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Teutonia Elegance stroller - premium children's transport

Teatonia Elegance strollers rightly belong to the top category of transport for infants. Their price is high enough, but it is due to unsurpassed quality. Despite the high cost, Teutonia's strollers are gaining more and more fans, among which even stars are ours and foreign ones.

Teutonia Elegance - pedigree

Model Elegance, perhaps, the most popular stroller Teutonia. Its appearance fully justifies the name: it is elegant to the smallest bolt. Made this beauty in Germany, and, as the manufacturer claims, the assembly is completely manual. The peculiarity of this aristocratic stroller is the combination of classical design with the most modern technologies. Use this stroller can be from the very first walk to three years of age. And, importantly, for all this considerable period, the official guarantee extends.

Design of stroller Teutonia

In appearance, the stroller is good, reliable, heavy. And if durability and strength are really characteristic of it, then too heavy weight is just an illusion.
Large wheels on spokes emphasize the tradition of design, the voluminous hood creates the effect of coziness. Smooth bends of chromium add charm.

Stroller Teutonia - cradle

- The cradle is quite large, the child will not be cramped.
- Breathable bottom, perforated.
- The box is soft.
- Included is a soft orthopedic mattress ALVI, the cover of which can be removed. The mattress adjusts the temperature and humidity in the cradle, prevents allergies, improves air circulation.
- There are soft carrying handles.
- Convenient mechanism for installing the cradle on the chassis.
- Ability to install on the move and against the movement.

Pleasure block:

- Can be set against and on the move.
- Soft volumetric armrests.
- Tilt back to 165-170 degrees.
- Ability to adjust the footboard.
- Safety belts (5 points) with shoulder straps .
- Removable bumper.
- Insulated cape for legs with the possibility of increasing the volume.
- Ability to remove the skin, machine wash.
- The lining does not heat up in the sun, it is not subject to burnout.


The Teutonia stroller is equipped with a voluminous hood that fits both to the cradle and to the riding seat. Adjusts almost soundlessly. There is a pocket, a viewing window, inserts from a ventilated mosquito net.


Made of lightweight aluminum, the frame has the lowest possible weight, yet strong and wear-resistant. All knots are durable and durable. There are beacons from the reflective coating, ensuring the safety of driving in the dark.
The ergonomic handle can be adjusted in height. And in the cold it does not freeze through the patches of leather.


The stroller is equipped with stylish and functional wheels, which can be easily removed for transportation and washing. Shock absorbers are powerful, completely absorbing the unevenness of the road. Foot brake, not spoiling shoes.

Teutonia Elegance stroller - the right choice of modern parents

To use such a stroller is convenient and pleasant not only for the baby. The most demanding parents will come to full delight from its maneuverability on the road, functionality, thoughtfulness to the smallest details. Thanks to the huge delivery kit, it does not require searches and purchase of additional accessories. In addition to the cradle, chassis and walking unit, the kit includes a stylish bag and a convenient sunscreen, a mosquito and raincoat, a small pump for pumping the wheels, a winter clutch for Mom's hands, a shopping basket that can be installed in the lower metal trunk, and wheel covers .

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