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Prospects for the ERA-GLONASS project

Since the beginning of 2015, Russia began to operate an emergency response system for car accidents, called "ERA-GLONASS." The navigation project was being prepared for five years. At the same time, a system has been created that guarantees the safety of transport through the use of new information, telecommunications and navigation capabilities.

How does it work

The ERA-GLONASS system works very simply. All new cars are automatically equipped with this on-board navigation. If an accident occurs, the device determines the coordinates and time of the accident. By transmitting mobile communication, the signal is sent to the operator, who processes it and sends it to emergency services: subordinate police units, rescue services, 112 system and ambulance.

The technological solutions of the ERA-GLONASS system increase the reliability of the emergency call . They include:

  • Automatic determination of coordinates;
  • Automatic transfer to the system;
  • Receiving signals from GLONASS and GPS;
  • Use of its MVNO communication network, attached to all mobile operators in Russia.

Benefits of Communication

Its network guarantees the best signal level from all available, thanks to which a high reliability of the call is provided. In the area where mobile communications do not work well, information about the accident comes through SMS messages or via satellite communication when an additional module is connected.

The tests carried out proved the effectiveness of the system: the time of transmitting the message from the car to the emergency response services is a maximum of twenty seconds. Thus, the project "ERA-GLONASS" proved its high importance.

The potential of the system in the future

The system's capabilities are much wider than an emergency call in the event of an accident. The main thing is to support the directions of innovative technologies in the domestic automotive industry, including Over the Top service based on transport inspection systems, different types of consumer service, and (in the future) the means used for an unmanned vehicle.

Services can include security, technical support, payments, insurance, communication and information.

Service providers that carry out this kind of services will be able to benefit from the system by themselves, increasing their competitiveness, reducing costs and speeding up the process of implementing the service.


ERA-GLONASS has the following advantages:

  • Is available throughout the country, providing great business opportunities and by expanding the operation;
  • The best coverage area, which guarantees the best quality of security;
  • Information in the system is uncorrected, which gives grounds for using it as legally significant;
  • Active interaction with operational emergency response services ensures security;
  • Active interaction with state and regional information systems guarantees high-quality communication;
  • Availability of its own system to improve the accuracy of navigation;
  • Synchronization with emergency services in the EEA countries, the eCall system, which will start operating in the spring of 2018, opens up new horizons for business expansion.

Thanks to all these advantages, ERA-GLONASS not only eliminates obstacles to the realization of business, but also becomes the base on which the navigation market for road transport will develop.

Several details in the course of the project implementation

In the framework of expanding opportunities and disseminating information, meetings are held every year. So, in October 2015, the fifth ERA-GLONASS congress took place, in which young initiative teams, communication operators, and automotive electronics manufacturers from both Russia and the countries of the Eurasian Economic Community, the EU and the BRICS countries took part.

The project is monopolized, for its implementation was created by JSC GLONASS, which has a 100% state participation. In February 2015, the rules for the interaction of the state company were published.

Operators of communication service the system for free, as well as service "112".

The project, launched in 2015, continues to develop. In 2016, the budget allocated funding in the amount of three hundred and thirty-one million rubles for the "ERA-GLONASS" system. Financing will be aimed at reducing the time of delivery of urgent reports on accidents to emergency operational services.

Equipment for car installation

The equipment required for installation in a vehicle includes the following components:

  • A navigation module that receives signals from GLONASS and other navigation systems;
  • Communication module - modem;
  • Antennas;
  • Built-in "emergency call" button;
  • Other components.

The set is given in a special GOST, produced by both Russian and foreign companies.

The car manufacturer has the right to choose a terminal independently, after which it passes the certification procedure.

Thus, ERA-GLONASS is a unique platform that raises the possibility of an emergency response to a qualitatively new level and at the same time opens up prospects for expanding the scope of services for drivers in the future.

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