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Chad Michael Murray, the filmography of a successful Hollywood actor

American film actor Chad Michael Murray was born August 24, 1981 in the family of air traffic controller Rex Murray. The family of Murray at that time lived in the city of Buffalo, New York, and could well be considered a large child, since apart from Chad, the parents had four more sons - Tyler, Nick, Rex, Brandon and daughter Shannon. The wife of Rex Murray did not have a special affection for her children, and for family values in general-she once collected her things and left the house. They did not see her again. Chad at that time was 10 years old.

From football to cinematography

To earn a living and at least somehow support the younger brothers, Chad Michael Murray went to work. He tried many jobs, was a fast food distributor, bounced mail, acted as a doorman at the grocery store and even tried to become an assistant to an air traffic controller in the air transport service - where his father worked. However, the young man never stayed anywhere for a long time because of an uncomfortable character.

The only thing that interested Chad in life is football. He could spend hours chasing a ball, playing for a local youth football team and, I must say, he made good progress in the sporting field. But one day, during the next match, Chad Michael Murray got a serious leg injury and got to the hospital. The doctors cured him, but were forbidden to go out to the football field to avoid complications. I had to forget about sport.

Shortly before leaving hospital, Chad met with a nurse who advised him to try his hand at modeling. So the future life of a young man named Chad Michael Murray was determined, the photo of which was soon placed in all model agencies, and the future actor waited for invitations. After a while he was asked to come to Los Angeles to demonstrate youth clothes and shoes.

Los Angeles

Chad went to California to take part in the show of Sketchers, the world leader in youth sports shoes. He was also to participate in the demonstration of Gucci T-shirts. The show took place in a major exhibition center in Los Angeles, and for Chad everything went as well as possible, the young man brilliantly coped with the task.

As it often happens, Chad was spotted by agents of one of the TV channels, and soon he was invited to take part in the shooting of the series "Diagnosis: Murder." The role of Ray Santucci was episodic, but Chad Michael Murray, whose filmography got its start, was satisfied, despite the fact that in the credits he was in 243rd place. But in the next series called "Dawson's Cove" the role of Charlie Todd was already more significant.

Starry hour

A star hour for Chad was the movie "Freaky Friday", filmed at the Walt Disney film studio in 2003. The young actor played the role of Jake, who became the subject of adoring the main character of Anna Coleman (Lindsay Lohan), the daughter of psychotherapist Tess Coleman (Jamie Lee Curtis). A film with elements of fiction: at some point the daughter and mother exchanged bodies, and Jake, not suspecting anything, continues to get involved in Anna, who is already in her mother's body.

"Freaky Friday" was a record-breaking cash project, raising $ 160 million. And Chad Michael Murray, whose filmography included such a demanded picture, considered himself involved in this success. The young actor gained fame, he was already recognized on the street. Movies with Chad Michael Murray began to enjoy constant success.

In the same year on the channel The WB was launched the series "Hill of one tree", in which Chad played the main role. His character Lucas Scott is a quiet and thoughtful loner. The series has sustained 9 seasons, and Chad Michael Murray himself has won five Teen Choice Awards. The series became the most rating in the history of The WB. However, in 2009, Chad left the project due to financial disagreements with the management.


  • In 2004, Chad Michael Murray, whose filmography looked still modest, received two awards for a film called "The History of Cinderella" and for his role in the series "Hill of a Tree".
  • 2005 - Six nominations for the Teen Choice prize.
  • In 2005 - 22nd in the ranking "The greatest young idols."
  • In 2006, he was nominated for the Prism Award.
  • In 2006 - another prize - Teen Choice Award for the next series of "Hill of a Tree".
  • In 2008 - for "The Hill of a Tree", the story of Lucas and Brooke.

Chad Michael Murray, whose filmography includes 11 full-length films and several serials, is considered today a successful and popular actor. As a rule, in order to form an actor's role, a certain time must pass. But sometimes in Hollywood there is a comprehensively gifted performer, such as Chad Michael Murray, - films with his participation gather full rooms, while there is no specific role for the actor.

Personal life

At the age of 24, Chad Michael Murray married. His chosen one was a partner in the filming, actress Sophia Bush. However, family life did not work out, the two creative personalities found it difficult to find common ground. In addition, Chad began to change his wife with actress Peris Hilton. As a result, Murray and Sophia Bush divorced in December 2006.

Soon, Chad announced an engagement with actress Kenzi Dalton. The new relationship lasted for seven years, with little interruptions. However, they did not end, and in 2013 the couple broke up. Chad Michael Murray, whose filmography continues to replenish with new paintings, continues to actively withdraw.

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