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How to play a colleague in the office on April 1? Creative ideas

This article will tell you how to play a colleague in the office with the least physical and moral losses for yourself. After all, an unsuccessful joke can provoke completely unpredictable consequences. Therefore, before playing a colleague in the office, you should reconsider many variants of the draws in order to choose the most successful.

Careful, funny!

Before you play a colleague in the office, you should carefully read the precautionary rules.

  1. Do not interrupt the work process for a long time, as well as disorient the work of the rest of the office staff.
  2. Since playing a colleague in the office does not always work out correctly, it is likely that he may take offense and even subsequently take revenge. And this can be an even more evil joke than the one played by him.
  3. Do not joke at people who have no sense of humor or it differs from the generally accepted in this team.
  4. It is not recommended to make fun of those who are on the career ladder higher, even if the difference between the "steps" is relatively small.
  5. Drawings for colleagues should be neutral, not touch the appearance, shortcomings, family and material situation of a particular person. Even cute habits, publicly ridiculed, can deeply hurt a person.

Speak, please, louder!

Before playing co-workers, often a joker must prepare something. For example, print a tablet with the following content: "Starting today, a new service is starting to work in the office - voice control of electrical appliances.

  1. To turn on the kettle it is enough to say "Prepare a tea!"
  2. The coffee machine is started by the command: "I want a cup of coffee!"
  3. Before starting the microwave oven, you need to set the command: "Pot, variegate!"
  4. To turn on the lighting in the room, you should say: "Let there be light!". Teams should be given, pronouncing them clearly and as loud as possible. "

It should be posted on the door leading to the food reception room, after having switched off the light there. It is very fun then the joker to hear how gullible colleagues loudly yell in the eating room, giving commands to the instruments.

A cool announcement about a universal labialization

Since you can play a colleague in the office on April 1 in this way, then you should not skimp on them. Funny ads should be posted on the information stand , where they will see the whole team. They can be of the following content.

"Today, everyone needs to urgently undergo a labialization. For confirming the passage of the certificate, go to the office number ___. " Specify your cabinet.

Labialization is the method of pronouncing sounds with lips extended outwards - a "denture". Therefore, those who come for the reference, should be offered as a test to say the phrase "The first of April - I do not believe anyone!", Extending his lips with a tube.

General check of IQ and conceit

Thinking about how to play a colleague in the office on April 1, you can develop a special cool test. It can be something like this.

"FULL NAME. Subject ___

Age (full years) ___

Personal opinion about my IQ (number from 1 to 10) ___

The real results of the IQ test are held in the office № ___

Diagnosis of a specialist ____

Date of the test ___


In the office of the "responsible for checking IQ" joker offers the subject his own cool test, which should result in a number below 5. Based on this, the "diagnosis" column indicates "an overestimated self-esteem."

And do not take a stranger!

This joke is less harmless than the previous one. But sometimes it's so annoying to notice how the food reserves left in the common refrigerator decrease! And since you can play your colleagues and with the benefit for the common cause, then this option is offered.

It is necessary to prepare in advance several dishes that have a filling: cakes, patties or "nuts". The part should be with trivial "insides". But a few pieces must be filled with pepper, herring or onions.

It is important to choose the combination in such a way so that it is unexpected and as much as possible disgusting. For example, a pie with herring, "nut" with raw onions, a sweet cake with a salty layer.

During lunch, someone should be treated to the brought, but from the group "normal food". It should be done at all, loudly praising the unique taste to attract the attention of thieves. But the "cool" products must be put in the refrigerator.

However, there is no guarantee that an amateur will profit by the stranger and will give himself away. Most likely, he "eats up" both food and insult on the sly, and the owner learns about his invasion only by reducing the number of "delicacies."

Necha on the mirror to blame, if the face is crooked!

Since you can play a colleague at work with a conventional mirror, it's worthwhile to talk about this in more detail. The joker must come to the office before the rest of the staff. It will not be difficult for him to paste on the mirror a printed photograph of some monster. In cinematography, you can choose a good character.

Every employee approaching to the mirror stumbles at a look not at his own reflection, but at a terrible muzzle. The signature says that "there is no need to blame the mirrors", they say, who is to blame for the fact that your ears are green?

You can do this joke individually. To do this, you need to slightly change the function of your manual small mirror. Having pretended that a colleague has a spot on his forehead or cheek, one must invite him to wipe it off. And at this moment it is worth unobtrusively inserting into his hand a "charged" mirror. Winged phrase, beginning with the word "necha", you can say, and you can and replace it with words about the first of April.


A wonderful birthday party for a colleague is a cool gift. It can be packed in several boxes packed one into another. Before the birthday person begins the procedure of unpacking the offer, he can be warned that you can open the box only after the execution of a number.

Thus, the originator of the celebration will be forced to sing a few songs and read a bunch of poems before he gets to the main gift.

Greedy Cavalier

It's no secret that every girl dreams of getting married. Therefore, draws on March 8, colleagues can be built precisely on this ladies' desire. Of course, you can only play a trick on a very familiar employee, in a sense of humor and reaction, which the joker is sure about one hundred percent.

During the working day, a messenger with a bouquet of flowers and a box of sweets should come to the office. Prepared girlfriends begin to resent the fact that her lover is so stingy. It's the same, to present such a trivial modest gift!

However, opening the package with sweets, the girl suddenly discovers inside a case with an engagement ring. All around are freezing, and in the silence that has come, the groom's voice suddenly sounds. It was he who went into the room and does with all a beautiful, romantic offer!

Blue screen of death

Before playing a colleague in the office after a vacation, you should work on his computer. After all, usually the technique is not idle without work at a time when someone is resting. Therefore, changing the background of the computer is quite easy.

The most successful option is to replace the usual wallpaper on the "blue screen of death." A colleague coming from vacation needs to be informed that something has happened to his computer and he has ceased to function in the required mode. Before the eyes of the frustrated specialist, a "terrible" picture appears. Co-workers add fuel to the fire assumptions that, most likely, recover lost data is not possible.

Why do not the shortcuts on the desktop work?

This joke can also be used to draw colleagues in a normal working day. Only except for the "blue screen of death" you can use a screenshot of the desktop. True, you should hide all the labels in a secluded place beforehand so that they do not flash, and replace the screensaver with the screen of the old desktop. That's really laugh at the employees over the hapless straggler, leaving his working tool unattended in the team, where everyone is able to play a trick on his co-worker!

Some merry go even further and turn the screenshot before installing on the desktop. It's not difficult to imagine the confusion of the computer owner, who sees everything in front of him "upside down"!

And call Ivan Kuzmich!

If the question arises, how to play a colleague in the office by phone, you can use the option of collective fun. To implement this joke will require a number of participants. It is they, moving away from the "victim" office far away, call the co-worker with the request to call to the phone the mythical Ivan Kuzmich.

After 5-7 calls, a poor colleague is in a stage with hardly any containment of anger. And then the last lunge of the jokers comes to him: a call from Ivan Kuzmich, who, after introducing himself, politely inquires whether someone called him to this number.

Call from the operator of the exchange

Telephone rallies are the funniest. Today, calls from mobile operators are practiced. Indeed, it's funny enough when a pleasant female voice informs that the subscriber's debt for calling the operator's support service amounted to a tidy sum, for example, $ 50. There are possible variants of messages, for example: "News from the operator: you are transferred to a new tariff" Stop chatting "- per second charging, every second is twice as expensive as the previous one!" Or: "Due to the congestion of the network, you transfer from" Beeline "to" Megaphone ", the balance of your account will be canceled!"

Wrong parking

A pretty cool call supposedly from an employee of the State Traffic Inspectorate of the MOI of Russia will make the day of almost every car owner. The message text may look something like this.

"Hello, you are troubled by Sergeant Poloverko. Then your car stood on the bench. Well, we moved into it a little. She was so unsuccessfully standing there, wrong. In short, we already kicked the wheels, and knocked on the headlights, but you still do not get out. They were already cracked anyway. In short, we have finished them. And what? Do not put the car so sloppy that people can not get through! In short, you go to the parking lot, take your documents with you, money, to pay a fine, well, do not forget to take a bribe for a thousand rubles. We'll figure out. In short, maybe we'll have to drive to our office. Or at once to the restaurant. Because we played you! Happy April, 1!"

Call from the registry office

This joke is suitable for bachelors. It is also realized with the help of a phone call.

"Hello, you are disturbed from the registry office. Then came your girlfriend with passports. She asks for a marriage on the phone. Today this service is only connected with us! From you it is required after the beginning of the sound of the melody of the march of Mendelssohn only to press the number 1, which means consent. If you do not press a button, this will be tantamount to agreeing. On meditation you are given a minute. So, the time has gone! "And then, of course, the wedding march begins to sound.

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