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Strong Prayer to the Vserac of Cancer

When the trouble is not just knocked on the house, and landed there in a businesslike way, people fall into despair, lose their strength. Especially scary, if you suffer from ailment of a loved one and a loved one. There are no words that can convey the incredible experiences of the unhappy. So in the case of cancer, you have to choose: to fight or give up. Here you should do your best to strengthen your spiritual strength. Many help the prayer of the Vsezarica from cancer. Let's talk about it.

Does it help everyone?

A few words about the critics, who say that no soul helps the body. We will not argue with them. Maybe someone will find this strange, but the sense of polemics in this case does not. These questions of war and peace can be discussed by all people, and when a person encounters an ailment, only he has the right to decide what to believe, how to act. Yes, still loving people can advise and support. The rest does not matter. So it turns out, the prayer to the Vsezaritsa from the cancer of one to his feet raises, for others - that the wall of peas. It is clear that everyone claims a single truth, defending their attitude to this tool. And what is most interesting, they are all right in their own way. It's just that everyone has their own truth. The fact is that the prayer to the Theotokos is not a surgical tool, nor a miracle cure. It is a text that requires tremendous mental work. Surely everyone understands this. Prayer is not a panacea. She is the path to healing. And only those who believe can overpower the road.

Why prayer?

Even before asking the Lord for a request, one must comprehend one's intention. It is difficult to advise those who are in a critical situation. However, experience suggests that you need to draw their attention to certain points. Thus, the prayer to the Vsezarica of cancer helps absolutely everyone. Even unbelievers begin to feel some relief. But it should be spoken from the heart, and not from the mind. That is, it is not necessary to read the above texts. By the way, there are a lot of them. You do not have to rest on words. They do not help. Prayer to the Theotokos Vsezarice is the inspiration and call of your soul. And in what form will this sincere message be sent, is it important? Confidence that the sufferer will be heard, it matters. And the rest - such trifles that it is not necessary to pay attention to them. It is the prayer of the Vsezarica of cancer that is used for the reason that it allows you to abandon the fuss. After all, in a normal state, a person carries all the causes of an ailment constantly with himself. Only in the prayer state it passes into another space, where it is possible to remove this load, to communicate with pure energies. Therefore, it is so useful to refer to the holy icon. This is the first step on the path to realizing another, Divine calling of man. And yet - understanding the true cause of the disease.

The text of the prayer

Here is one of the variants of this appeal to the Mother of God. Just do not consider it the most true. The one that will help is already in the soul of everyone who is suffering.
Read the words and find your own, that will help to cope with the disaster. "Oh, the Most Blessed Mother of God, the Almighty! Hear, I pray, my multitudinous sighing before Thy miraculous Icon. Look to your child, suffering from an incurable disease. I am falling in the image of your saint with true faith! Like a bird with a sick wing covering its chicks, so also thou shalt cover me with my healing omophorion! So that hope does not disappear from my sinful soul. Settled there is darkness and despair. May the Divine Light and hope shine there! Strengthen, Allah, faint-hearted me, comfort, weak. Give softening to the heart of fierce! Heal yourselves with kindness, Most Gracious The All-Wise One! Bless the minds and hands of those who heal me. May the Lord fill them with wisdom and power! Let them serve as instruments of our Lord! Pull out your hands, filled with healing. Let the miracle work with Your help over those who glorify the Trinity of the Holy Life-giving, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit! Amen!"

Where can I go to the Vsezarica?

Most likely, such a question is of concern to those who do not have faith in their hearts. After all, the temple is located there, and not in buildings or buildings. However, the prayer of the icon "Vsezaritsa" from cancer should be pronounced near the face of the saint. It is clear that not everyone will help the first time. The path of healing is complex and thorny. Therefore, you should start with the icon. That is, go to the temple, there, talk with the Virgin. And buy the face of her saint home. Near the bed of the sufferer, he must be. One glance at the icon is sometimes enough to feel the flow of power.

How to help an expensive person?

It is clear how difficult it is for a person who has been afflicted by a disease. But his family sometimes is even worse. This is reasonable. After all, from their cautious, but constant support directly, the strength of a loved one depends. Of course, they need to turn to the Lord. Ask Him continually for health for your neighbor. In the temple you will be advised to order the Akathist to the Vsezarica from cancer. It will be performed there. It is also advisable to ask for such help in the monastery. There the akathist will be sung by people close to the Lord, filling it with their wishes of an early recovery to your native person.

Strong prayer for cancer

Caught in trouble, people try to grab hold of the little things that are words. Do not go so far as solving the problem.
Any illness is not a punishment, but only a task. The Lord gives it only to those who have the strength to cope with her permission. The Almighty should be thanked for appreciating the human soul so highly . Once given the disease, it means a lot of people managed to achieve in their lives. The Lord opens new horizons for him. Your prayer will become strong when it is filled with love and gratitude to the Lord. He knows what you can do. Trust him completely.

How to seek help in the soul?

In addition to prayer, sometimes simple and ordinary things help to gain health. For example, ask yourself, how long have you been really happy with the flowers or the chirping of birds? You will say that this is stupidity. And here not. The Lord created the sound of waves and the game of kittens, so that man would enjoy them. And what have you done with gifts that are valuable? Do not notice? Stop, talk to the Lord in your soul. An answer will be given to you. And, most likely, it will be concluded that the miracle is already in you, there, in the depths, about which a person forgets, striving to receive the earthly blessings. Leave the fuss at first for one day. Life, believe me, will flow at the same speed. Only you yourself will find the right place in it. Then thank the Lord for his labors. Give Him a sign that you have seen and appreciated His efforts. From this moment it will be possible to count the way to healing.

Why does the Lord send a man ailment?

And a few words about how it happened that the disease overtook a certain person. No, let everyone discuss the details and circumstances independently. The question is that we do not find the strength or the time to go into this question, but it is necessary. Prayer for the healing of cancer is precisely what is strong, which helps in the soul to understand. It will be a very frank conversation about the most intimate. After all, anyone wants not only healing, but also a happy life. And how to come to her, when you do not know, what exactly is in your soul caused by suffering? Prayer ask for help in finding all the answers. Well, the recovery will come to someone who understands the depth of the Lord's love for his children. Only one can not lose hope and let despondency into the soul!

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