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Rest in Winter

How far in advance do you plan on coming rest in winter and carefully choose a place for it? Naturally, rest in January is associated with a fairly long New Year holidays, which you can spend with your family and friends. As much as possible, try to spend with children in the fresh air. In the January holidays, as the longest winter weekend is appropriate, any country trip, say, in a comfortable holiday home. Long distance trips are not always convenient, especially if you and children travel with you. Therefore, the most appropriate option in this case will be rest in the area of your permanent residence.

The hostel is a place where we can simultaneously offer comfort of cozy rooms and various winter entertainments. The trip to such a base in winter is convenient because you will not need to bring with you various sports equipment (for example, skis, sleighs, skates, snowboards) - you can rent everything you need at the recreation center. Arriving by private transport, take care in advance that your car should be placed in a guarded parking lot (which means, of course, that you need to know in advance about all the details and services offered by the camp site or holiday home.Do not forget, That rest in January is an abundance of holidays, matinees, rest evenings with dances, dances, costumed performances, colorful multi-colored fireworks.

We advise you to choose the winter rest on the lake. Why? It's simple! A frozen lake cleared of snow is an ideal place for ice skating or hockey. If it is snow-covered, then it's time to equip your skis for a walk on its surface! Well, is it worth talking about winter fishing on the lake? This is one of the favorite occupations of Russians, probably since childhood. For children, rest in winter means often only one thing - you must certainly find a hill above, and climbing on it, rush down on sledges, skis or ice caps. More "advanced" sportsmen it's time to become a snowboarder and learn jumping from a springboard!

Rest in February brings us and the Day of all lovers and the Day of the defender of the fatherland, which can be fun to celebrate with your soul mate or again with close friends and colleagues at some suburban recreation center in the restaurant with views of the fabulous winter scenery !!!

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