Palette of hair colors "Capus": always a perfect result

Recently, in Russia, Kapous products appeared to be well established among professional make-up artists. It includes not only hair care products (shampoos, serums, masks and balms), but also hair dyes. By the way, although Kapous and the Russian company, all its production facilities are in Spain or Italy. Therefore, the products undergo double quality control: for compliance with EU standards and national GOST. The palette of hair colors "Capus" includes more than a hundred shades, so the choice before you appears grandiose.

Professional toning ... at home

Now you can not sign up for a reception in the salon with a make-up artist. Do not think about dyeing hair from a professional. Easiness of mixing of components and a creamy structure allow to put means and independently. The palette of hair colors "Capus" with a certain courage and the availability of skills makes it possible to mix shades to find your - unique - color. The applied mask does not flow, it well stains every hair. The color turns out equal, and the hair remains soft, shiny, its volume remains.

What kinds of paints does Kapous produce?

Have you decided to change the color of your curls yourself? Before you draw the palette of hair colors "Capus", orient, what type of tool you need. Kapous produces three types: Proffessional, Studio and NonAmmonia Fragrance free. In the first there is ammonia, which allows you to achieve a lasting effect and complete retouching of gray hair. There is also a Spesial Mesh - for melting red shades. As the name "NonAmmonia" shows, this is the "Capus" paint without ammonia. The palette of colors of this type is not inferior to the richness of choice, but the chemical composition allows you to save the structure of the hair and do not overdo the scalp. In the series "Studio" ammonia is present, but in the lowest possible doses.

Palette of hair colors "Capus" - a truly unlimited choice

It's hard to believe that women used to have an extremely scarce choice when staining. Basma and henna - that's the whole palette. Today, Kapous simply puts inexperienced girls at a dead end with their one hundred and six tones and shades! Let's try to understand them and choose exactly what is needed. First, determine your color pattern. Fashion magazines talk about "girl-spring", "summer", etc. But, by and large, there are only two color types: cold and warm. Also, you need to consider your own wishes: what kind of person do you want to appear before others - with a natural hair color or with an extravagant one? Having defined the color and tone (for example, natural cold), you can easily choose the appropriate shade.

Paint "Capus": palette, reviews

For the result - a change in color - one paint is not enough. A developer is also needed. This reagent is called Cremoxon "Kapous". As often happens with funds for professionals, it is not included in the package, and it must be purchased additionally. Also, 6 colors of the color amplifier are sold separately, and this allows to diversify and enrich the palette even more. Simple users experience some difficulties with the choice of the developer: it is released three-, six-, nine- and twelve-percent. Diluted in proportion one part of the paint to a half part of the cream oxide. The advice is: take 3% for toning, 6% for color saturation, 9% for permanent staining, 12% for lightening.

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