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The concept of information systems and their varieties

In a world where technological progress does not stand still for a day, one often hears the term "information system". It is reproduced in different branches of activity, unlike people and often implies by itself not quite what really means. So, let's clarify the concept of information systems. And consider the sides of society where they are used.


The information system is first and foremost a system, and therefore a collection of something. Its components can often exist separately, but the greatest benefit comes from interacting with each other. In this case, the concept of information systems is a set of hardware, software and personnel aimed at the input, storage, processing and use of data.

There are automatic and automated information systems. The first process the data without direct human intervention, according to the previously established algorithm. An example is a conveyor in a factory, the program of which stipulates that it moves at a certain speed. The second (AIS) is characterized by the interaction of the machine and the person. Although most of the work is done by a computer, constant monitoring by the operator is necessary. For example, a system for issuing railway tickets at the ticket offices, where a nice girl enters information about you into the database, and then automatically completes the travel document.

Where is it used?

The systems of information storage and processing in our society occupy a huge place. The concept of information systems is not an empty phrase. Wherever we go, everywhere is IP. At home we will go to the Internet, and there we are already met by a search engine. Time. Come to work - you need to make a report in a special program or clarify the availability of goods in a remote warehouse using the company's information system. Two. The third number will go to the polyclinic through the registry. And the fourth - a reminder of the wedding anniversary in a mobile phone. Anyway, you have to get used to all sorts of changes around you.

On what basis?

First of all, IP is oriented towards the concept of information. The properties of information give us to realize what is embedded in the system.

1. Relevance. The IP should always operate with the currently valid data, otherwise it could disrupt the correct course of events.

2. Completeness. Information is provided to the user in an amount sufficient to make a further decision.

3. Adequacy. The system should really assess the state of affairs.

4. Availability. It is possible to obtain all the necessary data.

5. Objectivity. Information should not depend on anything: the views of the operator, processing algorithms.

6. Usefulness. The automated system must be primarily necessary, that is, it is necessary that it meets the emerging needs. Otherwise, why is it even created?

Let's sum up the results

The concept of information systems includes a whole complex of components. This hardware and software, operators, methods and algorithms work. Over time, IP increasingly penetrates our lives. And it seems impossible to do without them.

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