Sensual woman: features, characteristics and interesting facts

What is sensuality? First of all, this is full openness to enjoyment - not only in the sphere of intimate relations, but in every aspect of everyday life. Sensual girls of any age embody natural femininity in all its splendor, enchanting the surrounding and dazzling inner beauty. As if they live a fiery spark. They often make love, get the maximum pleasure from life and calmly accept themselves as they were created by nature.

Sacrament of Sensuality

The most sensual women live in the present moment, not allowing themselves to get stuck in the past or infinitely worry about the future. They enjoy the existence of every single second, delighting in the full perception of the current reality.

In fact, sensuality is the ability to receive incomparable pleasure from any experience, communication with people, intimacy, and most importantly - from yourself. How to become a sensual woman? Take note of the simple advice of professional psychologists.

Simple happiness

The first pledge of genuine sensuality is a complete reunion with your own emotions. In this case, it is not worth drowning in negative experiences; Your goal should be happiness, joy and pleasure. What exactly brings you a feeling of inexpressible delight? Tune in to regular recharging with a positive and every day find a lesson that will allow you to relax, get distracted from the seriousness of routine duties and just get pleasure from being. Joy leads to ecstasy. Turn on your favorite song - and sing with the chosen performer to the full power of your lungs, if that's what your soul requires. Or forget about all the problems and set off to dance without paying attention to calendars, watches and sores. A sensual woman is always energetic, full of vitality and happy. You are able to enjoy emotional uplift, passion and ecstasy every day. After rejecting useless experiences and ceasing to frown, you will begin to radiate sensuality, emanating from the depth of your female nature.

Body Pleasure

The fastest way to achieve the goal is to help the ability to enjoy your own body. Why? The answer is simple: sensuality in itself is a bodily experience. Receive the joy of being in your body - and in no case allow groundless complexes to destroy your spiritual connection with the body.

To fully realize the sensuality, forget about self-criticism forever. Instead of considering and cursing shortcomings, concentrate on the merits and your attractiveness. Start today - if you have an initially low self-esteem, it will take a long time to properly assess, accept and love your body. It does not matter what size of clothes you wear; What's important is that you are beautiful. Allow yourself to bathe in praise and tenderness, even if at first the compliments will come only from you, and not from others. Enjoy your own uniqueness, unique charm - and these wonderful qualities will start to see other people. In life you are given only one precious body - appreciate this divine gift and do not feed it with the negative energy of disappointment and discontent.


The world of the sensual woman is based on pleasant experiences of her physical body, however it is quite possible that you will not be able to immediately reunite spiritually with bodily pleasure. To restore communication with your own body, as often as possible, pamper your senses. Light the candles and take a long, hot evening bath with flavored foam. Apply a milky lotion or lotion to the soft skin with the delectable scent of your favorite perfume. Shade the feminine curves of the figure with expensive clothes made of silk or cashmere. Put the trousers and moccasins in the closet - replace them with a seductive dress and sexy high-heeled shoes. Put on an intriguing lacy underwear and complement the image with your favorite perfume. Having enjoyed this ritual, you will shine with confidence, knowing about your own beauty.

Natural female essence

Sensual images of women are based on natural features - coquetry, playfulness and softness. Perhaps you have lost touch with these necessary qualities, but it's okay: the female essence still lives in your soul - you just need to hear it.

You are a sparkling, amazing, priceless, magnificent diamond. To shine is your first priority. The energy of femininity is directed towards acceptance, and reunion with your female soul will allow you to open yourself to acceptance of enjoyment in all its forms. Enjoy every moment of life; Having gained strength, your feminine nature will acquire a powerful magnetic force, attracting to you men, like honey attracts bees.

Not only sexy, but sensual woman - this is what? It is a self-confident mistress of fate, accepting herself as she is, and not shy to accept her primordially feminine principle.

Readiness for acceptance

Let hundreds of oral teachings, written recommendations and video materials prove to the modern inhabitant of the planet the need to maintain a correct posture, no one thinks about the health of the spine until the attainment of old age. Or before the emergence of the first problems with osteochondrosis and other disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Ironically, a straight woman's posture says not only that her owner listened to the advice of grown-up people in a distant childhood, but also demonstrates the woman's attitude to the world. A sensual woman should be ready to take pleasure in life itself - but how to do it, if the shoulders are hunched, the back is bent, and the whole posture in a standing or sitting position is indicative only of the desire to close from reality and those around in your own inner world?

To achieve real sensuality, learn to begin to stop playing hide and seek with the environment. Keep your back straight, but not tense; Keep in the body a feeling of expansiveness, a willingness to accept any experience and any experience. The elementary direct position of the spine will allow you to simultaneously draw energy in your spiritual forces and relax, without accumulating unnecessary stress.

Spiritual Practices

To adjust to the right rhythm and feel the real thirst for life will help popular spiritual practices: yoga, meditation, massage, special breathing techniques. Learn to breathe the diaphragm so that the breath is as deep and full as possible. Think about that every breath and exhalation is an opportunity to get the most out of the current moment you are experiencing. Considering that breathing is a primary need for every living being, realizing such simple and much needed actions will help you to feel better as a part of reality.

Streams of thoughts

Love with a sensual woman is an unforgettable experience for a man. No wonder all sexologists agree that any problems in the intimate sphere are associated with complexes and incorrect settings in the heads of the fair sex. If you are not able to fully enjoy sex, are not ready to fully trust your partner, do not want to reveal yourself and show your own pleasure, perhaps you should pay attention to the features of your thinking.

Many people are ashamed of their thoughts and random emotions, fleeting sensations and hidden intentions. Remember that your thoughts and emotions do not indicate your personality. This is just a kind of by-product of life activity, and it is necessary to treat it from the neutral position of the observer. Analyze thoughts, live emotions - but do not let them control their individuality. Do not forget: what is happening in the person's head determines his general state and moral and physical well-being. Do you focus on positive, life-affirming thoughts, or allow yourself to drown in the abyss of sadness, despair and resentment?


A sensual woman is first and foremost a lady who lives every moment of pleasure she receives and is aimed at achieving even greater pleasures. This rule applies to all aspects of life, although it is most clearly manifested in the sphere of intimate relations. Allow yourself to be yourself, accept your essence and your nature, forgive yourself for everything that presses on you an inescapable burden of guilt. This is not easy, it will take a lot of time and effort to fully get used to reality and understand your nature. But as you understand the mystery of your own sensuality, you will certainly begin to notice how the surrounding men make you more and more compliments, pay more attention. If you have a spouse or a permanent partner, be sure: you are firmly on the path leading to the achievement of perfect harmony in a life together.

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