Power engineering. Plants in Russia

The vital activity of the human race is absolutely impossible without the use of a wide variety of energy resources that people have learned to actively extract both from the depths of the earth and from other sources. So it was always and so it is now. At the same time, the question of the development of auxiliary devices and mechanisms that help people to carry out such activities is even more acute today. Over the development of power units, there are entire research institutes and profile enterprises. Therefore, it is not surprising that energy engineering remains a priority for many countries of the world, including Russia, since the development of this strategically important direction is capable of bringing the state to a fundamentally new level of technological and economic potential.

Industry Overview

Power engineering - the most powerful division of industry, specializing in the creation of parts, units and units for nuclear power, various power plants, boiler plants and other similar facilities.

It is noteworthy, but even in the conditions of a severe economic crisis, this industry continued its work, although it slightly reduced production volumes. This fact is not surprising, since the need for technology in this area remains at the same level.

Russian power

The power engineering industry of the Russian Federation is represented by a fairly large number of enterprises (more than 50). The work of domestic machine builders, of course, is experiencing some difficulties with the presence of stable technological links and a lack of modernization, but the work in this direction is quite active and can even be said successfully. Presence of investment programs, retraining of old personnel and selection of young and energetic specialists, access to foreign partners - all this in total allows us to carry out long-term planning of the industry development with firm confidence in its stable progress.

Human resources

Several universities operate in the country, in which "power engineering" is a specialty that is taught to thousands of students. The educational process is focused on studying the leading novelties of the world creation of energy generating objects. The best students practice abroad. Many young energy engineers graduate from an educational institution and become employees of machine-building enterprises, making their own contribution to their progress.

The giant near Moscow

Chekhov Plant of Power Engineering is located 70 km south of Moscow. His history as an enterprise began in September 1942. The plant had a significant impact on the process of rebuilding post-war TPPs, which almost all were destroyed and could not perform their functions. The main activity vectors of this strategically important facility are:

  • Design and construction of valves for pipelines and other spare parts.
  • Carrying out of research works, introduction of novelties into life.
  • Rendering services for repair, operation and maintenance of products sold.
  • Testing of valves and its certification.

Chekhov Power Engineering Plant develops and manufactures components for steam and water working environments, thereby helping to develop chemical, oil and gas and other industries. The working pressure of the plant's fittings is able to withstand up to 400 atmospheres, the temperature is up to 650 degrees Celsius.

Among the produced parts are:

  • Latches.
  • Valves reverse.
  • The valves are shut-off.
  • Safety valves.
  • Pulse valves.
  • Throttle control equipment

The entire list of components coming off the factory conveyor passes strict technical control and is in accordance with international standards.

Partner of oil and gas workers

The Penza plant of power engineering actively cooperates with the giants of the Russian economy: Rosneft, Lukoil, Bashneft and others. In addition, the plant's products are used in metallurgy, chemical plants and other energy-intensive facilities.

In general, the Penza Plant of Power Engineering is the production of a wide range of equipment, namely:

  • Various capacitive apparatus, designed for pressure within 200 atmospheres.
  • Capacitive equipment.
  • Equipment for a variety of tanks.
  • Shutoff pipe fittings.

The work of the enterprise is oriented not only to the domestic market, but also to customers from abroad.

Industrial engine of Altai

Barnaul Power Engineering Plant is today one of the most modern and developed enterprises in the Altai region. The plant supplies blowing machines (smoke exhausters and fans). The quality of the company's products is confirmed by international quality certificates, as well as the appropriate permission from Rostekhnadzor.

Barnaul Power Engineering Plant has the widest geography of supplies of manufactured equipment, which, except Russia, is supplied to Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Spain, Germany, Finland, Mexico, Armenia, India, Holland, USA, Great Britain, Poland, Switzerland, Belgium, Greece.

The nomenclature of the enterprise includes such goods:

- Smoke exhausters of various specializations (for hot gases, mill, special and others).

- Fans.

- Exhausers.

- Boilers.

- Liquid lubrication stations.

- Coils.

- Collectors.

- Non-standard products and spare parts.

The management of the plant makes efforts to ensure that the range of manufactured units is maximally expanded, and the renewal of fixed assets was held regularly.

The authority of Russian engineers

It is known that power engineering is a specialty, in demand in the engineering environment. Therefore, it becomes clear that a highly qualified specialist in this field will always be provided with well-paid work. Domestic developers have perfectly proven themselves in the circle of professionals and enjoy well-deserved respect among foreign colleagues. Some novelties of Russian production today are leaders that have no analogues in the world.

Any Russian plant of power engineering in the conditions of modernity considers for itself especially important and it is possible to introduce absolutely new production capacities to ensure the competitiveness of the enterprise. Such steps invariably lead to a positive result.

State priorities

It should be noted that power engineering is a source of state budget revenues, whose contribution is difficult to overestimate. Owing to sales of products abroad, foreign exchange earnings are formed, which have a positive impact on the country's financial capacity and economic strength. The leadership of the state pays close attention to the development of the industry, supporting its progressive dynamics by adopting the most important normative acts. So, on April 15, 2014, a government decree was approved, in which the main theses and directions for raising the level of technical re-equipment and entering a new round of modernization of old equipment were announced.

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