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Much depends on what relationship is created with the purpose of marriage, that is: marriage is successful or not. What does it mean? If love makes a person stronger, better, more beautiful, if the two halves are united, they form a single whole, then a good communication has been established between them. And if love spoils the quality of a person and the work done by him, if it is a recession and everyone feels lonely again, then the connection created between them is unsuccessful.

Good, beautiful love brings the highest joy and rejoicing. If there is no love, then there is suffering, anguish, sadness, dissatisfaction. Destructive love, love without reciprocity, life, complete quarrels and unhappy love are the cause of unbearable suffering. If a person is unhappy with life, then he either does not love anyone, or is disappointed in love. Love is the salt of life, food without salt is repugnant, but too salty - unpleasant. Since the highest meaning of love in the balance of all creative forces, and not only in the energy expended on the creation of the physical body, the man is obliged to properly redistribute them, and the woman has no right to interfere with it in this. The attraction to the center of the Earth, the mutual attraction of cosmic bodies and the attraction that is created between lovers is one and the same phenomenon, based on the cosmic attraction, the great God of love. The function that unites all interrelations is blessed, even divine, as it serves not only the creation of physical life, but also the propagation of light in general. If this function plays the opposite role and people sell not only the body, but the soul, coarsening and humiliating thought and consciousness, they become superfluous, diabolical.

If the psychological energy is concentrated on the genital organs, the higher sexual centers slow down their movement, then stop and die. For this reason, the highest spiritual expressions cease, and the highest works die. If love is exalted, then the reverse happens: the highest aspirations are formed. With all the greatest successes we owe the great creative power of love. Lacking in the sphere of spiritual creativity the role and significance of women, man alone already limits creative possibilities. How did this error occur in men? A man must accept the fact that his consciousness is at a higher level of development, and the woman has feelings. To obtain a strong battery, men's consciousness, which acts as the positive pole of the masculine principle, and the female feelings that act as the negative pole of the feminine principle are equally necessary. Whatever the strength of the positive pole, if the negative pole is weak, the battery power will be measured as negative by the result. The same can be said if the negative pole is stronger and the positive pole is weaker, anyway, the battery's strength will be measured by the weak component. This means that if you want a strong battery to be formed at the conclusion of the marriage , you need to choose equal forces so that the forces of the stronger can not be wasted. If a man and a woman have correctly assessed their strengths and capabilities, they must help each other, because one always needs the other, but mostly the parties act only as a demandor. Only a wise, conscious, two-sided approach can give a correct and fair solution to the issue. Since a woman lives by feelings, she finds it difficult to imagine a man without feelings. Therefore, a man should often tell a woman that he loves her. And since a man's consciousness predominates, a woman should more often turn to a man for reasonable advice, thereby flattering his pride. Every man should be aware of what his wife needs, what her difficulties and desires are, at least partially satisfy them and calm her with reasonable advice. A woman first needs nice words, reasonable advice, and then protection, everything else she can create herself.

A woman should bear in mind that the championship belongs to a man. Yes, the advantage of consciousness and cold discretion will ensure the correct solution of any complicated issue.

If, however, the primacy in the choice to pass to a woman, she-can make a decision under the influence of feelings and desires, and then it is possible that she can confuse her feelings with love. If a man has made a choice, then a woman can easily find out for herself, on the basis of which his choice was made, whether it is love or whether the goal here is to calculate whether she can accept this offer or not.
A woman should be on guard to not regret the decision in the future. If the spiritual basis of man is already formed, such a person goes in search of his half. In the depths of his soul, he already knows about the existence of his half and this is what keeps him from unsuccessful choice. So, let him know without a doubt, let him feel with his whole being, his senses, let him trust his reason with faith, that somewhere, maybe, far away, and perhaps very near to him lives a creature, the encounter with which is inevitable and the anticipation is planned. If the meeting did not take place, then there were disturbing circumstances.

By affirming relationships with other people, we are already avoiding this foreseeable encounter with our own half. For a harmonious marriage, a correspondence is needed between the bodies, souls and spirit of the partners. They should be pleasant to each other and physically, and also to coincide with characters, to inspire each other in creative activity, to have the same aspirations, the same way of thinking and the same plans and nothing should hinder them on the way to spiritual perfection.

A very large number of people get married on the basis of physical attractiveness, when a cute appearance and a flirtatious gait cause a frivolous marriage; In such families nothing can be harmonious. Because of the large number of such marriages, the people are degenerating. A person should be serious about marriage, have knowledge that is the result of research on marital, family life. Studies of matrimonial relations show that in a family union the moral relations, love, trust, sincerity and together with those common views should play a decisive role.

True love makes a loved one the most dear and intimate friend. A high sense of love a person carries through all life and no test can shake this feeling if it has not completed the execution of its program. Marriage is a much more serious matter than it seems. Many people do not believe that people are connected not only in this life, but also in other lives and not only by narrow personal ties, but also by children and relatives. If a harmonious and strong union is secured by marriage, the children with the best qualities will be born in such a family. If the environment is harmonious, children grow up under good supervision and have the opportunity to improve. Particularly right marriage will be based on a spiritual union, otherwise sexual energy will limit the path to human perfection.

Dale Carnegie writes about this: "Do not be illiterate in matters of marriage" and this is the highest truth. What tragedies people experience because of this. A person should be familiar with the difficulties that can arise in a person's life in connection with a marriage, and also know what new duties and opportunities will appear in a marriage. It is necessary to know what life, astrology, knowledge of numbers says about this. If a person marries without experience, naive, ignorant in anything, he can ruin himself because of his choice. Head of the Center for Family Relations of Los Angeles, Dr. Paul Popenow, got acquainted with the stories of one thousand marriages. Dr. Popenow, who is one of the largest experts in marriage, believes that divorces occur for four reasons, which he represents in importance:

1. Sexual discrepancy.
2. The existence of different opinions about the conduct of free time.
3. Financial difficulties.
4. Psychological, physical or sensory disharmony.

According to different scientists, the first point remains unchanged, while others change all the time. But the image of an Armenian woman, her self-sacrifice for the sake of preserving the stability of the family, no man can deny.

Dr. JV Hamilton, after studying the married life of a hundred women and a hundred men, writes: "Only a very presumptuous and confident psychologist in his predictions can assert that most of the unsuccessful marriages are not due to sexual incompatibility." In any case, when sexual satisfaction is secured, then all other problems are solvable.

Dr. Butterfield writes: "A happy marriage is rarely an accident, it is the result of a conscious work, a wise and thoughtful program.

Many of you, reading these lines, can refute this, since there are circumstances that are not only impossible to foresee in advance, but can not be programmed. We will return to this issue.

People do not want to understand that sexual intercourse as a manifestation of love is one thing, but as an animal requirement it's quite another matter. Moreover, they contradict each other. What is the difference between them? Human love is a persistent feeling and a firm decision to always be near to the source of your love and belong only to him, whereas animal desire is only the satisfaction of sexual hunger, after which the object of his desire is not needed at all. About love and love relationships arising as a result of love, Dr. Butterfield writes: "Sexual relations from all the various relationships that are in marriage are the only ones that make marriage pleasant, but if they are not in order, then nothing else in order can not be ".

The main difficulty arises from the fact that at first glance the concept of love can be confused with many other qualities, not to mention blind faith and false promises. Especially a woman who is guided by her feelings and feelings, can be difficult in those cases when it is necessary to navigate in time and correctly and subsequently can often regret decisions. A young, inexperienced person can not distinguish love, a pleasant impression, inner spiritual aspirations, simple sympathy and a natural sexual attraction. With any of these feelings he has met, he believes that this is love and only after marriage understands that he made a fateful mistake, the reason of which is a lack of knowledge, but it is already impossible to return much. But there are also more terrible fateful marriages that involve the danger of death, even if the family seems to be unanimous. The weakest of partners is gradually exhausted, out of order because of an accident, or dies in a different way under other circumstances.

It would be naive to betray inattention such facts, to put life at risk of death, just to satisfy desires. As a result of years of research, I registered numerous cases of such marriages.

Sexual energy is very closely related to the most powerful vital energy. It is a slumbering victorious energy in the body that can wake up in a special way and influence, and then it will throw out such forces that it can have devastating consequences if the person is not restrained physically and the soul is not sufficiently developed. A person should marry and lead a measured sex life. It requires only physical and moral purity.

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