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Popular model Giji Hadid: height, weight, biography, personal life

In the horizon of the fashion industry, a new star was lit, which is predicted by a great future. The most popular young model has long acquired loyal fans all over the world, tracing the details not only of its career, but also of their personal lives.

Do you want to know interesting facts about the twenty-year-old Gigi Hadid? Height, weight, biography of a beauty you are interested in? And what is happening on the love front of the superpopular diva of the podium? About all this you will read in our article.

Family clan Hadid

Few people know that Gigi is a name invented by the mother of the model. And the name is the charmer, the spinning male heads, Djelena Nura Hadid. Fans found out that the girl is the daughter of very wealthy parents, and their family clan, it seems, will soon move even the sisters Kardashian from the pedestal.

The model's mother is a participant in the reality show about America's richest women, a former model and a successful businesswoman. The father is engaged in elite real estate, and the sister, who just started conquering the podium, has already starred in advertising photosessions.

Highly paid blogger

Having made a career in social networks Gigi Hadid, height, weight (178 cm, 57 kg) which has always been criticized, is one of the popular Instagram stars. "I do not think that I'm offered to work only because of my popularity in blogs, rather, it's the opposite - the army of my subscribers is growing after filming," explains the blond blonde and the most highly paid blogger.

Advertising in her account will cost the customer $ 130,000, and the model posts have long become a good business.

Model career

The first appearance in public of Gigi Hadid, whose parameters are always under close scrutiny not only of fans, was at the age of two. After the appearance in children's advertising her charming face flashed often enough on television and on the covers of glossy magazines. Therefore, none of Gigi's professional modeling career was not very surprised.

The last two years the girl successfully combines shows on the podium and study at the University of New York.

Criticism of the figure

Gigi Hadid's model of bright appearance does not all cause positive emotions. The more her popularity grows, the more often she has to read nastiness in her address. After showing the underwear, the girl was harassed with comments about the fact that she needs to lose weight.

In response, she fiercely rebuffed and said that she likes what she looks like, Gigi Hadid. Growth, the weight of a girl often become a stumbling block, and not always invited to work by famous fashion designers. For example, a beautiful woman with the right features was selected only from the third time for the Victoria's Secret show, and this is a very well-known brand, seriously suited to the appearance of the mannequins.

Many believe that the girl shows a steadfast character, protecting her individuality. Fashion for magnificent shapes is the current trend, and many designers are reconsidering their views on the non-standard dimensions of the catwalk divas.

Passionate novel

But most often Gigi Hadid, the growth, whose weight causes a lot of negative comments, does not pay attention to the malicious ones. However, after she was accused of frivolous behavior, the model could not stand it and answered that she met only three men and wished everyone to have anger in the hearts of everyone.

Of course, the details of the girl's private life are of interest to many. Since last fall, the social network star has started a passionate affair with a former member of One Direction. Now they are called the hottest couple, and all the journalists of the world watch over the relations of lovers.


As it became known the other day, the couple celebrated the engagement. Malik Zane and Gigi Hadid celebrated this event in one of the restaurants in New York. And the witnesses of the scene, when the model jumped for joy and screamed "yes", were all visitors to the establishment.

Now everyone is waiting for an official statement from the lovers, on what day their wedding is planned, because it will definitely become the most famous event in the world of the fashion industry.

Healthy lifestyle and sport

Gigi Hadid, whose parameters do not always meet the model requirements, nevertheless occupied her niche in this business and achieved great popularity. Knowing her shortcomings, she spends a lot of time in the gym and leads a healthy lifestyle.

The hard character of a popular mannequin can only be envied, and I would like to wish her new successes in the chosen field.

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