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The film "Letters to Juliet": actors, roles, plot

"Letters to Juliet" - a film released in 2010. The creator of the romantic comedy is Gary Vinic. Actors "Letters to Juliet" - Amanda Seyfried, Vanessa Redgrave, Franco Nero, Gael Garcia Bernal.

Sophie Hall

This is the name of the main character in the movie "Letters to Juliet". The cast is headed by Amanda Seyfried, who played Sophie Hall. She made her film debut as a teenager. This happened in 1999, when the movie "While the World Is Rotating" was released on the screens. Today, Amanda - an actress quite in demand. Annually several films with her participation are published. 2010 was a turning point in Seyfried's biography. It was then that she played in the films, which can be called the best in her filmography ("Dear Johnny", "Letters to Juliet").

Actors of the famous played in the picture Gary Vinic. For example, Vanessa Redgrave. The owner of the Oscar in 1978 deserves special attention.


Vanessa Redgrave performed the role of a woman in search of lost love. Love, which she knew in her youth.

Redgrave became famous in the mid-60s, after the premiere of the film Morgan: A suitable case for therapy. Then the actress received several prestigious awards, was nominated for an Oscar. In 1978 the premiere of "Julia" was held. In this picture, reflecting the events of the Second World War, Vanessa Redgrave played the role of an American of Jewish origin.

Maria Stewart, Isadora Duncan, mother of Peter I and a few dozen heroines played Redgrave before playing the role of Claire in the film "Letters to Juliet."

Actors Gael Garcia Bernal and Christopher Egan

Bernal played the role of the groom of the main character - Victor. The career of the actor began in 1996. He became famous after four years, after the release of the film "Bitch love." Christopher Egan is an Australian actor. Films with his participation - "Territory of virgins", "Eragon", "Resident Evil". The role of the grandson of the heroine of Vanessa Redgrave performed Egan in "Letters to Juliet".

Actors who played other characters - Louise Ranieri, Marina Massironi, Milena Vukotich, Franco Nero. The latter played the role of Lorenzo Bartolini, whom Claire once loved. Nero created a lot of images on the screen, and far from the brightest of them is Lorenzo from "Letters to Juliet".

Actors and roles are presented above. It's time to tell the romantic story that formed the basis of the film Vinic.


Young American Sophie Hall works as a journalist in the New Yorker. However, she has long dreamed of becoming a writer, which is not surprising, given her romantic outlook on the world. Her boyfriend Victor is going to open an elite Italian restaurant in New York, so he plans to visit Verona, where he will sign an agreement with suppliers. Sophie long wanted to go to Italy and persuade Victor to take her with him. On arrival, the girl looks forward to a bright romantic trip, but Victor is so busy picking delicacies and drinks for his restaurant that he has almost no time for his beloved.

Sophie alone has to enjoy the beauty of the city and its unique atmosphere. One day, wandering around the streets, she stumbles upon the "Juliet's house." On the wall of this building, the girls in love attach letters, which refer to the Shakespearean heroine. At sunset, Sophie sees how someone takes all these envelopes and takes them away. Later, the girl learns that there are several women who call themselves "Juliet's secretaries." They respond to numerous messages.

The next day, Sophie helps to collect letters from the wall and accidentally finds a message written in the 60s by a London resident named Claire, who once came to Italy and fell unconscious in love with Lorenzo Bartolini. He persuaded the girl to flee with him, but she was frightened and did not dare to do it. Her pain from lost love, Claire expressed on several pages. The journalist responds to this touching message.

A couple of days later, Sophie Hall meets arrogant Englishman Charlie, who accuses her that because of this act his grandmother set out to find the love of her life. This is the beginning of a story that will later inspire Sophie to write the novel.

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