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Prestige is an alignment on the best

Only in childhood we treat the professions emotionally honest. With age, the opinion about professions becomes more and more complicated by the different opinions that occur to us from time to time. A new factor, not significant for the child-social prestige, enters into the business. This means that a person wants to be distinguished by the nature of his studies from a large number of others. And stand out for the better.

Mafia is prestigious

In general, the prestige of the profession depends on two main factors: a heroic halo around representatives of a particular profession and the amount of money that can be obtained as a result of the activity. Therefore, for some time in Russia, the "profession" of the gangster was prestigious. Children and teenagers on television see strong-willed, charming and bright personalities who look like heroes, and even lack money. That's why they begin to try themselves in criminal activities. And the fact that many criminals - embittered, unpleasant and gray personalities, such young "heroes" find out too late, when life is already spoiled by a colony for minors.

Heroes are required

A heroic halo means even more of a financial factor. So, in the US, the profession of a fireman is not the most prestigious profession. With a very average income, while many doctors after 15 years of work become dollar millionaires. It turns out that all the same, not only money attracts young people. Prestige is a concept not only financial. Among doctors, for example, apart from surgery, the profession of a doctor of an emergency room is very prestigious. Such specialists lead a very dynamic lifestyle, badly affecting their own health. There are frequent infarcts in 40-year-old men in this profession.

Context decides much

Prestige is also a consequence of the values accepted in society. For example, in Holland, prostitution is considered a normal profession, even prestigious compared to the work of a cleaning woman. That is, a lot depends on the mentality. In Russia, female programmers are often discriminated against, so the prestige of this profession is not as high as, for example, in the United States. Also in the US, the profession of scientists is considered quite prestigious, although the income of scientists is far from the astronomical income of businessmen.

Professional wives

Prestige is an opportunity to feel good and high on an imaginary social ladder. Some women choose for themselves the way of professional wives. That is, women who knowingly look for a very rich man in their husbands.

And they play the role of the wife for five with a plus on a five-point scale. They are well-groomed, beautiful and intelligent. That's just not as happy as we would like. For them, prestige is not only a beautiful coat, but mostly a happy future for their children, children from strong, intelligent and wealthy men. So envious and male losers do not understand the motives of these beauties and clever women.

So the prestige of the profession is a complex concept, and its manifestations are diverse. Biologists have established that trying to be like the best in the group is characteristic of all social animals, and not just man. But it is the desire to be equal to the best - the basis of prestige as a phenomenon.

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