Pool Maintenance: Pool Chemistry - How to Prevent Equipment Breakdown?

First of all, you should pay due attention to the purity of water. With the help of mechanical filtration, you can get rid of the visible debris. But, in addition, the chemical balance must be maintained in the water. Muddy water and mucus are obvious signs that the water is spoiled.

Provide an ideal state of water will help chemistry for swimming pools . If you do not follow the purity of water in the pool, then your pool equipment can also be seriously affected. Let's consider the basic methods of chemical water treatment.

Disinfection . Substances that get into the water from the environment can become a source of various diseases. For disinfection, chlorine, bromine-containing drugs or active oxygen are usually used. If the water has been treated with chlorine, then after a swim in the pool, take a shower.

PH adjustment . To avoid excessive multiplication of microorganisms, the pH level should be maintained within the range of 7.2-7.6. This will help more effectively use disinfectants, as well as this level is most favorable for human skin and equipment in the pool.

Destruction of algae . If the water turns green or yellow, and at the bottom are observed spider veins, it means that in your pool there were algae, which must be urgently disposed of. Preparations of the group of algaecides will help to cope with this problem. If there are too many algae, then this can be corrected by a shock dose of chlorine.

Maintain the transparency of water . To do this, use special compounds that glue together the smallest particles of contaminants, after which they then settle on the bottom of the pool. Such particles are then easily removed by mechanical filters.

Using all four types of cleaning in the complex, you can easily achieve the ideal state of water. By the way, the chemistry for swimming pools is completely safe for equipment.

So, maintaining the purity of water and conducting regular preventive maintenance of equipment, you can avoid unexpected breakdowns of equipment, and the pool will truly serve you for a long time. If you yourself do not have the opportunity, for whatever reasons, to provide the necessary care, then you can resort to the help of specialists whose work is the maintenance of swimming pools . They qualitatively and quickly carry out the verification of the main mechanisms, clean the water and bring the pool into proper condition.

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