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Sea and lake fishing in Phuket: reviews

Phuket has for some time become a favorite holiday destination for many Russians. This exotic Thai island encircled by the sea literally forces tourists to leave their luxury hotels and seek a variety of entertainment both on land and at sea.

Combine rest and fishing

Those interested can take up as usual snorkeling or skating on water scooters, and choose a very attractive pastime, especially those Russians who are "friends" with the fishing rod. This is fishing in Phuket, thanks to which even the most usual day can be turned into a holiday of active rest, during which you can not only catch, but also enjoy a sea walk on a fast boat.

Many Russians will probably find it attractive to get out of the water such exotic inhabitants of the seas as mackerel and tuna, barracuda and parrot fish, and even if, of course, very lucky, marlin.

Benefits of fishing in Phuket

Independently or using the services of travel agencies, on the warm coast of the once unknown Thailand comes a huge number of travelers each year. In recent years, many operators are increasingly offering their clients trips to the most "fish" places. Here, at quite democratic prices, you can acquire gear, and with a fishing rod in your hands to experience amazing sensations in the fight against any Asian giant. But whatever fishing is chosen by the tourist - fishing in Phuket will be remembered for a long time.

Firstly, this occupation is very popular here. Thanks to a huge number of very large and exotic species of underwater mining, each of which any professional dreams to see on his hook, come here from all parts of the world.


Fishing in Phuket is most often carried out on Arapaim, Mekogon and Striped Catfish, Tilapia, Gourami, Silver Sharks, Indo-Pacific Tarpon, and giant freshwater stingrays, Mississippi shellfish, black marlin, etc.

In addition, there is so much prey here that even a beginner can get the captured fish out of the water. And thanks to the presence of a professional guide who knows the habitats and habits of marlin or tarpon, fishing in Phuket will be one of the most successful in life.

In the Kingdom of Thailand is not only available underwater hunting, but also sports and, of course, the usual catch. All this tourists can do "savage", and can buy a tour immediately for several days. There is also night fishing in Phuket - accompanied by an experienced guide you can go to the shark hunting far into the sea.

Features of catching

On the island, this fishery is very developed. The main occupation for many local people is fishing. In Phuket, enterprising peasants are gradually re-qualified, turning into guides for fishing for tourists.

Thanks to the seasonal influx of visitors this way of earning began to bring the Thai people a good income. Usually for sea fishing groups of four to eight people are recruited. This number of people is considered the most optimal for the guides to have time to pay attention to each client.

When is it better to catch

Sea fishing in Phuket will be cheaper if you rent a boat for a large company. For each person it will cost two thousand five hundred baht.

Whether it is lake or sea fishing on the island, in any case, the organizer provides customers with all the necessary gear and baits. And if fishing is conducted in a pond, then not all, but only certain varieties of complementary foods are used for fishing: this is done in order not to harm the inhabitants of the reservoir. Most often, only insects, squid and small fishes are chosen for the role of bait.

The best time to fish in Phuket is between November and March. In the rainy season here you can get not only large, but trophy specimens, well, and the biting can be much more lively than the rest of the months.

Types of fishing

Generally, on the island it is of two kinds - sea and lake. Fishing in Phuket - from the shore or from the boat - is an excellent opportunity to replenish your list of trophies with species of large marine prey. Catching underwater inhabitants is one of the most favorite activities for many Russians, giving rest and relaxation. Well, fishing in Thailand (Phuket), among other things, becomes for tourists also an unforgettable adventure. On the island there are regular fishing competitions, for participation in which professionals from all over the world come here.

Sea Fishing

Fishing in Phuket, taking place in the vastness of the surrounding islands of the Andaman waters, has always enjoyed greater popularity than catching in inland waters. The program of sea fishing is usually the same: tourists on a minibus are taken away from the designated place - from the hotel and bring them to the port, where fishing boats or ships depart. First, customers are offered trolling, i.e. fishing of fish in the process of vessel movement. Well, then the real bottom fishing begins. In Phuket, it takes place on Racha, a popular fishing island.

During the sea fishing, tourists usually manage to pull out tuna, which is incredibly abundant in the Andaman Sea, although if luck is lucky, the catch can be lucky: then the hook will be marlin, dorado or wahoo.

Very interesting is the sea night bottom fishing, when many manage to pull the barracuda on the hook, as well as the gruper and snapper. And no less exciting is the catching of squid in the dark: the prey is well visible in the light, which flies the searchlights from the ship when it comes close.

Fishing on lakes

Lakes in Phuket are not much cheaper than sea fishing. It will cost only 200-300 baht less, but the pleasure guarantees almost the same. There are two main places for fishing in Phuket. Fishing on local lakes is remarkable primarily because it is not as popular here as the sea. The extraction in the reservoirs is absolutely not scared, and therefore its fishing passes quite interestingly.

In addition, lake fishing in Phuket from the shore (independently conducted) has one indisputable advantage - tourists get the opportunity to catch the incredible beauty of the surrounding landscapes during fishing.

One of the most popular places is Cheo-Lan. This lake is located in a national park called "Kao Sok". Cheo-Lan is very transparent. The bottom is visible even from a depth of ten meters. On this lake, many people prefer to engage in underwater fishing, which is promoted by a large number of underwater caves, as well as a densely populated area with a variety of underwater inhabitants.

Numerous army of fishermen can be seen in the province of Krabi. Here is a large fishing resort, built on the shore of the lake. This place is called "Monster Phishing Park".

Here you can fish for almost thirty varieties of fish. Convenience for tourists is that they can safely stop at a local hotel, located in the middle of the centuries-old karst mountains. In the lake, specially bred such varieties of fish, which can be very difficult to catch in the wild. For successful fishing, tourists have to hunt for them for several days, for example, in the Amazon basin.

Independent fishing from the shore

Usually in the mornings, Phuket's production gets on the hook much worse than, for example, after lunch or closer to sunset. So do not be upset if at dawn you can not catch anything. Many holidaymakers prefer to fish directly from the shore. This involved not only local residents, but also some tourists who live in coastal hotels. In fairness, it must be said that a large catch is unlikely to be obtained, but small and medium tuna can be expected.

A feature of freshwater fishing in Phuket is that all caught underwater inhabitants are usually immediately released back. In local lakes you can catch large enough specimens, the weight of which can reach up to three centners, for example, the Mekong catfish, although on average it is a catch with a weight of fifteen to fifty kilograms.

Those who plan to visit the island, seasoned fishermen strongly recommend taking spinning with them. The most interesting places are the rocks - the places where the shore has a rather deep depth. It is here that you can fish a giant caruncle or a groomer, a squid, a shark, a wahoo, a barracuda, marlin, yellow tuna and other beautiful and valuable underwater inhabitants that are famous for fishing in Phuket.


Experienced anglers joke about the fact that only trout can not be caught in Phuket. Judging by the reviews, the species diversity of underwater production in the local waters affects not only diving enthusiasts, but even inveterate spinners.

Of course, sea fishing on the island is easy or cheap, but it's worth it. Particularly pleasing is the prey at night, when the biting becomes stronger.

It's an unforgettable experience and, of course, an experience. Sea fishing with an experienced captain will surely present the long-awaited catch. After all, the team knows perfectly well where the excellent biting. Sailors deployed gear and begin trolling, while tourists will admire the surrounding landscapes. But as soon as the crack of the coil is heard, it's time for the client to take a special chair and begin to vyzhivanie. Fighting a huge fish, many Russians call an incredibly exciting activity, requiring effort and skill. If the tourist is lucky: he will get a trophy specimen, then he will remember such a sea voyage for a long time.

Caught prey for tourists can cook on the shore or, if a person went to catch solely because of sporting interest, then he can release his catch.

Many tourists, including our compatriots, come to Thailand solely to sit with a fishing rod in secret places where there are no people. For them, fishing in Phuket is always another opportunity to diversify your vacation and get new impressions of sporting excitement.

Tackles, food and drinks are usually provided to tourists by tour organizers, but do not forget to take sunscreen and, of course, clothes with long sleeves to protect yourself from the sun.

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