The drug 'Diferelin'. Instructions for use. Indication.

The drug "Diferelin" (0.1 mg) is prescribed for female infertility for stimulation of ovulation. The drug is used in combination with gonadotropins for fertilization and subsequent embryo transplantation.

The drug "Diferelin" (3.75 mg) is prescribed for prostate cancer and its consequences (in the case when oppression of testosterone production is indicated). The drug is used for extragenital and genital endometriosis, hyperplastic processes of the endometrium, as well as for endometrioid cysts. The drug "Diferelin" instruction recommends in breast cancer (in the case when hormone therapy is indicated), as well as with uterine myomas. The drug is prescribed for premature puberty in girls under eight and boys under 10 years of age. The drug is shown in combination with gonadotropins for the purpose of artificial reproduction of ovulatory conditions, for the purpose of fertilization and subsequent embryo transplantation.

The drug "Diferelin" (11.25 mg) is indicated for adenocarcinoma of the prostate complicated by metastases, breast cancer, extragenital and genital endometriosis. The medication is also prescribed for premature ripening (sex) in children.

The drug "Diferelin." Instructions for use

The drug is intended for intramuscular and subcutaneous administration.

The agent "Diferelin" (0.1 mg) is used in combination with gonadotropins. Subcutaneous injections are performed once a day. Treatment begins on the second day of the menstrual cycle (simultaneously with the stimulation of the ovaries) and continues until the day preceding the planned induction of ovulation. Thus, on average, the duration of the drug is from ten to twelve days for each attempt.

The drug "Diferelin" (3.75 mg) of prolonged (prolonged) action in prostate cancer and its consequences is administered intramuscularly every four weeks. The duration of use is determined by the attending physician.

In endometriosis, hyperplastic phenomena of the endometrium, endometrioid cysts, the drug "Diferelin" instruction recommends intramuscular injection once every 3.75 mg every fourth week. It is necessary to begin treatment in the first five days of the menstruation cycle. The duration of the use of the drug "Diferelin" the instruction recommends to establish in accordance with the positive dynamics of clinical manifestations, however, not more than six months.

When infertility is traditionally used, one intramuscular injection on the second day of the cycle of menstruation. When hypophysial desensitization is achieved, the use (in parallel) of gonadotropins (usually on the fifteenth day after the administration of the drug "Diferelin") begins.

With myoma, the uterus begins treatment in the first five days of the cycle. The introduction is every four weeks. For patients who are shown surgical intervention treatment duration is three months, for those to whom the operation is not shown - six months.

In premature puberty, the dosage (one injection) is adjusted according to the weight at a rate of 50 μg / kg.


Injection of the drug "Diferelin" and pregnancy, as well as lactation are incompatible. Do not prescribe the drug also for hypersensitivity to components.

The medicine "Diferelin". Side effects

The administration of the drug may cause various reactions in different patients. Women, for example, often complain of pain in the abdomen, discomfort at the injection site. In some cases, there were "hot flashes", chills, sleep disorders.

Before the appointment of the drug "Diferelin", the attending physician should familiarize the patient with the possible side manifestations, identify the absence or presence of contraindications.

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