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Plant a Tree And Avoid Fires!

ECOLOGY - from the lat. Words (ecos) - home, home, shelter. (Logos) - science, teaching. In a word, this is the science of what surrounds us, wherever we are and what we would not do.

Now, almost everything on this planet (to whom not only laziness) is talked about ozone holes, about exhaust fumes, about the greenhouse effect, about waste, about deforestation and much more ... But not everyone knows what he is talking about and not Has an idea of this most greenhouse effect. After all, he believes that emu is not necessary, for him, ecology is what surrounds him at the moment, that is, His home, the garden, the yard ... and let the scientists think about global ecology - after all, it's still science ... And the main reason for our environmental situation, at the moment, is that too many people think so, they are not Cares about everything in general. Some of them think about their profit for profit, others, because of their lack of literacy, put themselves and their interests above, the third in general there is nothing to do with this, they just enjoy life. But none of them thinks about the future, where and in what environment their children, grandchildren will live.

Enterprises, factories, factories, allocate various gases into the atmosphere. Cars - exhaust fumes, fires, etc. - all this leads to a greenhouse effect, as well as to an increase in the ozone hole. All these phenomena will lead to the fact that the temperature of the atmosphere will increase (even if at least 1 degree) and the glaciers will gradually begin to melt (which, in turn, we are now observing). This will eventually lead to a global flood, but no one will climb on NOAH ARK, because everyone will want to climb into it and in the end, no one will. After all, we will get in, and the world around us, on which we depend, we will forget, only from the fact that everyone in this world thinks about himself as his beloved. We do not know what will happen to us in 10 years, or even tomorrow, many of us would say and our children will see what our parents and grandfathers saw. But everything is rolling down the slope and what we saw, our children will not see anymore, and we want so much that they get the best. It can be easily destroyed in one day, and to restore nature, it takes years, if not tens of years, but there are things that can not be restored ever ...

Almost near each major city there are huge garbage dumps, where city administrations throw household garbage, cities are buried in mud, there is almost no clean park left. Forests cut down, burn, destroy fields that would expand the cities increasing their already huge capital. They say: you need to have a baby, build a house and plant a tree. And how many of us planted this tree, but, probably, many of us who helped this tree die. If each of us thought not only about himself, if they did (like they did) at least once a quarter a subbotnik and cleaned the territory next to their home, work, school ... They would plant trees, bushes, they would not throw, Where the garbage (beer cans, empty packets of cigarettes, paper, plastic bottles ...), and in specially allocated devices (urns), the world would become much cleaner. But you have to start it yourself and teach your children from childhood, whatever the breaking of trees and shrubs, that would appreciate and preserve nature, because if there is not, then there will not be us and you. If the factories and plants will give at least half of what they have taken from nature, back to it or at least help it to recover faster. If we go to the forest or park, we clean up the rubbish and will not be indifferent to this, then we will live happily ever after, nature will generously reward us for our understanding. Everyone talks about the end of the world in 2012, but everyone in the depths understands that this will not happen, but cataclysms will occur.

People! Wake up! Cataclysms have long started and it's only the blind can not see. Great drought, increased mortality, the disappearance of various animal species, fires, floods, tsunamis, etc. Let's stop, think about ourselves, what awaits us ahead, we will help ourselves because this is all for ourselves and only. If after this, at least one percent of the population who saw or read this text can plant a tree at least one or a bush, or begin to clean up after themselves, being in nature, then everything is not lost. I believe that we can, and we will manage!

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