Sorochinsky Reservoir: description, problems, rest

Sorochinsky water reservoir is located in the city of the same name in the Orenburg region. The date of its foundation falls on 1997. This reservoir is laid along two rivers - Samara (stretches 28 km) and the Great Uranus (its length is 18 km). Its area reaches 35.56 km ², the average depth is 3.6 m, the maximum depth is 12.8 m.

History of construction

In the late 60-ies of the last century, serious problems with water supply in the described area of the Orenburg region began. Therefore, projects have been developed for the application of the Samara River and all flows flowing into it in order to solve this situation. These plans were repeatedly corrected, because different examinations were regularly conducted. Only in 1976 began construction of this reservoir on the river. Samara. Sorochinsky reservoir was formed for a very long time, due to delays in the delivery of special equipment, insufficient deduction of funds and other reasons. In addition, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, construction was stopped altogether. However, in 1994 it continued and ended in 1997. This was announced by the local administration.


In 2005, all possible examinations, correction of projects and restoration work were carried out again. They were fully funded from the federal water resources agency. Every year the local government conducts activities to control such an important facility as the Sorochin Reservoir. The basic works include the following: water quality control, hydraulic function, activities in the flood and flood periods, sanitary and water and water conservation research.

Control Features

Control over the state of water implies the following: samples are taken for analysis, qualitative indicators are determined, recorded in the appropriate tables, reports are made on the chemical composition of the waters in the described reservoir.

The verification of the hydraulic regime, which characterizes the Sorochinsk reservoir, is carried out as follows: a group of engineers of the enterprise every day collects data on the level of fillability, its inflows and outflows, and the discharge of water. On the basis of the information received, analytical work is carried out to study the situation in this pond and make up a balance.

Activities during the season of floods and floods are carried out in the following way: they prepare special hydraulic equipment, then engineering control is carried out and all the necessary analytical data are collected.

Sanitary and water protection measures are also carried out by the local administration. They are investigating the Sorochinsky water reservoir (photo of the facility is in the article) according to all the rules established by the legislation. The necessary indicators are collected, systematized and analyzed. Much attention is paid to the extent to which the coastal area of the reservoir has overgrown abundantly, whether wetlands have formed, whether the banks have partially collapsed, or whether the surrounding lands have been flooded. And in those areas that are subject to water conservation, special signs are set with appropriate explanations. Taking into account all the collected analytical indicators, the higher authorities decide whether additional repair or restoration work should be carried out. These include, for example, the following: upgrading of areas where you can relax, clean the lodge of this reservoir, remove wetlands, fire tests to protect nearby forests, strengthen coastal slopes, repair broken equipment and damaged structures.

The present state of the reservoir

The Sorochinsky water reservoir, which does not enjoy a special holiday, has recently been in a deplorable condition. The matter is that here waste is dumped from nearby industrial enterprises and settlements. Also, tourists who come to this region often do not clean up their garbage. The local administration does not conduct timely works on its disposal. Even if travelers do not throw garbage directly into the reservoir, then it is brought from the banks either by wind or by torrential streams. Undoubtedly, waste management activities can be carried out, for example, by attracting students to subbotniks, as in some other reservoirs of the Russian Federation.

Unpleasant consequences

This unfavorable situation adversely affects the environment. What are the consequences of this? Undoubtedly, the fact that nearby settlements risk being flooded. But the problem is not in the Sorochinsky reservoir itself. The fact is that the erection of the above-mentioned settlements is conducted without special observance of the established rules for planning and other measures. This negligence has led to sad consequences - flooding of local territories. In addition, the effluents of industrial enterprises do not pass through the filtration procedure, which leads to an undoubted deterioration of the overall situation in the reservoir area.

Rest on the reservoir

Due to the fact that the Sorochin Reservoir is located near Orenburg, it, despite all the problems and pollution, has become a place of rest for the urban population. These areas are well illuminated by the sun, nearby forests have beautiful green hues, the water warms up to an acceptable temperature, which - if not for the above problems - is ideal for comfortable bathing. Remarkable natural conditions help the citizens to rest and gain strength before the new working week. It's a pity that a person does not appreciate what Mother Nature gives him, and spoils the environment by his own hands. But there are all the possibilities for good fishing, because in this pond there live pike, pike perch, burbot, carp, carp, perch. However, due to the prevailing circumstances and indifference of the authorities, rest on the Sorochinsky water reservoir is a prerogative of only local residents who can not go on vacation outside their native land, who have to put up with the lack of normal conditions and violations of sanitary norms.


Given the above advantages, it is easy to come to the conclusion that this reservoir has become one of the main attractions of the Orenburg region. You can get to the described reservoir from the center of the district, and from Sorochinsk, using local trucks. It is possible to drive by private car on asphalt roads.

Tourists, albeit without much excitement, come to Sorochinskoe reservoir. The recreation center is absent, however, if desired, you can give preference to "wild" rest. Why is the coast not equipped? This is due to various kinds of pollution. Small groups of tourists who can be found on the beach are residents of the nearest cities. They choose this pond because of the convenient location. It will definitely be cheaper to stop here. Also often come here for a few days with tents. Fans who like to sit on the shore with a fishing rod often come to Sorochinskoe reservoir. Fishing here is not bad. There are many underwater inhabitants, so no one will remain without a catch.

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