Shampoos without silicone: brands, composition, reviews

Now it is very difficult to find cosmetics that do not harm our hair and skin. Increasingly, women began to study the composition of the necessary means in more detail and to avoid such a component as demetikon, which means that the composition contains silicone. What is harmful to hair? Today we will tell about all its advantages and disadvantages, and also display a list of shampoos without it.

What does it mean "shampoo without silicone"

Shampoos without chemistry are very difficult to find, they can be obtained only under the order or create independently. But still on the shelves of shops shampoos without silicone and parabens are found, the list of such will be presented below. This is a great breakthrough in cosmetology, and now it is possible to apply a minimum of harm to the head of hair, at least when washing. So, about parabens and sulphates know, probably, everything. And what is silicone and why is it added to shampoos?

The first thing that I want to note is that silicone in the shampoo is not a piece of rubber, but a substance that allows to give the medium a large density. What is it useful and harmful for hair?

  1. It is added to the shampoo for thickening.
  2. To give volume.
  3. For shine.
  4. For thermal protection at the time of installation.
  5. Seals the split ends and hair damage along the entire length.

You ask: "And this is bad?" No, it's just wonderful, but you can not use this shampoo all the time. Silicone creates a film on the hair, tightly "settles" between the scales, and the curls simply lose oxygen. As a result, you get a dry, lifeless, faded hair, from which precious hair will begin to fall out.

So, shampoos without silicone - this free breath of hair, their health and strength.

"Chemical" shampoos

The chemical ingredients added to detergents adversely affect the scalp and the lipid barrier of the hair is disturbed. Because of this, the curls look unattractive, the hair begins to fall out, be cut, break, and the hair becomes dull and dry.

Sulfates and parabens, among other things, have a detrimental effect not only on the hair. They have properties to accumulate under the skin, and then penetrate into the blood, which entails serious health problems.

Lauryl sulfate and ammonium lauryl sulfate are the most common components of many detergents, but few people know that they are the most toxic.

Sodium laureth sulfate is also a surfactant, and it can be found in shampoo, but it is not so dangerous and basically does not entail serious problems.

Means that contain sulphates are well foamed and quickly cope with pollution, but long-term use of such products is not recommended by cosmetologists and dermatologists. The fact is that with constant use, the scalp becomes very dry, itching may appear, the hair condition will deteriorate. But such shampoos are popular, because they are very attractive.

And yet many women began to choose natural shampoos for hair without silicone, sulfates and parabens. They note that when they switched to such means, the hair literally came to life, became obedient, soft, acquired healthy shine and did not lose volume even without silicone in the composition.

Advantages of the means for washing the head without silicone, parabens and sulphates

Shampoos without silicone and sulphates, created with the use of organic products, almost never become the culprits for the emergence of allergies. Also, they do not cause itchiness, which appears with prolonged use of shampoo with artificial ingredients.

We get used to shampoos with silicone, because if you do not use them, the hair stops shining and lose volume. This is normal, because they are sick, and silicone is just a mask that hides beneath the pleading of ringlets for help. Use shampoos without silicone, and soon the hair will return to natural shine, the hair will stop breaking and falling out. Of course, the result will have to wait, the head and hair should get used to the new remedy and learn how to breathe again.

It is worth noting that the effect will be noticeable in about a month. After the first procedures, the hair appears tarnished, but it's not so, we already wrote about the mask of silicone.

Do not expect a strong foam if you choose a product without parabens and sulfates. There is no bright smell of natural shampoo, as it is characteristic of "chemical" products.

Composition of natural shampoo

Many will ask what is contained in the funds, so that they are effective? We suggest to consider the composition of this natural shampoo:

  • Soft washing base.
  • Natural surfactant, extracted from tropical fruits.
  • Betaines.
  • Di- and monoglycerides of fatty acids.
  • Lemon or sorbic acid, which replaces preservatives.

On packages of natural shampoos there must be special signs indicating the natural composition.

We offer you to get acquainted with the most popular detergents for hair. We have compiled a list of products that are more democratic at a price.

"The Cess"

Suitable for shampoo "Cies". Without silicone, all its types are produced. The secret to professional care is that the curls look shiny and bulky without the weighting component. In addition to silicone, in shampoos "Cies" there are no harmful sulphates and parabens. What is stored in the composition?

  • The keratin complex is aimed at hair restoration, giving volume;
  • Thermoactive oils nourish curls, impart a radiant shine;
  • Microelements, necessary for the health of not only head of hair, but also scalp.

In addition, "Ciez" is endowed with a pleasant scent. Of course, it does not smell of cornflowers, the smell of cosmetic, but not sharp, does not cause associations with the chemistry room.

Buy shampoo of this brand can be priced from 250 to 450 rubles per bottle.

Opinions about "Ciez"

Reviews about shampoos without silicone "Ciez" are mostly positive. They write that these remedies perfectly clean locks and scalp, do not cause itching (it is "Cies" recommended by girls who have irritation on other shampoos), attach volume. The hair after washing is silky, docile and crumbly.

There are also negative comments. Women argue that the hair is frayed and looks random after its application. Also, there are reviews that this shampoo without silicone dries hair.

"Recipes of Grandmother Agafia"

This shampoo is made in Russia and is not so expensive as its imported counterparts. The manufacturer claims that "Agafia's grandmother's recipes" are enriched with vitamins, oils, minerals that have a beneficial effect on the hair.

The reviews of the girls say that even the most damaged hair is restored, becomes elastic, soft and shiny.

Shampoos do not contain sulfates, silicone and parabens. They are created on the basis of thawed water, capable of refreshing the hair. The formulation is noteworthy in that shampoos are infused with Siberian herbs. The composition also contains soft surfactants, which create a light foam during washing, but do not damage the structure of the hair.

Women in the comments say that this shampoo perfectly cleans the hair and scalp, smells of herbs, but not abruptly. All consumers are pleased with the democratic price of the facility, it averages 100-150 rubles.


Shampoos without silicone brand Logona are made in Germany and began to enjoy success among the fair sex all over the world.

The brand offers all the necessary tools for caring for hair, and they are all curative and preventive. If you decide to try on a shampoo of this brand, then pay attention to the manufacturer's recommendations. There are means to eliminate excessive fat or dry hair, to combat dandruff, to repair damaged and brittle ringlets. All the compositions are different, but it combines one thing: the absence of sulfates, parabens and silicone.

Reviews of girls who experienced the action Logona, only positive. They praise a wide range, which is aimed at combating the individual problem, and the natural composition. They write that the aroma is almost not palpable, there is not enough foam, but in time you get used to this amount by using shampoo a month. The result pleased everyone, but there is a minus means - the cost of one bottle is about 700 rubles.

"Nature of Siberica"

Another representative of the Russian cosmetic industry. On the packaging indicated that shampoos without silicone, sulfates and parabens. It is an organic remedy, and it does not even contain mineral oils.

At the heart of the recipe are extracts of useful herbs, in the composition you can see nettles, Siberian fir, cedar elfin, millennial, mountain ash, chamomile, oak bark, elecampane, milk thistle, sea buckthorn oil. All plant components for the production of shampoos are collected in ecologically clean zones of the Far East and Siberia.

In the means for washing the head, the content of synthetic substances is minimized, so the allergy is practically impossible only if it manifests itself on one of the plant components.

Shampoo without silicone "Natura Siberica" gently cleanses hair and skin, gives shine to the hair, health, saturates with useful substances. It costs an average of 300 rubles, which is quite inexpensive for such a facility.

Reviews about shampoo "Natura Siberica"

Numerous reviews of girls are only positive. They argue that the shampoo is endowed with a pleasant, "fluffy" consistency, a delicate aroma. It gently cleanses the hair, after washing off, there is a feeling that they have taken advantage of the balm, so the hair becomes fluffy, smooth and soft. It is also prescribed that with the constant use of this shampoo, there is no need for frequent head washing.

There are also such reviews that praise shampoo, listing all sorts of dignities, but make a note that some types dry the scalp. Therefore, carefully choose a remedy based on the type of hair and skin, do not use a shampoo designed for oily hair to wash dry and thin.


At the end of our article, I want to write that we do not live in the best ecology, we sometimes eat harmful food, we do not have enough rest. All this affects our hair. To choose, of course, to you, but we advise to rid the hair of at least one problem - a harmful shampoo.

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