New-year cross-stitch embroidery. New Year's embroidery scheme, job description

The New Year is a wonderful holiday, which the people of every corner of the planet are eagerly awaiting. Dressing up a Christmas tree, covering a festive table and putting on the best costume is not all to create a festive mood. A great way to feel the holiday is to surround yourself with New Year's attributes. Especially if it is made with your own hands. In this article, we will consider the New Year's cross-stitch embroidery, the scheme of which will be presented below.

New Year theme

To please yourself and loved ones, you can embroider a picture of the New Year theme, which will be relevant. For example, consider the scheme, which depicts Santa Claus, an elf, a bag with gifts and additional items.

To embroider this image, you need to prepare the following materials: canvas, needle, thread and embroidery frame. The diameter of the squares on the canvas, depending on the desired size of the picture. But it is worth considering: the larger the diameter of the canvas cell, the thicker the filament should be. You can embroider in two, three or four threads, it all depends on how much density you want to get the New Year's embroidery cross. The diagram, which is presented above, contains footnotes of colors. And also the thread numbers of the mulina of two popular companies, DMC and ANC. To calculate the number of threads, take off from the footage of one hank. It is 8 m, considering that the thread, as a rule, is divided in half, it turns out to be 16 m. You can decorate the finished picture in a frame or embroider a square on the contour, and on the edge of the canvas to dissolve the fringe. If you prefer to embroider with acrylic, then to select the color scheme you will need only the circuit itself. There are different patterns of cross-stitching, New Year's miniatures, fairy-tale characters, cartoon characters who can raise the festive mood. The embroidered picture will be an excellent gift for the New Year.

New Year's Toys

Embroidered Christmas tree decorations will look very original and stylish on the New Year's tree. Such a creative solution will certainly surprise family and friends. A handmade toy will be an excellent gift. You will be surprised: how can customize the New Year's toys with cross-stitching? Schemes for this you can choose to your taste.

As you can see in the picture, the shape of the toys can be different, you choose. And now we will analyze in more detail how to embroider and shape toys. First, decide on the pattern that you plan to embroider. Then measure the canvas twice as much as necessary for the scheme, and embark on embroidery. After everything is ready, decide on the shape of the toy and proceed to the pattern of the workpiece. It is necessary to sew the future toy from the wrong side, leaving a small hole through which to turn out the product. And fill the toy with cotton or sintepon, and then fix the loop, sewing the remaining hole. That's how we managed to combine decorations and New Year's embroideries with a cross. The scheme for a toy can be the simplest, but due to the volume the final result will be exquisite.

New Year cards

New Year cards are a supplement to the main gift for relatives and friends, and sometimes just a nice sign of attention. To buy an ordinary postcard, of course, everyone can, but create their own unique - not everyone will be solved. For a beautiful Christmas card, we need color cardboard, glue and embroidery. The size of the picture and its shape, choose, starting from the folded in half cardboard sheet. This is the basis of the postcard on which we paste the embroidery. To give an impeccable look, you can use an additional sheet of cardboard, which is pasted over the embroidery. Preliminary, it cuts a hole. Here are examples of such cards:

It remains to fill the message with pleasant wishes - and the gift is ready. This is another great option, how to use the New Year's embroidery cross. The scheme for this can be quite any, to your taste.

Christmas ornament

Using the scheme of New Year's ornaments, you can beautifully decorate tablecloths, handkerchiefs, towels. Thematic patterns will become an indispensable attribute on a festive night. Surprise your household by embroidering on the edges of the tablecloth a Christmas tree with cones or other drawings. But there is one feature in such embroidery: this is the fabric on which the pattern is applied. Table cloth from the canvas - this is too expensive and impractical product. Therefore, crosses, as a rule, are applied to cotton or linen cloth.

That's how cross-stitching can be so versatile and limitless. Schemes (free) New Year and thematic you see in this article.

Symbol of the Year

Do not forget that the New Year is not only Santa, deer, snowmen and other characters, but also the animal symbol of the year. You can take as the basis image of the animal, under the sign of which will be a year. Especially it will not be difficult to find out the patterns of cross-stitching. New Year's motives can become additional elements of the finished work. Be creative and do not be afraid to experiment. The symbol of the year can be made in the form of the same toys or postcards, according to the technique described above. And you can embroider a large voluminous animal, fill it with filler. Get an exclusive soft toy.

Miniature gifts

With the help of New Year's embroidery, you can beautifully decorate gift packaging. To make a bag with an embroidered picture, in which you can put a gift. This option is as simple as the rest. Before you begin, determine the size of the future bag and image. For example, below are diagrams of cross-stitching - New Year's miniatures.

After the embroidery is ready, fold the canvas in half and sew on the sides. From above there will be an open side, which must be zadekorirovat. This can be done by bending the edges and sewing them. And then skip the satin ribbon or silk lace. Such a decision will be practical, because the bag can now be closed by tightening the tape.

Surround yourself with New Year's attributes, you can cheer yourself and your loved ones. And gifts that are made with love, necessarily bring happiness to the owner.

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