Sights of Porvoo, Finland: description, history and interesting facts

Porvoo is a city in Findland, considered the most beautiful in the state. He is second in age by age. From Helsinki, they arrive here in an hour by car or by ship for cruises.

About the city

On the way to the center, tourists watch a picturesque coastline, neat houses, cobbled streets of medieval type, alleys. Rich in the sights of Porvoo (Finland). This place is one of the finest ornaments of Finland.

The charter appeared in the city in 1346-m. Then it was owned by Magnus Eriksson, the Swedish king. Now it's cozy here. The banks of the Porvonejoki River are decorated with ocher-colored barns. On the cobbled streets, tourists walk along the old part of the city, where the city cathedral is located.

Attention is drawn to the museum of the poet Runeberg, which was opened in 2004 after the general reconstruction. The city has long been a major trading center. This position has remained with him to this day.

Autumn and Christmas are organized by fairs, visited by a large number of people. Visitors try delicacies, they buy works of the masters sharing their work. Each seller puts on a traditional robe.

City Museum

Tourists are interested in Porvoo attractions. History can not be better represented in the City Museum. It is located in the premises of the Old Town Hall, built in 1762-1764. Works of applied and artistic art are abundant.

On the territory of the Old Town this building is one of the main. It has two floors, an attic, a wooden clock tower, located at the highest point of construction. Until the end of the 19th century, the building was used for administrative purposes. In 1896 the museum association opened expositions here, and the building itself was saved from destruction. In 2011 there was an exhibition on the history of antiquity and the Middle Ages.

Porvoo Cathedral

It has important religious attractions Porvoo (Finland). The main one is the Cathedral, the construction of which dates back to the middle of the 15th century. About this object is curious to find out a list of interesting facts:

  • Previously, there was an old church, which was later replaced by a stone church. The erected building was named after the holy virgin Mary.

  • During the 15-18th centuries. The temple was burned and robbed by invaders invading the city.

  • The last restoration took place in 2008.

  • He was consecrated anew, they renewed the services.

  • At the same time, 800 people come here. Conduct christening and weddings.

  • From the inside, the church is like a tall ship.

  • The acquisition of the cathedral status took place in 1723. Then Vyborg disconnected from Russia due to the end of the Northern War.

  • Inhabitants of Porvoo (Finland) appreciate this kind of sights and take care. This temple is notable there that in the spring of 1809 it was here that Alexander I announced the merger of the country with Russia with the right of autonomy. The statehood of the state began at that moment.

Every Thursday in the summer people come here by eight o'clock at a music concert. Many new visitors recognize the church, after attending a lecture on the game on the organ at 12:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On the 25th of August, the annual "Night of Music" is held.

The House of the Merchant of the Hill

Attractions in Porvoo (Finland) attract a constantly large flow of tourists to the city. About history and traditions learn a lot, after visiting the walls of the house belonging to the merchant Hill. The building dates back to 1762. It is made of bricks. Previously, there was a wooden structure, but in 1760 it was destroyed by a fire. The merchant's family lived here in the late 17th century. The hosts of this museum tried to preserve the features of everyday life and decoration as much as possible.

The bedrooms are located at the top. Deals were concluded at the bottom, office work was conducted. The servants lived in the attic. Being here, visitors clearly visualize what Porvoo (Finland) was like several centuries ago. Attractions of such a plan are transferred to a tourist in the old days.

In the 19th century a bakery was opened here, and in the beginning of the 20th century there was a museum complex. Now this is the place of frequent exhibitions. The exhibits often change. The museum includes two houses of residential type in the neighborhood, buildings of economic purpose. People are not allowed to go there. The store sells souvenirs.

Exposition "Noark"

Guests of the city try to visit the best sights of Porvoo and do not ignore "Noark" - a complex where people admire the models and models, the most curious of which depicts the railway.

To get here, drive from the city center 8 kilometers. Here people are put in a mini-train cab, they roll around the countryside. The exposition is interesting to visitors of all ages.

In addition to the attraction and exhibition, there is a parking lot, a cozy cafe, a modern conference hall. In the courtyard tourists rest, climbing the terrace. You will be able to refresh yourself in the buffet, and buy an elegant sculpture, a beautiful jewelry or painting - in a souvenir shop.

Interesting museums of the city

Attractions Porvoo (Finland), children are interesting not less than adults. Functioned in 1947, the museum dedicated to dolls and toys. The exposition consists of more than 1000 exhibits, dating back to the end of the 19th - the beginning of the 20th century.

The collection for 35 years gathered E. Soderlund during his travels around the country. Guides tell stories about the exhibits and their owners. The museum works in the summer. In other times of the year for an excursion you need to negotiate with the administration in advance.

After his visit, the children are delighted, and parents themselves involuntarily sink in thoughts into a happy childhood.

Each visitor to the city wants to personally study the local attractions (Finland, Porvoo). The description only inflames interest. It is definitely recommended to visit the house-museum of the famous poet Runenberg, who lived here for a quarter of a century and handed over the object to the son-sculptor Walter. His works are presented in the walls of the neighboring building.

Walking through these places acquaints with the history and traditions of the city, leaves indelible impressions and enriches spiritually.

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