Perfume "Oriflame": reviews

Perfume "Oriflame" is amazing and unpredictable. There is some flavor in them. That elusive property that makes them scold or admire them. The same nuance that will never leave indifferent.

Many people know the name "Oriflame". Spirits of women, produced by the company, each cause their associations. For someone, it's memories of a romantic youth: Freya with a floral scent, Believe with the piquancy of white cedar and the melting sweetness of a ripe peach, the Volare with an elegant smell in which musk and sandal notes are clearly felt. Many of these flavors have already been phased out, but they are alive in the memory of those who used them 10 years ago.

And for someone, the perfume "Oriflame" is the first acquaintance with the world of perfumery, which surprises, fascinates and fascinates once and for all. No matter what the spiteful people say, the spirits of the Swedish firm have been popular for several decades.

The history of the cosmetic brand

Being in the profile market for such a long time, the company has managed to become an absolute leader, whose products are largely out of competition in the middle price segment.

And it all began in 1967, when the Yoknik brothers decided to start their own business. They dreamed of making a gift to women by providing them with funds based on natural ingredients. At first only cosmetics and perfumes were produced. Later, the nomenclature series was significantly expanded. Today Oriflame produces both jewelry and stylish accessories.

We can say that the Swedish company revolutionized marketing. To implement their own products, she chose an unusual method for those times - the method of direct sales. Thus, "Oriflame" gives an opportunity not only to personally appreciate all the charm of her perfumes and other cosmetic products, but also to earn on the sale of quality products.

Currently, the company's representative offices are in 62 countries, and the number of its consultants exceeds the figure of 3 million people. The assortment of the company has perfumery not only for women, but also for girls and men.

Oriflame: perfume for women

What are they, the flavors of a Swedish company? They are different, but all women note one feature that unites all the variations. Perfume "Oriflame" is light and unobtrusive. They are distinguished by an elusive fragrance, ghostly hovering around its owner in the air.

Perfume brand can please absolutely any girl. Or maybe not, because it's a matter of taste. But whatever it was, the creators tried to ensure that every female representative found in the glossy catalog something for herself. Perfume "Oriflame" has a variety of flavors:

  • Sweet and warm, like a summer morning, with a touch of vanilla, anise, mandarin, usually choose dreamy and romantic natures.
  • A slight smell of sourish fruit, concentrated in melissa, lemon, attracts purposeful, reliable young ladies, who do not like experiments.
  • Soft notes of flowers (roses, geranium, jasmine) will please those who are full of ambition and strive to realize their desires.
  • Tangy aromas with neroli, myrtle, ginger tones like girls with a strong character, loving adventures and adventures, leading an active lifestyle.
  • Spicy cloves or nutmeg, marjoram or cinnamon are chosen by reckless people who love change.
  • The resinous cypress or wood sandalwood are favorites among those women who in all strive to reach the very essence.
  • The bitterness of eucalyptus, grapefruit or rosemary attracts creative natures seeking recognition and applying a lot of effort.

All these aromas can be easily found in the perfume range from Oriflame. But the company has spirits, which are rightly called the leaders of sales. They conquered many women's hearts and continue to remain at the top of the fashionable rating.

The quintessence of temptation

This is how the spirits of "Divine" ("Oriflame") are sometimes called. Delicate and refined, elegant and feminine, they are able to turn any girl into a Goddess. The line is represented by two famous flavors. Both teasing and seductive, but each has its own peculiarity.

Divine Sensual

The vortex of fruit notes grasps from the first breath. Later it opens with delicate aromas of rose and gardenia, leaving the aftertaste of vanilla and amber. The creator of the perfume is Richard Helpin. With his spirits he wanted to tell the story of an amazing woman, in which sensuality and inaccessibility, inconsistency and consistency merged.

Divine Idol

Wood-floral spike strikes with sunny chords of neroli and a sweet tangerine flavor. In it, the restrained severity of the white peonies and the magic of the golden irises intermixed. Aroma is suitable for women who value luxury and refinement, charismatic personalities who like to attract attention.

Keepers of the classical style

Quite different sensations are the spirits of "Giordani" ("Oriflame"). Not without reason in the reviews of many women they are mentioned more often than others. Its creators are Natalie Feisthauer and Bernard Ellen. This flavor can not be confused with any other. Delicate and quivering jasmine and white lily of the valley are replaced by explosive notes of bergamot and mandarin, and all this magic is completed by bright shades of patchouli and citrus. "Giordani" choose self-confident women. These perfumes are perfect for parties and special occasions. For everyday use, they have too much flavor.

Synthesis of femininity and refinement

The spirits Eklat (Oriflame) are not less valuable than others. It's about them that women say that they are strict and sophisticated. The combination of iris and lily gives rise to a surprisingly thin, slightly chilly aroma. However, the soft notes of fruit add to it juiciness and ripeness. In this line, two flavors have become very popular.

Eclat Femme

Sparkling floral notes are perfect for a woman who values style and perfection. It is not for nothing that the name of the spirits translates into Russian as "radiance". The nobility of jasmine is complemented by fine vanilla and a rich black currant. This smell is domineering and fragile at the same time, but created by his French perfumer Violaine David.

Eclat Weekend

Natalie Lorson came up with her fragrance - light-hearted and joyful. It is not only perfect for weekends, but can also become an excellent companion in everyday life.

The chords of a ripe currant organically intertwine with a juicy pear, and they are replaced by an elegant, hardly perceptible fragrance of a lily and a rose. The composition is finished with peach velvety and attractive notes of musk. Eclat Weekend emphasizes tenderness and elegance, fragility and vulnerability.

Men's perfumes (Oriflame)

The Swedish company does not forget about men. In its catalog you can choose both woody cold flavors, and tart fugelnye smells. Among the most popular is:

  • Giordani Man. Hints of absinthe with a bitter taste of orange will not leave indifferent the exquisite gentleman.
  • Fuse. The vigorous, sharp aroma of cypress and grapefruit will emphasize brutality and masculinity. Perfume is perfect for any macho.
  • Eikon. The smell of cinnamon is intoxicating. And warm patchouli is attracted by sensuality and charged with energy. This fragrance is chosen by sports men, leading a dynamic lifestyle.

The voice of the people

A lot of contradictory opinions are caused by the perfume "Oriflame". Comments of women are full of words of admiration, and notes of dislike. Fans of the brand celebrate its wide range, diversity and subtle refinement of smells.

Those who respond negatively about perfume "Oriflame", in reproach to him put the facelessness of aromas. Many complain that they do not last long on the skin. Actually this is not true. At "Oriflame" there are also looped perfume. For example, the same "Giordani" or "Volar". In addition, most women for the first time get acquainted with the perfume of the company with the help of samplers. And in them, as you know, do not add odor fixers.

There is one more nuance, which is often noted by women in their reviews. The Swedish brand removes from production many popular flavors. The old favorite spirits are gone, and the new ones have not yet had time to get used to.

However, in spite of everything, "Oriflame" remains one of the well-known companies and beats sales records.

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