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Pinch of the nerve in the lower back: take care of your health from the youth!

Burning in the lumbar region, acute unbearable pain, possibly giving up in the leg, muscle tension, and in severe cases - and violation of the person's motor activity - characteristic symptoms of the disease "pinching of the nerve in the lower back". The patient becomes quick-tempered, irritable, sluggish, loses the ability to perform their work duties, some patients experience partial numbness of the limbs.

Experts call several reasons that cause such an insidious, painful and unpleasant ailment:

1) a hernia of the intervertebral disc;

2) weight lifting (especially a frequent cause of illness in female persons overloading themselves during purchases or during harvesting in suburban areas and cottages);

3) spine trauma (the main cause of the disease in most professional athletes);

4) narrowing of the spinal canal (more often observed in the elderly);

5) neoplasms (found both malignant and benign).

The patient's condition is aggravated by a "sedentary" lifestyle, overweight, poor nutrition, and also previous operations in the spine.

However, the diagnosis of "pinched nerve in the lower back" - this is not a verdict at all! Most of the patients who get sick with the appointment of complex therapy are fully cured.

Timely appeal for medical help to a qualified specialist and strict implementation of all recommendations and appointments is a pledge of a return to a normal full life, allowing to forget about the uncomfortable state, to which the pinching of the nerve in the lower back resulted. The transferred disease does not interfere with sports, active way of life in the future.

Complex treatment includes medicamental therapy, manual therapy, massage, exercise therapy, acupuncture, a course of vitamins. LFK is appointed to strengthen the muscle "corset" of the back of the patient, preventing the recurrence of the disease. It is important to note that the appointment of treatment should be preceded by an in-depth diagnosis aimed at identifying the causes of the fetal illness and their elimination. The primary relief of a pain attack is made, but the treatment can not be reduced to anesthesia, because the action of the analgesic drug is not very long-term, and if the cause is not eliminated, the pain will surely return.

Recommended diet, aimed at enriching the body with a nutritional element such as calcium - an obligatory daily intake of cottage cheese, milk, curdled milk, cheese, legumes, eggs. Quite rich in calcium are sesame seeds.

Strengthens the back muscles regularly visiting the pool, practicing yoga, beds with a hard "bottom" are useful, special orthopedic mattresses and pillows.

Some "folk" methods of treatment are also popular, for example, bee propolis. However, the use of folk remedies should always be agreed with the attending physician.

Similar in the clinic and the technique of treatment is a pinched nerve in the shoulder. If such a diagnosis is made, it is strictly forbidden to warm the sore spot, put alcohol and oil compresses to prevent the development of bone tumors and their degeneration into malignant tumors. The same applies to the case when the nerve is pinched in the knee.

The well-known formula "a disease is easier to prevent than treat" is universal, and with regard to such a disease as a pinched nerve in the lower back.

Regular sports, balancing meals, daily walks in the fresh air can prevent the onset of young diseases that have been considered "old" in medical practice for centuries.

Love yourself! Take care of your health from the youth!

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