Sherwood Dreams Resort Hotel 5 * (Turkey, Belek, Bogazkent): hotel description, service, reviews

In this article we want to talk about the five-star Sherwood Dreams Resort Hotel 5 * in the famous Turkish resort of Belek.

A bit about the resort ...

Sherwood Dreams Resort Hotel 5 * is located just three kilometers from the famous Belek. The city has become a popular resort just recently. In the tourist direction, it began to develop in 1984. For such a short period Belek became a famous resort place not only within Turkey, but also gained popularity among thousands of tourists around the world. In the town itself you can not find historical sights, but it is easy to get to Antalya and Side, where vacationers will find a lot of interesting things. In Belek, golf is incredibly popular.

The town is located in the most beautiful places with eucalyptus, pine and cedar trees. Rare birds are found in local forests. Currently, Belek is considered the most presentable, and therefore expensive, resort in Turkey. There are not so many young people in the local places. The resort is interesting, above all, by a wide, long beach stretching for twenty kilometers. Here the bathing season lasts from May to the end of October. Surprisingly, the weather in Belek in October allows tourists to luxuriate on the beach and splash in the water.

Almost all resort hotels have a category of 4 or 5 stars. All of them have good territories and are located on the first line. Such prestigious complexes are well equipped and offer guests impeccable service.

Sherwood Dreams Resort Hotel 5 *: description

The hotel is still very young, it was opened in 2011. Sherwood Dreams Resort Hotel 5 * is located in the area of Bogazkent. In total, it covers an area of 18,000 square meters. The hotel is located forty kilometers from Antalya and a few kilometers from Belek, in the village of Boazkent. It is a five-story building, located on the coast. A hundred meters from the hotel there is a private beach.

Number of rooms

Sherwood Dreams Resort Hotel 5 * offers its guests rooms of the following categories:

  1. Standard room (238 rooms). The apartment can accommodate up to three people. The area of the rooms is 27 square meters.
  2. Family Room (52 rooms). Two-room apartments have two bedrooms, they are designed to accommodate four guests. The area of the apartments is 40 square meters.

All rooms are individually designed and well equipped. The apartments have a balcony, air conditioning, satellite TV, minibar, telephone and safe. The bathroom includes a hairdryer and toiletries. The room service system operates around the clock. It is possible and delivery of food to the apartments. Guests of the hotel can choose rooms overlooking the pool or the seashore.

Dining at the hotel

Sherwood Dreams Resort Hotel 5 * operates on an "all inclusive" system, offering tourists a wide variety of dishes within the "buffet". The hotel has a banquet hall, several bars and five restaurants. Local chefs offer tourists to taste the best dishes of local and international cuisine. In the main restaurant you can order on the diet menu.

At breakfast guests are treated with freshly squeezed orange juice, after which, as a rule, a queue is built. In the morning, eggs are served in different versions, sausages, sausages, salads, snacks. Fruits offer quite a lot (melons, watermelons, pears, apples, peaches, bananas), but they are all not very tasty, as in all Turkish hotels.

Dinners are also varied: salads, snacks, pasta, rice, potatoes, meat in different variations, tasty soups, mashed potatoes, cutlets, meatballs. But for dinner guests are treated to fresh, fried meat on the street. Special attention should be paid to the sweet table. They cook an incredible amount of all sorts of desserts, which can not be abandoned.

In the daytime, for those who were hungry, a bar next to the mini-club offers a bite of hamburgers, French fries, pizza, and cool off with cool juices. The favorite delicacy of all children is, of course, ice cream, distributed immediately after lunch.

Children's animation

Sherwood Dreams Resort Hotel 5 * (Bogazkent) has a children's mini club. In it animators entertain kids with contests, drawing, watching cartoons. There are swings and a hill. For children there are two swimming pools on site. The depth of one of them is 40 centimeters, and the other is 80. Children love to visit the amusement park.

Hotel Infrastructure

On the territory of Sherwood Dreams Resort Hotel 5 * (Turkey, Bogazkent) there are several outdoor and one indoor pools, car rental, car parking, conference room, hairdresser, laundry, beauty salon, dry cleaning. The hotel is surrounded by a park. A good infrastructure of the complex allows holidaymakers to provide all possible services in the Sherwood Dreams Resort Hotel 5 *. Bars and a la carte restaurants provide tourists with food and delicious drinks throughout the day.

Adult Entertainment

The hotel administration takes care of the leisure of its guests, so tourists can find a place for themselves in Sherwood Dreams Resort Hotel 5 *. Entertainment in the evening organizes a team of animators, arranging performances in the amphitheater. In addition, the restaurant is always present live music and entertainment programs.

On the territory of the hotel there is a steam room, sauna, aerobics, you can play tennis, play slot machines, volleyball, basketball, bocce, massage sessions, Turkish hamam, gym, windsurfing, archery and pneumatic guns. In the afternoon animators invite guests to do aqua aerobics in the pool and active games on the beach.

Hotel beach

The hotel has its own beach with a sand-and-shingle coating. The coast itself is sandy (bulk), but in the water under the feet there is a pebble. Free sun loungers with mattresses and umbrellas are available for tourists. Free towels are provided on the beach.

Weather in Belek

Many tourists are interested in what the weather in Belek in October is like? This is a very relevant and popular topic. So October is an acceptable month for rest. Especially in the first half in Belek is very warm, the sea did not have time to cool down, that's why it is comfortable to swim in it. But prices for rest during this period are almost the lowest in the year. It is for this reason that tourists are interested in the October weather conditions. The only drawback is the moment that at this time the probability of storms and rains increases.

In Belek, the velvet season ends in October, but in November there are sometimes very warm days. In the first half of October, there is always good weather, and sometimes even summer heat. But autumn is autumn. And during this period it can always be cold for a couple of days, rain or a storm. In the resort, the average air temperature in the daytime is +26 degrees, and at night - +15 degrees. And the water temperature can fluctuate within the range of +24 - +27 degrees. If you plan to spend your holiday in October, it is better to choose the first half of the month. At this time, there are almost no vagaries of nature.

Belek has long won the title of the best resort in Turkey because of the huge sandy beaches, beautiful natural parks, eucalyptus, juniper, coniferous forests and fashionable hotels equipped with sports and entertainment infrastructure. This resort is chosen for sports training and recreation, even professional teams. Here are some of the best golf clubs in the world. And in October the season of golf starts. Since all competitions are held in open fields, during the summer heat it is simply impossible. For this reason, a more comfortable time was chosen.

In October, animation in hotels is still working, but the staff is partially starting to go home. Similar nuances need to be learned from tour operators. If the weather in some of the days is not very favorable, then it is better to devote this time to sightseeing.

The cost of recreation in Belek in the middle of autumn will certainly please those tourists who can not spend a lot of money on rest, or are simply limited to a certain amount. In May and October, you can buy the cheapest tours, and the weather while most of the time is quite good. Of course, there is a chance of rain, but the sea is warm. But in the second half of October the weather is more capricious, and can present unpleasant surprises.

Sherwood Dreams Resort Hotel 5 *: reviews

According to the reviews of tourists who managed to visit the hotel and appreciate all its advantages and disadvantages, I want to draw some conclusions and sum up the conversation about this complex. The hotel is located in a quiet place in a small village. On the one hand, the hotel is new, but at the same time, it is surrounded by complexes under construction from all sides. Therefore, many apartments have a view of the construction site. Numbers with a view of the sea are very small, and even those have a straight line, and a side view of the coast. This point should be taken into account if this is very important for you. The territory itself is very beautiful and well maintained, lots of greenery and flowers.

In the complex you can order a transfer, and you can get by yourself, however, local people can not very much tell the location of the hotel, perhaps because it is new and is located in some distance.

I want to pay special attention to nutrition. Of course, there will always be people who will not find it diverse. But in fact, the hotel serves a variety of dishes, there is plenty to choose from. Guests of the hotel can try meat delicacies and all kinds of snacks and salads. There is never a line in the restaurant. And the dishes are updated very quickly, if something ends on the buffet. Special praise deserve delicious Turkish sweets. Many are always on the tables of fruit, if any of them are not very tasty, it is not the fault of the hotel. In Turkey, many fruits are completely tasteless. Ice cream in the bar is amazing, you always need to stand up for it, but it's worth it. During the day, guests can refresh themselves in one of the bars.

The hotel is focused on families with children, it is clearly visible both on the territory and in relation to the staff. Young people who want to visit night clubs, there's simply nothing to do. But for the entertainment of children there is the most necessary. Animators perfectly cope with the task assigned to them by the administration of the Sherwood Dreams Resort Hotel 5 *. Children's playground, swimming pools, mini-club make rest of young tourists cheerful and unforgettable.

Equally interesting is the leisure of the adult part of the holidaymakers. Evening music shows, dance performances in the amphitheater and restaurant entertain tourists. And in the daytime animators in very original ways entice vacationers to take an active part in sports events. For the most persistent guests of the complex discos are held. However, as a rule, tourists with children just do not reach it.

As for the numbers, they are quite in normal condition. The complex is functioning not so long ago, therefore, the apartments have not yet managed to come into disrepair. Perhaps, some defects can be found, but in general, everything is working, the plumbing works well. Change of towels and garbage collection takes place daily. Rooms are washed every day, with the replacement of bed linen sometimes there are problems, you need to remind.

According to tourists, the hotel has a wonderful beach. It is great for children, on the shallows kids can splash. The fact that in the water at the bottom of the small pebbles, does not interfere. The beach is quite clean, there are no problems with places, there are quite a lot of sun loungers.

Guests of the complex note that the hotel rests a lot of tourists from Europe. Most of them are Germans. There are not so many Russian-speaking people. The staff speaks Russian, so you can explain yourself.

For active tourists organize excursion trips to Belek. But you can also get there yourself by calling a taxi. It is much more comfortable and convenient than getting on the bus. Holidaymakers advise you to visit not only Belek itself, but also the famous canyon Keprulu. But with the children certainly worth a ride on a pirate ship. This is a very exciting walk that everyone likes.

Instead of an afterword

Sherwood Dreams Resort Hotel 5 * is a good place for families with children of all ages. The hotel can be recommended to those tourists who are looking for a quiet and relaxing holiday away from the hustle and bustle of big cities.

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