Tank T-95 "Black Eagle" - the last word in the domestic military equipment

The T-95 tank "Black Eagle" was developed at the end of the last century, and the first model was built in 1997. It used a chassis from the T-80U and a completely new tower. Some time later the model was updated. The essence of the modernization was that the tower was mounted on seven-kat chassis. According to the representatives of the Ministry of Defense, serial production of the car is not yet envisaged. Along with this, the decisions that were applied in its creation can become a model for the renovation of existing army armaments.


The main thing that distinguishes the T-95 tank against the background of the remaining military equipment is the characteristics of the machine. Most of them are kept secret from military considerations. But it is known that the mass of the car equals 50 tons. It is armed with a cannon (152 mm) and a machine gun (12.7 mm). To protect the crew consisting of three people, two complexes are used: Shtora-2 (passive) and Drozd-2 (active). The tank is equipped with an engine, the power of which is 1500 horsepower. Its dimensions are about the same as those of the T-80 and T-90 models. As for the design itself, it is absolutely new, and not created on the basis of any existing one. The novelty is equipped with a suspension, which ensures a high smoothness of movement.

Combat department

The T-95 "Black Eagle" tank is distinguished by the modern configuration of the combat compartment. The gun is mounted on a small uninhabited tower in its dimensions. Under it is a machine for the last thirty years. The crew consists of a commander, a gunner-operator and a driver-mechanic. Their workplaces are in a special capsule, covered with armor and fenced off from the machine with a tower with an armored bulkhead. Thanks to this decision, the machine becomes less noticeable. Moreover, the level of security inside people increases.

The combination of mobility with safety

The problem of successful combination of reliable protection and high passableness of military equipment is currently not solved abroad, where modern tanks weigh about 60 tons. Such a mass makes it very difficult to use them outside the prepared terrain, and also to move to the desired place through the air. The Russian T-95 tank is significantly different in this regard, as domestic engineers donated the thickness of armor for more effective overcoming of antitank devices.

The T-95 tank "Black Eagle" became the first car in the world to successfully protect the tower not only in safe corners of maneuvering, but also from ammunition that is attacked from the air. The security system is characterized by a modular structure, the elements of which can be upgraded or replaced without any serious financial investment. The machine is virtually immune from the point of view of protection from cumulative and kinetic anti-tank weapons. As shown by the analysis of publicly available information, this tank is several times greater than all the equipment that exists in Western countries at the present time.

Revolutionary Change

Russian designers were the first in the world who dared to drastically change the layout of military equipment. Revolutionary change in the new model was the movement of the crew from the tower. A significant reduction in the internal space of the machine made it possible to increase the safety of people inside.


The new T-95 tank differs from other models also from the material from which it is produced. In particular, the active armor of the third generation is used for the construction of the hull and the tower. In addition, the machine is equipped with an active protection system, which is based on the well-known "Arena". According to unofficial information, the novelty will be equipped with a new fire control system. The principle of its operation lies in the fact that information about a potential target is received by the crew through television, infrared or optical channels, using a laser rangefinder or a radar station.

Weapon Management System

The crew does not have the ability to control optical traditional devices. Western analogues, equipped with an uninhabited tower, provide information about the battlefield on special screens. How to cope with this task tank T-95 "Black Eagle", is currently unknown.


At the same time, it should be noted that the weapon control system used in the model has a number of significant advantages in comparison with analogues. Very important among them is the ability to counteract the targeting of weapons. In addition, the machine is able to detect and destroy missiles with projectiles moving in its direction. Among other things, this tank boasts patented means of reducing visibility from detection in all possible ranges.

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