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How to pay for purchases on "Ebay" quickly, safely and at minimal cost

Internet shops and all kinds of virtual exchanges are becoming quite popular not only in the west, but also in the post-Soviet space. It is convenient to buy here - you do not need to go anywhere, you can safely choose the necessary thing in your home environment. Serious exchanges and stores are responsible for the security of the transaction, so that in the event of non-receipt of the goods to the buyer or receipt of an item of improper quality, he can count on a return of the money spent.

Some stores, such as "Ebay", thanks to a rather long history of their existence, managed to gain confidence in the society. Sometimes you can find not just good things, but unique copies of books, vintage clothing.

Register on the website of the online store is easy, it will take just a few minutes. And then you can choose the product, looking through the proposed options. At the moment when the things you like will be selected in the basket, the beginner may have a question about how to pay for purchases. On "Ebay", bank cards of international payment systems Visa and MasterCard are accepted for payment. Transactions in the transfer of money are carried out mainly through the payment system PayPal. The scheme is available in almost all countries of the world, including the Russian Federation and other CIS countries. If the e-shop "Ebey" turned out to be too complicated for the consumer, then he can buy the goods not directly, but using the services of a Russian-speaking intermediary. In this case, the process of selection and purchase will be more comfortable, but the intermediary will take an additional commission from the client for their services.

Some users believe that PayPal is the only way to pay in an online store. In fact, there are several ways to pay for purchases on "Ebay". These are transfers through the Western Union system, and the use of the BidPay checks. However, there is a single principle working at this auction - prepayment. Despite the fact that the administration of the store fully guarantees the security of the transaction, the goods will not be sent until money is delivered for it and its delivery.

So the question "how to pay for purchases on Ebay?" The correct answer will be - on time. And the most simple and safe method each user chooses himself, although experts advise all the same PayPal.

How to buy on "Ebey"

This online store is available to sellers and buyers from all over the world. But, unfortunately, not all goods are delivered to any country. It can happen that the thing you like in the right state can not be sent. But, it turns out, there is a solution to this problem. There are so-called forwarding companies that provide services for the reception in their warehouse of things purchased via the Internet with subsequent shipment to the customer. Of course, in this case, you have to pay for the storage of goods, and for the services of the intermediary. But the consumer can accumulate a certain number of items in the warehouse and get them in one package. It will be much cheaper, several separate items.

As a rule, having used this site several times, the buyer manages to select the goods without problems. And how to pay for purchases on "Ebay", it becomes clear literally with 2-3 acquisitions. In this issue, as in any other, the main thing is experience.

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