more suitable 0-12-18.

In the second column, immediately take "Wanderer". Then "Cache". After that, "Meditation" and "Bandit." All these talents will cover the vulnerabilities of the champion or emphasize its features.

In the third column, Recovery is primarily pumped. After that, the "Researcher" to enhance the capabilities of the gank. "Runic Armor" will strengthen your passive ability. Now you can take "Insight", because you will not be able to collect artifacts to roll back skills. After that, take "Elan". How to finish the pumping, decide for yourself. "The power of centuries" will increase the health reserve, but "Snipe of the undead" during the time of the passive shield will restore 6-9% of maximum life.


On this you can finish the guide. Blitzkrank is a support, the strength of which depends little on the assembly. Your main task is to attract and stun opponents in battle. As artifacts, the following subjects will help him.

  • "Sandals mobility" - give a huge amount of speed outside the battle.
  • "Ruby seeing stone " - for more effective "vending".
  • "Talisman of Ascension" - gives a number of useful characteristics. This is "halyavnoe" gold, and an increase in speed, and the regeneration of mana.
  • "Medallion of iron solarium" - an indispensable thing for any support. He casts a shield on allies and passively increases the resistance of magic to surrounding allies.
  • The "Frosted Gauntlets" work great together with the attack acceleration. Every fourth hit will damage and slow down surrounding opponents.

The last artifact is not what the guide will tell you. Blitzkrunk is so universal that you can choose the sixth item yourself, without much harm to the build.

  • You can use the last cell under the "Seeing Totem" .
  • To improve the effectiveness of the mittens, collect the "Triple Alliance" .
  • Strengthen the passive skill with the blade "Manamune" . It will also increase physical attack.
  • "Frozen Heart" will reduce the attack speed of surrounding enemies.

We hope you found our guide useful. Blitzkrunk is a champion who will demand from you only one thing: to use the attraction of the enemy in time. In a massive battle, your task is to interrupt casting spells from enemy magicians.

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