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Orchid made of mastic. Master Class

You can make an orchid out of mastic in such a way that it looks very similar to its natural counterpart. Sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish it from a natural flower, so this masterpiece is made by such skilled craftsmen!

What is an orchid made of mastic for? Its main purpose

Orchid made of mastic, a master class on the creation of which will be presented to your attention below, is an excellent decoration of the festive cake on the occasion of any significant event. There is a wide variety of unusual varieties of this confectionery product, where an artificial orchid harmoniously complements its external appearance. Thanks to this combination, a cake with orchids made of mastic, the photo of which you see in the article, looks simply amazing. He is able to acquire the most solemn appearance.

In addition, due to its unusual beauty, such an orchid made of mastic can also look unusual in a vase and at the same time be a good "substitute" for natural flowers. Its great advantage in this case is durability and practicality.

In some situations, such an artificial flower can complement the interior of the room with its original look. For experienced interior designers, using an orchid made from mastic is an important creative tool. He can quite help them implement the basic creative ideas when creating the right interior.

Properties of mastic. How to cook it?

Mastic has such unusual properties that with the help of it it turns out orchids, which are quite difficult to distinguish from ground colors. If you make a white flower and place it on the cake, it will look just amazing. It is unlikely that such an unusual creation can leave anyone indifferent.

To prepare the mastic, you will need the following products:

  • Powdered sugar - about 250 grams;
  • 8 to 9 teaspoons of water;
  • Teaspoon gelatin.

Gelatin must be soaked in water for half an hour, during which it must be stirred periodically to prevent the process of draining this substance into a single mass. After that, gelatin is heated on fire, but do not bring it directly to a boil. Once it has melted, you need to mix it with half the sifted sugar powder. Such a sweet mixture should be thoroughly mixed, and then gradually add the remaining powdered sugar to it. A sign that the mastic is ready is the formation of a kind of smooth ball.

What materials are needed?

In order to make the orchid out of mastic, first of all, you will need molds and stencils, by means of which sweet colors can be given the desired shape. Also in this case, you need a satin ribbon, foil, starch, molds and a ball to seal this artifact. In addition to all of the above, you will need more sugar syrup.

Features of the manufacturing process

So, how to make an orchid out of mastic? The very process of making a flower is very simple: a layer of sweet dough should be evenly rolled out, its thickness should be no more than 2 millimeters. Then, the details are cut using special molds, or it is strictly stenciled. In order to give the orchid a natural appearance, using molds, it creates the necessary texture.

This all happens in the following way: a sheet of food foil is taken, then it is shaped into a funnel by forming a small cut in the center. First of all, the detail consists of three petals. The middle of this part should be lightly driven into the funnel by the thumb. Then it is smeared with sugar syrup and on it, both on the right and on the left, 2 petals fall evenly. The final action in the manufacture of artificial orchids is stamping. Having completed this procedure, you need to let the flower dry, after which you can paint it in your own way.

What basic color scheme prevails

If you analyze what colors are more prevalent in mastic orchids, here, first of all, you can highlight the violet color of these products. It is she who can give them a very original and unusual look. Also very often the flowers are painted in dark red tones, which adds a bit of severity to them. A similar color is perfect for decorating a cake, which can be designed as a gift to a high-ranking leader. With this gesture, one can emphasize the status of one or another superior, and also congratulate him on an original event with any significant event in his life.

Petals of orchids made of mastic will look good in pink. This gives them a share of tenderness and sensuality, which for representatives of the beautiful half of humanity is very close in spirit.

Leaves and a stem are desirable to make green, natural color, but here you can show your imagination and try to come up with a different color for them. Here, an individual creative approach should already be manifested.

Orchid made from mastic as a dish

In addition to the fact that the orchids of mastic can perfectly decorate the cake, as well as the interior of the room, they are still very edible. At the same time they have excellent taste qualities, capable of pampering a lover of sweet.

If such orchids serve only as a decoration for a cake or are an extra treat, they should be eaten as quickly as possible while they are still fresh. But if their function is to decorate the design of the room, they can stand in the vase for a very long time. But it is not recommended to use them as food.

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