Resort Playa Paraiso in Tenerife, Spain

Resort Playa Paraiso locals call "paradise beach". This small resort town is located in the south of the island of Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands. The whole resort consists of three small resort towns: Playa Paraiso, Kaya Salvaje and Casta Adeje. Each of them in itself does not represent a special interest for tourists. But all together they create a pretty solid place for holidaymakers, especially since their coastal strip has long been united into one. And now this set of three small resorts is called a common name - Playa Paraiso.

Playa Paraiso is in a quiet secluded place, attracts mostly people who prefer a quiet holiday without noisy entertainment. It is here that there are all conditions for creating such a holiday in Spain: the cleanest sandy beaches, cozy small hotels and a small number of cafes and restaurants. In addition, prices for tours to Spain on the resort Playa Palaiso allow people with any prosperity to relax in Tenerife.

The entire resort complex was built along a single long street running parallel to the Atlantic coast. In the center of the coastline of Playa Paraiso are four sixteen-story buildings that make this place easily recognizable. Three of the four skyscrapers are hotels. Many tourists like to stay in them, because the hotels offer a low price for accommodation and provide a high level of service.

In addition to the most famous three multi-storey hotels in the resort there are several small three-star hotels and two luxury five-star hotel complexes: "Roca Nivaria" and "Bahia Principe". Only these two hotels in the whole resort work on the concept of "all inclusive", have their own large territory and rich infrastructure.

The coastline of Playa Paraiso is amazing with its variety and purity. Two beaches with volcanic black sand (Playa Torviscas and Playa Fanabe), a two-kilometer white sand beach (Playa del Duque) and many seawater pools are built and fully equipped for holidaymakers.

The beaches of Playa Torviscas and Playa Fanabe are almost connected, so I will talk about them as one big one. There are several playgrounds, beach bars with cocktails and ice cream and shops. In addition, tourists on these beaches are offered to ride a catamaran, water motorcycles, fly a parachute or go on a boat trip on a yacht.

Beach Playa del Duque, built between two five-star hotels, boasts the cleanest bottom on the entire island of Tenerife. Get on this beach will be able to all the tourists who wish. After all, there are no private beaches on the island, only free municipal ones, on which you only have to pay for renting a lounger and an umbrella. This allows people with limited means a little cunning: buy cheap tours to Spain, for example on the outskirts of Playa Paraiso, and relax on the beach of Playa del Duque.

Among other things, the resort of Playa Paraiso is famous for very good fishing. Everybody can fish right from the shore for bait or spinning. The only condition is not to practice fishing on public beaches, but to find a secluded place, which in the resort is plenty.

Approaching the resort, you can see that the local population is very fond of this place. Along the shore of the ocean for many kilometers stretch different in size and beauty of private houses and villas.

I wish you that your holiday in Spain was unforgettable!

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