Penguin from plasticine in various ways

Work with plasticine is not only interesting, but also useful. After all, this is the best material for the development of fine motor skills of the hands. Therefore, it will be useful to show the child how the penguin is made from plasticine.

Natural materials

Lesson "Penguins of cones and plasticine" step by step teach the child to combine different materials in creativity. What do you need:

  • Pine cone.
  • Black, yellow and white clay.
  • White paint.
  • Brush.


  1. Gently clean the lump from dirt, do not damage the mold.
  2. Paint the ends with white paint.
  3. Roll the black ball that will serve as the bird's head.
  4. From white plasticine make a muzzle.
  5. Tear off some black material. Roll two small circles and flatten them. Glue on the face. Eyes turned out.
  6. Roll a short, thick tourniquet. Sharpen one edge and flatten - the beak is ready.
  7. Make two flat ovals for the legs.
  8. Roll the black plasticine into a bundle, sharpen the edges, gently flatten. It turned out one wing. There should be two.
  9. Gather the details.

Done! Penguin of cones and plasticine will look more interesting if you blind him with a scarf from the same material or cut it out of felt.

A simple penguin

So it turns out a simple penguin from plasticine:

  1. Cut a little material from the block of black plasticine to create the wings of the bird. Cut off one third of the remaining. Roll it into a ball (this is the head), the rest roll into the oval (this body).
  2. Blind the wings, giving the rectangular parts a more rounded shape.
  3. From white plasticine make a circle that can cover the whole body. From the same color tear off a little for the eyes. Divide the torn part into two and give each one an oval shape.
  4. From the black plasticine, make the pupils.
  5. Roll a small oval from the orange plasticine, sharpen the edge (this is the beak).
  6. Make circles of orange plasticine, which will serve as the feet of a bird. With a toothpick, draw three lines from one edge.

It turned out a penguin from plasticine, which even a child can easily create!

Dressed Penguin

What to do to create a dressed penguin? That's what:

  1. Roll the ball out of black to create a head and the ball is one and a half times more white for the body.
  2. Roll the tourniquet black with a thick body. Flatten it and arrange it around a white ball. It should look like the wings of a penguin.
  3. Glue the head to the body.
  4. Make a ball of white color slightly less than the head. Flatten the bottom. Make a pink rubber band material and wrap it around the ball. With a toothpick, draw a knitted terrain. Glue on the head.
  5. From a material of the same color cut a strip of length, necessary for a scarf. Wrap it around the neck of the penguin so that the joints of the head and body are closed. At the end of the toothpick, make slits.
  6. Take the orange clay and roll two equal balls that will serve as legs. Flatten them and glue them to the body. Make a beak, with a toothpick, place the dots at its base.
  7. Blind eyes from black and white plasticine, rolling balls of equal sizes.

Show the child how the penguin is made from plasticine. He will definitely like it, because modeling is a very fascinating process. And changing the color and shape of accessories, you will constantly receive something new.

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