Shampoo "Capus": reviews. Shampoo "Capus"

Shampoo "Kapus" appeared on the shelves of Russian stores in 2001. He quickly won the love of consumers, because his quality was very good, and the price - quite low for a professional cosmetic. Yes, and salon care was then almost impossible at home. Years have passed, but this shampoo is very popular even now, although the choice of professional hair care products has become much broader.

Brand of cosmetics for hair Kapous. History

In the late 90s of the last century, the concept of salon hair care, of course, existed. But then the girls and women really had to go to the beauty salons in order that they were given a restoring mask or suggested a means that could give the hair a new shade, without spoiling it completely. But to buy any salon care cosmetic compounds for home use was almost impossible.

But everything changed when the Kapous brand appeared on the market. This brand became the first in Russia, oriented both to a simple consumer, and to professional beauty salons. Manufacture of cosmetics was conducted in European countries, in the same place primary quality control was carried out. Then cosmetic products came to Russia, where the quality was checked again, and only after that the goods got into stores. Shampoos, balms, hair colors , means for styling and gentle care - all these products from the "Capus" and now are produced in large quantities and occupy a place of honor on the shelves of shops and in the hearts of Russian women.

Kapous Shampoos: composition

The main distinguishing feature of professional cosmetics - it really works. And if on the package you are reading about a certain effect, rest assured that you will necessarily manifest it to some extent.

The thing is that professional hair cosmetics are made using natural ingredients. It is they who provide care to the locks and give the most visible effect, which many women say who have chosen such means.

Shampoo "Capus" is made using the latest technology. Its composition includes natural plant extracts, oils and vitamins. There are no chemical perfumes, dyes, parabens in it.

What kind of shampoo series does Kapus offer? Let's talk about the most popular.

Caring Line

In this grooming line of four shampoos, all of them - without sulphates.

Shampoo "Capus Dayley" is intended for frequent use. It will suit you, if every morning you begin with a wash of your head. As part of this shampoo - an extract of orange, providing daily care and saturating the hair and scalp with vitamins.

Volume Up - a special elixir of beauty and femininity from the company Kapous. It not only imparts volume, but also strengthens thin strands, weakened by frequent styling or curling. As part of this tool - an extract of cotton and specially selected by cosmetologists a complex of amino acids.

Shampoo for hair "Capus" with the designation Profound Re has the effect of strengthening and restoring and is suitable even for very damaged hair. Argan oil and fruit extracts act in a complex manner and return the vitality to the hair. This shampoo is not recommended for use every day, it will be enough once a week.

What else can the company "Capus" offer to its customers? Shampoo for colored hair Color Care contains milk proteins, wheat proteins and vitamin E. These natural ingredients give the curls a care and help prevent the washing out of the color from their structure.

Kapous Professional

In this line, three shampoos for professional care.

Shampoo "Capus" for all types of hair is used in beauty salons most often. In its composition - natural plant extracts and a special complex of proteins, thanks to which the product provides daily care, prevents tangling and gives hair volume.

Professional shampoo with menthol gives the necessary daily care, as well as a sense of purity and freshness. It contains natural mint extract.

Shampoo "Capus" for colored hair contains panthenol and keratin. It provides preservation and restoration of color, as well as professional care for weakened and damaged locks.

All products are produced in a volume of 1000 ml.

Kapous Profilactic

Sometimes serious problems with hair are still easier to prevent, than then to try to eliminate their consequences. It was for the prevention and was created a line Profilactic from the "Capus".

In the green line, there are four shampoos. Each of them prevents a certain problem: hair loss, dandruff, excessive fat content and hair loss due to their fragility. Extracts of bamboo, argan, cotton, vitamins and natural oils in the products of this series carry beauty, health and impeccable appearance to the locks .

Kapous Studio

Line Studio from "Capus" - this is four shampoos and four balms. These products are suitable for all types of hair and have very pleasant fruit flavors. The volume of each product is 1000 ml.

In the line there are shampoos with natural extracts of banana and melon, chamomile and vanilla, and also with almond milk. Ingredients of natural origin nourish and moisturize, smooth the surface of the hair and give them a healthy shine.

Fragrance Free Line

In this line of three shampoos, they all do not contain perfume additives and artificial colors. Shampoo with biotin stimulates hair growth, strengthens them and prevents the early appearance of gray hair. Moisturizing product from this range contains argan oil, which in combination with a complex of vitamins provides full-value care and recovery. This series includes keratin shampoo "Kapus", ideally suited for damaged strands. The keratin complex restores the structure of the hair and restores its health.

This line is in demand, but the price for it is slightly higher than for other series of care products from the "Capus".

Shampoo "Capus"

Many brands of professional cosmetics offer a palette of coloring agents for hair. Honorable place among similar products is shade of "Kapus" shampoo.

The manufacturer offers its own palette of toning products. It includes the following shades: brown, eggplant, pomegranate, purple, sand and copper. All these shampoos are suitable for unpainted hair, as well as for previously tinted and dyed hair. When using the ruler in the first case, the effect of equalizing the natural color is achieved, in the second - maintaining the artificial tone and giving the hair a healthy shine.

Shampoo "Capus" shampoo gets mostly positive. In its composition there are no parabens, sulfates, ammonia and oxidants - substances that harm hair in conventional paints and shade-based shampoos, therefore its influence is extremely positive. Further on this a little more.

Shampoo for hair "Capus": reviews

Consumers mostly appreciate the professional cosmetics "Kapus" and shampoos of this brand. Praise is awarded to the quality of cosmetic products, their price and the effect achieved from their application.

The most popular products of the Professional line, this is due to the relatively low cost and large volume of bottles. However, shampoo for all types of hair from this series sometimes gets unflattering reviews of women who complain about the lack of any effect and deterioration of the appearance of the curls. In fact, many young ladies inattentively read advice on the use of this tool. The label indicates that you can not use it for daily care.

Many women compare professional cosmetics from "Capus" to conventional means intended only for home use. It's about those shampoos from various famous manufacturers, you can buy them in any store. Very often, the choice is made in favor of the products of the company "Capus". The buyers note that at prices they are not much more expensive than conventional means, but they are on the same level with more expensive professional goods.

Shampoo for hair "Capus", the reviews are really impressive, almost every woman can afford. So why not try it on yourself?

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