Stunning toy from the sock with your own hands. History of origin and brief description of the process

Probably, we all had to deal with such a problem as the mysterious disappearance of a sock from a pair. Often we put one sock in the chest of drawers or wardrobe in the hope that the second one will be found. But some do not realize that it can serve as an excellent material for creating toys from socks with their own hands. It is worthwhile to show only a little imagination, and you will embody absolutely all your creative ideas and ideas.

The first toy from a sock with own hands was made about two hundred years ago in the North America. It was during the Great Depression, when a lot of goods were unavailable. People sewed funny monkeys from socks, and soon they became incredibly popular. A century later, someone made a toy monkey from a sock with a red heel and sent her a sample to a company engaged in the production of knitwear. Its leaders decided that this would be an excellent advertisement and began to produce socks with the attached instruction on making toys. This tradition was popular until the 50's. Then, American entrepreneurs began to produce cheap products for children from plastic. And made toys with their own hands from socks fell into the background.

But the inhabitants of the continent still retained a long tradition, and its secrets were passed from mouth to mouth, from generation to generation. To date, handicrafts are reviving again. Therefore, the toy from the sock with their own hands was again at the height of popularity.

The manufacturing process is very exciting. In addition, you can attract your young children. After all, this lesson will help them to learn simple sewing skills, and will also promote the development and development of imagination.

In order to get a nice toy from the sock with your own hands, you need to prepare Simple set:

  1. Old socks (can be new, without a pair). The brighter they will be, the more interesting your product will turn out.
  2. A variety of colored thread for sewing.
  3. Filler (cotton wool, sintepon, holofayber, etc.).
  4. Scissors.
  5. Beads and buttons for decor.
  6. Rice or buckwheat (for tactile sensation).

A cheerful toy from the sock with your own hands will stitch together for an hour. Having developed a fantasy, you can get a whole heap of various animals and puppies. Also, you can sew a puppet theater for toddlers and even a racehorse.

Nabeyte nosochek a soft filler and sew your eyes from the buttons. Put a long stick inside the sock, on which the child can jump, and firmly fasten it. From an old glove or piece of cloth sew the ears for a horse and attach to the head. Using a piece of braid and thread make a mane and a bridle. It took a minimum of effort and cost, but for a short period of time a miracle horse appeared in the house. Just do not forget to clean the stick well so that the baby does not get hurt.

As you can see, there is no Nothing complicated and special, but as a result you get funny and accurate products, in which you have invested a part of your soul. From the usual sock and various elements of decor, you get funny fairy-tale characters, heroes for puppet theater and puppets.

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